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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 37

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


“You bastard!”. Nicklaus roared angrily.

“You know Nicklaus, you were always fearless and tamed the rest of us, do you actually think i was afraid of you?”. Nicholas said.

“You’re just a pathetic being, what i don’t understand is where you draw thus power from, dark magic isn’t it, it’s just gonna consume you”. Nicklaus grinned. “Tell me more Nicklaus, when you’re done with your talking be prepared to be my servant”. Nicholas said.

“You know that’s not possible”. Nicklaus said.

“Really? Just a matter of time Klaus and everyone you love will be gone, you’ll be lonely and heart broken, then the Dai Shi will take over your body and then we conquer Persia, with our new army we fight and take Amazon then we move to other kingdom and then i Nicholas will be the lord of the galaxy “. He said and Morgana laughed loudly.

Oh gosh could you say that again because you disgust me “. Morgana said.

Very well Morgana, don’t worry, you’ll be my maid “. Nicholas said.

Let me out of here if I’ll not rip into two “. Morgana said.

Hmm am not falling for that…”. Nicholas said and turned to the Dai Shi as he wore his hood.

I should return back to Kepler before someone finds out am missing, thanks to my beauty sister everyone thinks am still healing from the injuries she inflicted on me “. Nicholas said and points his hand to the wall.

a dark portal appeared and he turned to the Dai Shi.

“Complete the process, Kill them and when they’re weak, posses them then inform me when you’re done”. He said and entered into the portal.

“We’re gonna die ain’t we, i don’t even know what’s going on”. Jai Mi said. “No we’re gonna find a way out”. Nicklaus said.

“Says who, the brother of the psycho who’s doing this or the idiot who’s the cause of all this?”. Morgana said.

“I could still strip you naked right now?”. Nicklaus said.

“And rape me i guess, in front of your kids or i could be your stripper to entertain you guys”. Morgana said with an evil smile.

“You two stop this madness right now”. Diana screamed. “Stay off this sister”. Morgana said.

“please brother, enough of this fight, we’re all gonna die if you continue”. Elisa said.

“aha, Says the wife of the psycho i guess”. Morgana said and Nicklaus gripped her by the neck.

“Let go Klaus”. Diana said.

“We’re gonna die, good thing i guess “. Morgana said.

“And if not you, I’ll not be here”. Nicklaus said.

“No it’s you, all from the beginning you couldn’t keep a simple secret”. Morgana spilled out in anger.

“No, it was you who didn’t keep the secret and you cheat on me”. Nicklaus roared. “No Klaus, it was you who cheat on me and told that lady my secret”. Morgana shouted.

Nicklaus paused in shock.

“What did you just say?”. Nicklaus asked but she gave him a stern look.

“i cheated on you and told your secret, no that’s what you did to me?”. Nicklaus roared.

“Confusion i guess, One of the Shi said and they laughed.

“How about we show them the plot?”. One of them asked.

“our work isn’t done yet, showing them the plot is showing them all our plans”.

The other said.

“We got them soma, all we have to do is weaken them for our possession…The revelation should weaken them you know”. One of the Dai said. “Dark Master did not instruct us to do it”. Another one said.

They all gathered together and discussed, their voices were inaudible as they turned to the glass cage.

“You’ve hidden your secrets all the whole time, time for everyone to know”. The Dai Shi chorused and raised their hands at the box.

Lightning engulfed it and they were all thrust into a flash back.


Royal guards of Persia could be seen marching around the palace with their rifles and sword.

Nicklaus and Elisa could be seen peeping from a closed door as the guards marched past them.

“If dad discovers you’re not home this night, he’s gonna kill you”. Elisa who was dressed in a royal gown whispered.

“Am immortal sister”. Nicklaus bragged.

“What about dad locks you up in the prison of damnation?”. Elisa asked and Nicklaus grinned.

“Stop being negative sister, I’ll return as soon as possible, i need to see Morgana tonight”. Nicklaus said.

“My regards to her and if you’re caught, don’t mention my name”. Elisa whispered. “Cover up for me sister, as usual, stay in my bed, Mom wouldn’t check on you because she trusts you “. Nicklaus said and Elisa stick out my tongue.

“What’s my reward this time around?”. Elisa asked and Nicklaus poked her nose. “Full protection as usual plus i could get you a new Jet”. Nicklaus said and she smiled softly.

“Go brother, the guards are coming, quick!”. She said.

Nicklaus pushed open a flat cover and jumped in.

Elisa quickly closed it as the guards walked to the scene.

“Who are you? Show your face”. They ordered pointing their guns at her.

