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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 38

Frozen Love

Frozen Love



The King of Persia could be seen marching out of the palace with his guards who were all armed with various weapons.

An Old Man walked up to the king and bowed before him.

“Long live the king”. He said and rose up slowly.

“What do you have for me Flyer?”. The king asked.

“My men have done their investigation and there’s a big revelation of who might be responsible for the death of some immortals in the kingdom”. Flyer said. “And who is that?”. The king said.

“It’s a actually a what my lord, it’s a weapon that has being soaked in the blood of thousand witches and demons, it could immortals”. Flyer said. The king was furious and he clinched his fist.

“And who wield this weapon?”. The king asked.

“It’s a family at the outskirt of the kingdom my lord.. There were Rumours that they practiced dark magic but now it’s open.. It’s true they draw dark magic”. Flyer said.

“And that i will not allow… Someone who has the weapon to kill immortals is a

threat to the kingdom”. The king said.

“I know my lord”. Flyer said.

“Then do the necessary… Assemble your army and go after them… Slaughter everyone of them”. The king commanded.

“But my lord they’re wield magic… We need supernatural as backup”. Flyer said. “No supernatural escorts flyer… Assemble your army and execute the mission immediately”. The king said and walked away.

“You heard the king, everyone gird your weapons, we’re moving”. Flyer said.

Kingdom Of Amazon

The unison sound made by the soldiers boot could be heard loud and clear as they held their rifles with the tip pointing up.

The commander was giving commands he entered into an armored vehicle with two guards.

Nicklaus could be seen bare chest watching from Morgana’s window, her room was at the last floor.

Someone wrapped her arm around his waist and he smiled softly.

“You’re awake”. He said turning back.

Morgana smiled softly as she put on her shirt..

“I hope there’s no war, the soldiers voices woke me up”. Morgana said.

“Umm.. Do you need me to kill them for not letting my princess sleep soundly”. Nicklaus asked and she chuckled softly as she held his arm and laid her head on his shoulder.

“Don’t my prince, I’ll handle them myself”. Morgana said and flicked her finger on his chest.

“Cover this up while we travel to your kingdom, i can’t let any lady lust over my prince, I’ll pull off their eyes”. Morgana threatened.

“worry not am all yours”. Nicklaus replied as he collects the cloth from her.

He wore it and she buttoned it for him.

“Tell me Klaus, when are we getting married, i can’t watch till you let go of me and take another lady”. Morgana said as they walked out of her room.

“Hmm you know that’s not possible Morgana.. You’ll kill anyone who steals me from you”. Nicklaus said.

“Yeah, excluding my sister i guess”. Morgana said and Nicklaus frowned.

“The sentence to earth is enough for her “. Nicklaus said.

You know Klaus i felt like killing her for lying against you but i can’t have the blood of another sibling on my hands “. Morgana said and Nicklaus nodded.

I understand…saying am responsible for her pregnancy is one of the insane things on Kepler.. I spared her because it’s forbidden to kill a pregnant lady even if she commits a crime “. Nicklaus said.

I know how angry you are honey but Diana is Just my kid sister, who still act like a kid, i guess she wants to steal you away with her lies but now she got a free ticket to planet earth “. Morgana said.

Lesson for everyone who are planning to fake pregnancies on me “. Nicklaus said and they laughed as they walked out of the palace.

Evelyn opened the door of Morgana’s Lamborghini and they got in.

Take us to Persia “. Morgana said.

Okay ma’am”. Evelyn said starting the ignition.

“Where are this soldiers headed?”. Morgana asked as they drive out. “Disturbing messages from Persia that there’s a family with the weapon to kill immortals ‘. Evelyn said.

And what family? “. Morgana said.

They’re called Dai Shi, they are practitioners of the ancient traditions of dark magic “. Evelyn said.

No not worry yourself Morgana, our kingdom will deal with them accordingly”. Nicklaus said.

“And what if they can’t? A family with a weapon that can kill us then we’re at risk Klaus ‘. Morgana said.

You worry yourself about a lot of things Morgana, this is not an issue.. If our kingdom can’t handle it, then we handle it ourselves, hang their heads on spikes to serve as a lesson to others “. Nicklaus said and she smiled softly.

That’s why i love you “. Morgana said as she placed a soft kiss on his lips.

But that was the day the Dai Shi plot against them and set them up.

