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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 33

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


Nicklaus countenance changed and anger appeared on his face in form of of veins but he suddenly burst into laughter.

“Lucky you”. He whispered and she punched his face angrily.

She groaned and cleaned the blood on her lips.

“Not actually a child but am pregnant with all the trouble you gave me, i guess it’s time to give you yours”. Morgana grinned.

“I always knew i could never impregnate a she devil”. Nicklaus said.

“Because you’re an impotent bastard”. Morgana cursed.

“Yeah and with that impotency i impregnated your sister with three kids”. Nicklaus

said and Morgana’s eyes popped out.

She always thought it was a twin.

“Let’s try again, you might be lucky this time”. Nicklaus said.

Morgana sent punches into his face and they both groaned..

“Am just starting with you Nicklaus, when am done with you, you’ll regret standing against me”. Morgana said.

“We share same pain”. Nicklaus mocked her.

“And i don’t care”. Morgana said and walked out of the room.

Nicklaus exhaled and cursed Diana for this thing she has done but well she’s serving her punishment.

Now he knew he was gonna last here than expected, he gave Abruzzi and the rest of the gang an operation so they weren’t an option at all.

The last option was Diana, it won’t even last an hour before she knew he was missing and come searching for him but he trapped her in a sleep already

“well let she sleep, Morgana can’t kill me, she torture me, she feels the pain, equal and opposite reaction”. Nicklaus said with an evil smile. Morgana was walking down the stairs when the door bell rung.

Evelyn quickly rushed out of her room and opened the door.

Morgana stared at the door as Diana’s kids ran.

“Aunt!”. She screamed as they ran at her and hugged her legs tightly.

Morgana stared at them in utter disgust and waited for Diana to walk in but she didn’t.

“Where’s your mom?”. Morgana asked.

Claire and Esther stared at themselves and then turned to Morgana.

“We thought she was here”. Claire said.

“She left home yesterday saying she would return soon but she haven’t returned till now”. Esther said.

Morgana wondered why Diana would leave her kids.

No, she knew her sister, she cared for her kids than any other person then where’s she.

She left angrily yesterday.

“Um. Maybe she’s at your bastard father’s place or just somewhere else”. Morgana said and they’re eyes popped out wondering why she called their father a bastard. “Anyway, you could stay here till she returns”. Morgana said and they nodded. They sat on the couch and she turned to Evelyn.

“feed them and make sure they remain here, don’t let them out of your sight”.

Morgana said and Evelyn nodded.

“Good, I’ll be back soon”. Morgana said and walked out.

She got into her Lamborghini and drove away speedily.

She got to the black market and she hoped down from her vehicle.

“So good to see you lady Morgana”. Hayato said walking toward her with his guards.

They new better not to try and search her.

“I need a new pack the C14 explosive”. Morgana said.

“And we have an abundant supply of it”. Hayato said.

“Place your deal”. Morgana said.

“There’s this man Sucre Austin, He’s a witness to testify about me being a murderer

at the court tomorrow”. Hayato said.

“What do you want?”.

“I want him taken care of”. Hayato said and snapped his finger.

One of his guard handed over a picture and she stared at it.

“Is this him”. Morgana asked.


“For protection of the witness, he will he transported to the court house today via a

yacht , he’ll be at the bureau boat yard at exactly four pm, seven minutes from now, he has five escorts who are armed so be careful”. Hayato said.

“Can you lend me a silencer?”. Morgana asked.

Hayato detached the silencer in his gun and handed it over to her.

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“Just make sure you don’t leave traces that leads to me”. Hayato said.

Morgana tucked the gun into the sheath in her lap and drove away speedily.

She checked her watch and increases the speed of her vehicle.

Getting to the boat yard, there was a hell lot of people.

She got down from her vehicle and wore her black gloves.

She walked through the crowd as she kept her eyes opened for the man.

There were lot of traders there asking the people to buy goods from them.

“This would be nice for you skinny lady”. A young woman said showing Morgana

a chicken .

She pushed the woman off her way and continued moving.

Morgana looked narrowly and that was when she saw the man.

He was moving on the narrow path made of wood, it was actually constructed on the waters were some boats were then tied to the anchors.

Morgana increases her pace as the made walked with his escorts toward the yacht on the water.

Morgana collects a fire cracker(banger) from a boy selling it and dropped some money for him.

Just as the man made to enter the yacht he saw Morgana staring at him and calling him to come in a seductive way.

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Men will always be men.

He slowly retreated his leg from the yacht and turned to his escorts.

“Stay here”.

He walked toward Morgana as she smiled softly.

Just as he got to where she stood, she lights the fire cracker without him seeing.

He was engrossed in that blue killing eyes of her.

She dropped it on the wood and a loud bang was heard.

Morgana grabbed the man and flew off the wooden path into the water.

She made it look like it was fright that threw them in.

The man tried to swim up but Morgana grabbed him deep into the water and stabbed his repeatedly before letting go of him. She didn’t need her gun after all.

