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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 35

Frozen Love

Frozen Love

She could see a blurry image in front of her and a heavy slap on her face made all images to become clear.

It was Nicklaus sitting in front of her with his leg crossed.

There was a smile on his face which could be interpreted as evil.

Gwen was tied with chains making it unable to escape.

“Here you are pretty cook, you look miserable”. He whispered..

“who are you?”. Gwen asked looking around.

“You know me don’t you, Nicklaus, i don’t take shit from anybody, so all you need is cooperate with me and I’ll be considerate else”. Nicklaus said and showed her the knife he held.

“Please who am I am i tied like this?”. She asked.

“You think you can play smart, not again, i always knew you were from Kepler knowing how to prepare our meal but working with my enemies make you one”. Nicklaus said with a wicked smile and she swallowed the saliva in her mouth. “Let’s start from, who are you?”. Nicklaus asked with a stern look. “`i don’t know”. She replied.

Nicklaus slashed her face with his knife and she screamed loud.

“Please stop this what have i done?”. She cried.

“You done a lot Gwen, answer my questions and I’ll spare this pretty face of yours”. Nicklaus said.

“I know nothing, i don’t know what you’re talking about”. Gwen cried as her face healed up.

“intriguing, the injuries i inflict are just gonna heal up but with if i pluck out your eyes, starting from the left, it won’t heal “. Nicklaus grinned pressing closer to her.

Please don’t! “. She cried.

Then start speaking “. Nicklaus said pricking her lips with his knife.

I swear I know nothing “. She said.

Nicklaus punched her really hard on his face and rolled up his sleeves

I’ve dealt with people who are much more tougher than you are…Come in here, pretending to be my maid but give info to that… Who’s that man in the mirror? “. Nicklaus asked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”. Gwen said.

Nicklaus forced his knife into her lap and she screamed, he tilt it into another direction and he acres much louder.

He pulled out the knife with blood gushing out.

“Please.. Why are you doing this… I did not… I don’t even know who am i or why my wounds are healing”. Gwen said in tears.

“of course your wound is healing but you’re not immortal, i can kill you right at this spot”. Nicklaus said.

“i swear i know nothing about all your saying”. Gwen said. He felt his body itching him so he took his pain killer again.

Nicklaus turned away and bit his lower lips.

“You think you can play games with me you liar”. Nicklaus said and cut her face deep with his knife.

Her screams echoed all over the mansion again.


Morgana laid gently on the couch and as he body itches her due to the pain caused the glasses that had pierced into her skin.

“How does it feel when you don’t heal?”. Diana asked.

“I think am getting adapted to it you know, no hopes of becoming immortal again”. Morgana said.. “You’re only cursed with earth..if you step into Kepler all you lost will be restored including your immortality”. Diana said.

“The council made a mistake making you leave with your powers”. Morgana said.

“Well i guess they were in a haste to cover up the fact that Klaus got me pregnant”.

Diana said.

“And you forgive him, One of the the biggest fool i ever met, always hate to admit that you’re my sister… My blood don’t flow in you”. Morgana said

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“Bloodlust you mean, well i try to repair things not do continuous damage to it”.

Diana said.

“I know Diana, your lust for Klaus cannot be overemphasized, after what he’s done to you, putting you into an unconscious state you’ll still run back into his arms”. Morgana said.

“I don’t love Klaus sister, if you think I do then you’re wrong, the only thing connecting us is my kids and maybe I’ll have to remind you that you’re the cause of what he did to me”. Diana said.

“Blame time i guess.. Maybe you shouldn’t have interfered in our issues, you should have stayed away”. Morgana said. “And watch you kill each other”. Diana said.

“I can protect myself”. Morgana said.

“The Shi are still out there and could show up anything, we stood a chance against them because you two were together”. Diana said.

“Under your love charm which i should kill you for” . Morgana said.

“Really? You just need to realize that you’re mortal Morgana”. Diana said.

“You have no idea of what i can do as a mortal”. Morgana said.

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“But you have a weakness everyone does”. Diana said.

“Want to torment me again with my weakness?”. Morgana asked.

“You seem not to care about her but deep down she’s on your mind right now, always and you wonder if she’s still alive because if she dies you’re gonna live with the guilt forever”. Diana said.

“Stop it Diana, Nicklaus protects her, making it safe, no one knows I’ll do anything to protect her”. Morgana whispered.

“So what about now that she isn’t Klaus’ weakness anymore?”. Diana said and Morgana raises her head slowly.

“The used her to get him at Kepler but it isn’t gonna work again because he has a new weakness, making you have no choice, sooner than later Nicklaus is gonna find out and it’s gonna ignite the war between you too”. Diana said.