Nicklaus returned home with all fury after the fight with Morgana at her kingdom. Elisa tried to find out what was wrong but Nicklaus was furious tearing his room apart.

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That was when he heard noise from outside and checked through his window. It was a truck bringing in wounded soldiers, it’s been hours now and the soldiers couldn’t get the Dai Shi so pathetic.

Nicklaus was boiling in anger and needed to descend on someone, that was what he always do.

He slides his sword onto his sheath and walked out of the room.

He stopped by the gate as flyer lead the soldiers back to the kingdom.

“And what the hell do you think you’re doing?”. Nicklaus asked.

“We’re retreating my prince, many men are injured.. The battle ground is

fierce..this are supernaturals… We’re only fighting against three and we can’t win”.

Flyer said.

“Always giving excuses for your defeat.. Assemble the soldiers.. We’re moving in… All fighter Jets in plane… Armored vehicles at the fire front”. Nicklaus said. “Am the commander here my prince and we don’t summon fighter Jets except the king orders it”. Flyer said.

Nicklaus grabbed him by the neck and burnt to ashes as he eyes show evil.

“You what’s your name?”He asked pointing to a soldier.

“Amm. Am.. Abruzzi!”. He stammered.

“Abruzzi… Sound badass, now Abruzzi you’re now the commander and my personal guard.. Assemble all soldiers back on the battle field and all fighter Jets in the air”. Nicklaus said.

“As you wish my lord,all of you get your asses back in the line… All fingers in triggers…. All airmen in the fighter Jets immediately..armored vehicles move forward immediately”. Abruzzi shouted.

“I like that spirit”. Nicklaus grinned.

Everyone moved back to the battlefield at the outskirt of the kingdom.

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The Dai Shi assembled themselves again thinking it was the soldiers alone.

At first it was the Shi alone as the Dai executed their set up plan against Nicklaus and Morgana but now it was the Dai Shi.

The fighter Jets fired missile at them as the soldiers also opened fire at them.

The Dai Shi held their weapons conjuring thunder and wind at the soldiers.

That was when Nicklaus appeared from the crowd of the soldiers.

The Dai Shi attacked him but he was moving quite fast slashing their bodies as fast as he moved.

In ten minutes they all laid injured on the ground.

The king arrived at the scene and they were handcuffed before taken to the council. The reason Nicklaus had come was to get the weapon that could kill immortal so he could finish off Morgana but the Dai Shi revealed to him that they didn’t have the weapon, it was out of fury he injured them badly.

The council later sentenced the Dai Shi to life on earth, as they cursed never to return to Kepler by any means.


“Stop this insanity.. Please!”. Diana screamed.

“Keep quiet sister while I kill this good for nothing bitch, he lied to me all his entire life and i don’t care whether he was set up.. He lied that he wasn’t responsible for your pregnancy, he’s a cheat”. Morgana roared as she sharp ice as Klaus.

He melted it and hits her back with hit blast.

“Oh Dai Shi let’s make a deal before i continue with this fool”. Nicklaus said as Morgana crashed to the ground and struggled to get up.

“Getting your powers don’t mean we fear you Nicklaus, we’re sending you back to the cage”. Soma said conjuring lightning.

“Come off it, what did my brother promise you… Eternal freedom on Kepler… He’s a lier you know, he’s just gonna get rid of you people when he’s done using you”. Nicklaus said.

“We ain’t hearing anything from you”. One of them said and threw lighting at Klaus but he blocked it with his sword.

“Tell me why didn’t he stop the council from sending you down to earth but yet he used the same council to send me Down too, can’t you see you ain’t useful to him, but with me, am the strongest.. I could give you all you need.. Eternity at Kepler granted… Alright… Hand me over the weapon that kills immortal… I’ll kill my father and brother and you all rule over Persia”. Nicklaus said.

“The weapon to kill immortal was destroyed by the king when you captured us.

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Give us one reason why we should trust you Nicklaus”. Soma said

“Everyone hates me and it’s all because of the king am here… You know i don’t

forgive anyone who plays shit with me.. I have an army here and i don’t need any

royal shit anymore.. Most especially.. Give me my sister and I’ll show you you can

trust me”. Nicklaus said..

The Dai Shi gathered together to communicate immediately.

Nicklaus seized the opportunity as he grabbed Min Ho closer.

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“Tell me all you know”. He whispered.