She swam to the top of the water and the man’s escort helped her out to the wooden path.

“Hey ma’am are you alright?”. They asked and she nodded dripping wet.

They turned to the water, lo and behind was the body of the man floating on top of it with blood on his chest.

They turned to where Morgana was but she was not there anymore.

Morgana kept running as everyone wondered who she was.


Evelyn opened the door as Abruzzi walked in.

She quickly welcomed him with a kiss.

“We need to be quick lady Morgana would return any time soon”. Evelyn said as she leads him away to her room.

Claire and Esther were playing in the living room when they held their hands. They suddenly paused and starred at each other. “i feel like dad is done here”. Claire said.

“And tied in a golden coffin”. Esther said and Claire raised her head up.

“Am seeing exact thing”. Claire said.

“Mom says we could see visions and we’re powerful whenever we hold our hands”.

Esther said.

“Does that mean dad is truly down here?”. Claire asked.

“Why would Aunt Morgana tie father down here?”. Esther asked.

“She always calls father a Bastard and i haven’t seen them together before”. Claire said.

“It’s obvious she isn’t in a good term with Dad”. Esther said and Claire nodded.

“Should we check if what we saw was true?”. Esther asked.

“Aunt Evelyn warned us not to leave here”. Claire said.

“So… What if dad is truly down here?”. Esther asked.

They tip toed through the stairs that lead to the underground and stopped by the door.

“It’s locked”. Claire said.

“Hold my hand”. Esther said.

They held hands and pointed the other to the lock and it broke open.

“It worked”. Esther said as they pushed it open.

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The room was filled with several coffins.

“Maybe we were right?”. Claire said and Esther nodded.

Claire and Esther opened one of the coffins and Claire almost scream seeing the rooting body in it but Esther quickly closed her mouth.

They saw the golden coffin and walked toward it, it wasn’t closed like the others but opened.

“You’ve found your torture tools I guess”. Nicklaus voice rang out.

“Dad!”. They screamed as they rushed up to the coffin.

Nicklaus was shocked to see them as he gasped.

“What are you doing here?”. Nicklaus asked.

“We came searching for mom, she didn’t return home after she left for this place yesterday”. Claire said.

“Is she here?”. Esther asked.

“No she’s at my house”. Nicklaus said.

“Quick find a sharp knife for me”. Nicklaus said.

Claire and Esther stared at each other and smiled softly.

They held their hands and pointed the other to Nicklaus.

The ropes broke loose and Nicklaus emerged out of the coffin a free man.

Meanwhile in the living room Evelyn walked out of her room with Abruzzi as he puts on his cloths.

“You need to leave quickly before Morgana comes ‘. She said.

Yeah, my boss gave me a mission, i have to finish it soon, my guys are waiting for me “. Abruzzi said buttoning his shirt.

That was when Evelyn noticed that the twin were not in the living room. “Claire, Esther!”. She called out but there was no response.

“Diana’s kids”. Abruzzi asked.

“Yeah, i left them here but now they’re gone”. Evelyn said.


Morgana walked into Nicklaus mansion with the bomb in her hand, she was surprised not to find anyone in the mansion.

She pushed open the door of Nicklaus room and was shocked to see Diana on his bed

“You lied sister, you still had night stands with Nicklaus”. Morgana said and slapped her to wake up but she didn’t.

That was when she saw clearly the cold face of Diana and the cut on her neck. “I guess you’ll now believe Klaus is the monster, after forgiving him and letting your kids know him, he still did this”. Morgana said wanting to leave but paused. She wanted to leave Diana there but couldn’t. Blood was thicker than water you know.

She searched through Klaus’ cabinet and found the cure.

She opened Diana’s mouth and poured it in.

Her face began to change to normal and she bounced to her feet as speedily.

Diana gasped looking around.

“Where’s she?”. Diana said.


“She’s here i sense her”. Diana said moving speedily toward the door.

“You seem not to care that i saved your stupid lusty ass”. Morgana said following after her.

“Someone entered into my mind while I was unconscious, it’s one of Nicklaus

people, a maid i guess”. Diana said.

“And so?”.

“She saw everything i know, about how i intend to defeat the Dai Shi, the powers my kids posses… Everything about me.. Most especially your weakness and that of Klaus”. Diana said and Morgana gasped.

“No one knows my weakness sister”. Morgana said as they walked toward Gwen room.

“i do”. Diana whispered and open the door slowly.

There was Gwen speaking to her mirror.

“master I didn’t get a chance to look into Nicklaus’ mind but i found a lady he sent to an unconscious state, Diana”. Gwen said.

“What did you see?”.a baritone voice echoes in the room.

“Everything we need “. Gwen said.

“But you’re not good at covering your tracks”. Diana said and Gwen froze.

She turned back slowly conjuring a fire in her hand..

Morgana was super fast to pull her gun and fired shots into her arm.

She screamed and dropped to the ground.

They were face to face with the dark man in the mirror.

“Who are you?”. Diana asked angrily.


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