“It was my mistake, i shouldn’t have cared for Elisa but i did… Cared for her even more than Klaus even when the war began I pretended i hated her but deep down i wanted her by my side”. Morgana said.

“Don’t you think you two have carried the secret of this war too long… Someone should know the cause.. I could settle this”. Diana said. “No you can’t, good day sister”. Morgana said angrily.

Diana’s phone buzzed and she stared at the message from Nicklaus.

“Am sorry, can we meet? The girl haven’t spoken up, she act like she has a memory loss”.

“Am about leaving”. Diana said.

“Message from Klaus isn’t it, good, don’t think I’ll come to your rescue again”.

Morgana said and walked away with an evil smile.

“Common kids let’s go!”. Diana said walking outside.

Claire and Esther ran after her and entered into the vehicle.

She wasn’t going to Klaus’ place because he needed her help but she if someone like Klaus could say he’s sorry then she needed to take it as an opportunity to make him good before he flare up.

“Mom why did Aunt Morgana put dad in a coffin”. Claire said and Diana drove away.

Diana almost froze in shock but quickly composed herself.

“What do you mean?”. She asked.

“We found dad in a coffin, underground aunt Morgana’s building and we rescued him”. Esther said.

“What did you go to do there?”. Diana asked.

“We were playing and…”. Claire stammered.

“You used your powers… Haven’t i warned you against it?”. Diana grinned.

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“it was a mistake mom”. Esther said.

“Just be careful, i wouldn’t want that to Reoccur”. Diana said.

“Okay mom”..

They arrived at Nicklaus home and he ushered them in.

“Where’s she?”. Diana asked and Nicklaus showed her.

Diana placed her fingers on Gwen’s head and retreated it after some minutes. “Her memory is blank, there’s nothing it it apart from when you began your torture”. Diana said.

“How’s that possible?”. Nicklaus asked.

“Only if someone wiped her memory”. Diana said.

“I was with her all the time, no one would have done that?”. Nicklaus argued.

“am afraid Klaus, no matter the amount of torture you execute, she knows nothing, whoever did this, has a game plan and we just lose the opportunity we should have used “. Diana said.

Nicklaus phone rang and he took the call.

Hey Yakiza “.

Hey Nicklaus, your guys delivered the tools and i traveled to USA to get some other stuffs i need, guess who i saw? “. Yakiza’s voice rang out of the phone.

I don’t have time Yakiza, i got an issue to take care of”.

“It’s your sister, Elisa”. Yakiza said.

Nicklaus froze as he retreated the phone and returned it back to his ear.

“What did you say?”.

“She’s on the Jet with me, we should arrive at your place soon”. Yakiza voice rang out.

A disruptive sound could be heard and the call got disconnected.

Nicklaus tried calling back but it didn’t go through.

“Did i hear your sister?”. Diana asked.

“i don’t know what do believe but yakiza can’t play tricks on me he dares not”.

Nicklaus said angrily.

He walked out with Diana as the kids stared at them.

“I feel something dark in this house”. Claire said.

“Me too, should we hold hands?”. Esther asked.

“We promised mom not to”. Claire said and Esther nodded.

As Claire looked away Esther quickly gripped her hand and they were thrust into a vision.

“She’s here”. Esther and Claire exclaimed.

They made to run for the door but Min Ho emerged out of the wall.

“Hello girls, am sorry to announce but mama and papa won’t save you this time”.

Min Ho said as her eyes changed to black and claws crept out of her fingers..


Diana and Nicklaus walked out and looked into the sky staring at a white Jet which was coming from afar off.

Morgana’s vehicle drove into the compound and she bounced down.

“I guess you’re ready for the plans i made for you”. Nicklaus said drawing out his dagger.

“Stripping me naked? Fvck you Klaus, i came to take what belongs to me, i forgot it in your bedroom i guess “. Morgana said drawing out her own dagger. The White Jet lands in the compound and the stairs projected out.

They all turned to the Jet and watched as Elisa ran down full of smiles with yakiza following from behind.

Noo”. Morgana whispered.

brother! “. She screamed.

a lightning from the sky strikes the Jet and it explodes throwing her and Yakiza away.

Nicklaus, Diana and Morgana raised their heads up and there was the Shi in their falcons holding their trident but they were not alone.

Behind them was a man, a woman and their daughter in a chariot holding their Sickles.

It was the Dai… They were not dead.. That means they were also immortal… The Dai Shi are here, all in one.

They heard screams from the building which could be interpreted quickly as that of Claire and Esther.


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