“Pleas don’t hurt me… They trained me to do this else they’ll kill my father”. Min Ho cried.

“Shhh.. How can they be killed?”. He asked.

“They’re not immortal, they only share one heart… If you destroy it they’ll all die”.

Min Ho said.

“Where’s the heart?”. Nicklaus asked.

“It’s in Soma, if you destroy his heart they’ll die”. Min Ho said.

As the Dai Shi turned back she quickly entered into the wall and appeared where she was before.

“We’ve talked Prince Nicklaus but we can’t trust you”. Soma said.

“Why don’t you bring out my sister and I’ll kill her and then you can trust me”.

Nicklaus said.

“You’re mischief Klaus, you want her out here knowing we can’t stop her”. Soma said.

Morgana slowly tiptoed behind them, she created an ice dagger and thrust I into Soma’s back breaking his heart.

The Dai Shi gasped in pain and veins appeared on their faces.

“Of course am mischief”. Nicklaus said drawing out his sword.

With one swift turn he decapitated them and their heads dropped to the ground followed by their body.

He turned to Morgana who was full of evil smiles.

“Don’t worry Klaus, i still owe you a kiss for this”. Morgana said as she destroyed the glass cage with a great deal of ice.

Flashback when Nicklaus Hugged Morgana

“i know you want to tear them apart right now but not now, they still have the power to kill anyone in that cage and are immortal… I think i have a plan to deceive them but another plan B on this Min Ho, i can hear her heartbeat, she’s afraid, she don’t like what she’s doing…could we uninstall the love files we downloaded for some minutes “. Nicklaus whispered quickly into her ear.

After you my love “. Morgana whispered back and they took few steps away from each other as their smiles turned to frown.

Nicklaus was expecting a hug from Elisa but she slapped him first before hugging him.

“That’s was insane”. She cried loudly.

“You scared me sister, I thought you too had turn psychos”. Diana said and hugged Morgana tightly.

That was when she saw Min Ho.

Diana made to grab her angrily but Morgana held her back.

“She helped us sister”.

“She tried to kill my kids”. Diana said angrily.

“Am sorry for all I’ve done. They made me do it threatening to kill my father”. Min Ho said.

“But you knew how to kill them?” “. Nicklaus said.

i couldn’t risk it, they’re powerful, am just a kid “. Min Ho said. Diana touched Min Ho’s head and entered into her mind.

She’s saying the truth “. Diana said.

Go “. Nicklaus said and she disappeared into the walls.

“I entered into Soma’s mind before he died Your brother has the dagger that kills immortals, he wants to kill your father with it “. Morgana said.

We need to go to Kepler right away “. Nicklaus said.

There’s no way, we’re all stuck here “. Elisa said.

i have a friend who could create a portal to take us there “. Nicklaus said.

Few Minutes Later

Nicklaus and Morgana walked into Yakiza’s compound.

She carried him as she kicked open the door entered but they were shocked to see Yakiza tied to a chair.

Morgana quickly dropped Klaus and they loose him.

“Hey Yakiza”. Nicklaus said.

“Hayato.. He stole the tech..”. Yakiza said.

“What do you mean?”. Nicklaus asked.

“He found out i was working for you on a particular tech that could yield him a lot of money, he burst into here today and stole everything”. Yakiza said.

“i wanted to kill that idiot but seem he wanted his death a faster way”. Nicklaus said.

“You have to be careful Klaus.. He released videos of you assassinating some people and some unlawful acts you’ve done… You’re on the most wanted list.. The cops are all over your place and searching for you”. Yakiza said and paused hearing the siren outside.

“Shit! The street cameras must have caught you”. Yakiza said.

“We’ll be back with the tech soon Yakiza, be prepared to complete it”. Morgana said and he nodded.

“How about we pay a visit to Hayato?”. Nicklaus asked.

“As you wish honey pie”. Morgana said and winked.

“What about the cops out there?”. Yakiza asked.

“Don’t worry Yakiza, we’ll handle the Situation “. Klaus said.

They held hands and walked toward the door.

Nicklaus made to pull his sword but Morgana held his hand.

No more killing of innocents…”. She said.

As you wish..”. Nicklaus said and pushed open the door.

The entire plane was filled with cops and special forces all pointing their guns at him.

“Get down, your hands behind you! Turn around with your hands on your head”.

They could hear voices from different angles.

Instead of a worried look Morgana and Nicklaus smiled softly.


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