Elisa slowly turned back with her innocent look.

They froze as they retreated their guns slowly.

“You should be on bed princess Elisa”. The leader of the guards said.

“umm, i couldn’t find my cat so am looking around”. Elisa said.

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“You should go to bed princess, there’s a robber we’re trying to capture tonight so

you need to stay indoor princess, i order two of my men to find the cat “. He said.

“Thanks”. Elisa said and turned to leave when Shania’s cat ran toward her.

“Found it”. Elisa said and carried the cat but it bit her hand.

She concealed the pain as she walked back to the palace.

She slapped the cat and threw it away.

“Get off you witch”. She said and the cat made a mew sound before racing away.

She sneaked into Nicklaus room and covered herself with the duvet.

Nicklaus walked through the tunnel for minutes until he finally burst out at the underground in Morgana’s room.

“Here you are”. Morgana said as she helped him out.

“You look cold Nicklaus is everything alright”. Morgana asked.

“I’ve done something terrible an abomination”. Nicklaus whispered scratching his head.

“Common Klaus you could tell me everything, my love”. Morgana said.

“if this leaks out am as good as dead, it’s forbidden, I’ll be locked up in the realm of damnation and Elisa is gonna hate me, i can’t let that happen”. Nicklaus said.

“Speak to me Klaus”.

“I killed Jason”. Nicklaus whispered.

Morgana gasped with eyes open.

“What do you mean Klaus you killed your brother, the next to the throne when your father is dead?”. Morgana asked.

“Yes Morgana i did, you of all people know the punishment for this, it’s death but for an immortal like me it’s eternal punishment”. Nicklaus said.

“Oh i can’t believe this Klaus… When i heard he was dead today.. I.. Thought..”.

“It was me Morgana, i killed my brother, i decapitated him with my sword”.

Nicklaus said.

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“Why did you do it?”. Morgana asked.

“I want to be the next heir, the next king when my father is dead”. Nicklaus said.

Morgana chuckled loudly.

“What’s funny, you’re the next queen, shouldn’t i strive to be the next king?”.

Nicklaus asked.

“You should have asked how my elder sis died Nicklaus”. Morgana said and

Nicklaus eyes popped out.

“You killed her”.

“Not intentional Klaus, under the influence of alcohol but good am the next queen”. Morgana said..

“This are our deepest secrets Morgana, if it Leaks out then we’re dead”. Nicklaus said.

“But we’re one Klaus, we’ll keep our secrets together, no third party knows about it”. Morgana said.

“That’s why I love you Morgana, deal, this remains between us not even Elisa should know about it “. Nicklaus said.

Of course “. Morgana said as she kissed him on the lips.

You’re spending the night here ain’t you “. She added.

Yes i am “. He whispered.


Everyone was thrust back into the present realm.

Elisa and Diana could be seen really furious.

So it was you Klaus, you killed brother, i trusted you, maybe father was right about you , every single thing “. Elisa said.

Nicklaus bowed his head in anger.

The Dai Shi had successfully ruined his relationship with Elisa.

“I knew you were capable of everything but killing Xena, i can’t believe sister, it’s true you’re daughter of Lucifer, that’s what you are”. Diana said in tears.

“I told you it’s gonna work, their revealed secrets had weakened them”. One of the Dai Shi said.

“But the truth is they didn’t do it, are we to show them what truly happened?”.

Soma asked as he filled his hand with lightning.

“No, they shouldn’t know the truth, it’ll make them strong”. The other Shi said.

There was a Crack on the glass and Diana seized it as an opportunity.

She wanted to punch the glass when soma saw her.

He quickly hit the glass with the lightning on his hand to stop her, he had totally forgotten that it was the lighting of truth..

It thrust everyone back to the past again.


Nicholas could be seen walking in the darkness with the Dai Shi.

“My plot to become the lord of the galaxies have begun but i must start from Persia and Amazon”. He said.

“Your father is powerful master, including Nicklaus, you can’t be king if Nicklaus is alive “. A voice rang out from the darkness.

I have all plans, implementing them is the tough part but once we get Klaus into the pit we want, everything would be in place… Nicklaus always wish to be the next king but no he can’t as Jason is the first born, Nicklaus wishes to kill him but don’t have the guts… All we have to do is put a spell on Nicklaus, he can’t be killed but a spell that will make him dream that he killed his brother but in reality I’ll kill Jason since he’s not immortal and Klaus will think he did it “. Nicholas said.

Nicklaus will be imprisoned in the realm of damnation “. One of the Dai said.

No, Nicklaus will cover it up and that’s what i want.. Nicklaus always spill his secrets to someone he trust, his lover Morgana who is also bent on becoming the next queen… We use same charm on her and we kill her sister… I steal the powers plus of my brother.. Making me stronger… They’ll both confide on themselves to keep their dirty secret”. Nicholas said.

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“And what next my lord?”. Soma asked.

“Nicklaus and Morgana has did spirit of not forgiving anyone who leaks out their secret..what happens when this secret or theirs is leaked out by themselves.. They’ll

never forgive each other… Forever… Giving us the time to make our plot to reign over the world “. Nicholas roared.

Few Days Later

Nicklaus had went to visit Morgana was usual but this time not the tunnel. Morgana also received a message from her personal guard that Nicklaus wanted to see her in a hotel close by but it was actually a set up by Nicholas and the Dai Shi. Nicklaus got to Morgana’s door and paused hearing the Groans from the room. “Should I tell you a secret honey?”. Nicklaus could here Morgana’s voice in the room.

“Umhuum”. He heard a voice.

“My ex lover Nicklaus, he killed his brother, Jason”. Nicklaus heard Morgana’s voice.

Nicklaus was filled with all furry as he burnt down the door with the fire from his body.

There was the fake Morgana laying on the chest of a young man.

She quickly jumped off seeing Nicklaus.

Nicklaus rushed at the man and forced the full length of his sword into his belly as Morgana escaped through the door.

The fake Morgana hid behind the wall as her clone magic was wearing off. It was only gonna home for one minutes.

She transformed to a Dai Shi and dashed out of the place.

Morgana had stopped my the fake Nicklaus hotel room beside the palace and stopped by the door hearing voices inside.

She could hear Nicklaus telling a lady that she killed her sister to become queen. Morgana was furious as she broke down the door and stabbed the fake lady with sharp ice she had formed.

The fake Nicklaus quickly escaped and transformed to a Dai Shi.

Morgana returned to the palace with all fury searching for Klaus, she knew he couldn’t go too far, Nicklaus was also searching for Morgana as she escaped from the room and that was were they met in front of the palace.

At that time, Nicholas spy had cleaned up Morgana’s room so as not to suspect anything when she returned.

“Here you are you bitch”. Nicklaus cursed drawing out his brother sword. “You still want to kill me Klaus,i can’t believe you keep it a secret?”. Morgana asked filling her hand with frost.

She was actually talking about the former secret but Nicklaus thought it was about

the man he caught her with.

“You harlot”. Nicklaus cursed.

“How dare you, you slut?”. She cursed and they rushed at each other with full speed.

That was where the cat and rat story actually began from.

They kept on fighting whenever they sighted themselves and they spoke for once, the reason for the war because of what could happen if the secrets leaks out.


They were all thrust back to the present as Morgana and Nicklaus were in tears already.

Someone had set them up the entire time.

Diana kicked the glass cage and it shattered down.

The Dai Shi who knew they had flopped quickly hits them back into the cage with lightning but Morgana and Klaus managed to slip out. “We can’t let them meet”. Soma screamed.

Min Ho who was watching all the whole time quickly cast a spell on the glass and it was sealed up with Nicklaus and Morgana still outside.

The Dai directed their lightning at Klaus to stop him from meeting Morgana and the Shi at Morgana to stop her from meeting Klaus.

For the first time in history Klaus and Morgana could be seen crying like babies as they struggled with the lightning to reach each other.

Their love had been updated immediately, the data connection needed to download the new version of the love files was just this flash back and now they had to open the new love application together.

Nicklaus struggled with the lighting with all his strength as it burnt his body. All he wanted was to get to Morgana, even if it was a touch for the last time. Morgana and Nicklaus suddenly gathered momentum as they pushed out of the lighting and held hands.

“Am sorry”. They both whispered as their lips plunge to each other.

The ray of the soon penetrated through the roof as it shown on them.

Like magic it healed their burnt bodies and their royal apparel appeared on them. Nicklaus and Morgana’s faces glow as his body began to emit fire and Morgana frost.

Their powers were back.

Nicklaus broke from the kiss as they hugged each other tightly.

The Dai Shi watched them in shock as their powers were restored.

Nicklaus and Morgana took a few steps back and their smiles turned to anger and fury.

“You think i was really going to forgive you?”. Nicklaus asked angrily.

“No idiot… I just needed my powers to kill you”. Morgana said.

Everyone had thought they’ll attack the Dai Shi but the sudden turn of event was surprising.

Nicklaus filled his body with lightning and Morgana frost.

They rushed at each other speedily.


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