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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 32

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


Next Day…….

Nicklaus parked his vehicle in front of Morgana’s building and hoped down.

He made to enter when he felt a shock and his senses were back.

He looked around wandering how he got there.

“What am i doing here?”. He asked himself.

He entered into his vehicle and drove off.

That was when he remembered what Diana said before she slept off, that the love potion was gonna kick in soon..

Nicklaus was angry with her and felt like killing her but he already promised himself that he won’t kill the mother of his children.

He just hoped the kids were save, he forgot to ask Diana for their locations.. Nicklaus drove into his mansion and parked the car in front of the house before moving in.

He met Abruzzi cleaning the guns and arranging them in a crate.

“Welcome back boss”. He said.

“And where are the maids and Jai Mi?”. Nicklaus asked.

“I haven’t seen them since we returned, i thought you sent them on an errand”.

Abruzzi said.

“Well Diana gave them a good treatment”. Nicklaus said and pushed open the door of the kitchen.

There they were, tied to chairs in a circular pattern with their mouths taped.

“Intriguing.. Abruzzi get down here”. Nicklaus said walking away.

He got into his vehicle and drove out of the house.

He stopped by Yakiza Zondek’s mansion and walked in.

“My prince i never expected to see you today”. Yakiza said.

“Yeah, Just want to check on the development of our machine”. Nicklaus said. “progress my prince but i need some device to make this machine”. Yakiza said. “The portal communication worked and i was able to speak with my sister, am trusting you with this, that it’s gonna work”. Nicklaus said.

“This was what aided me to escape from Kepler… A machine that could trigger a portal to take us to our location… Back at Kepler i had all the tools and devices to make it but i sold them all to survive down I have to buy them with money.. A large amount of money “. Yakiza said.

Do you remember all those you sold the devices and tools to? “. Nicklaus asked.

They must have sold it to someone else but Hayato has fifty percent of it “. Yakiza said.

Can you find those who currently holds the rest? “. Nicklaus asked.

“Yes, i tagged all the devices with a nano trackers.. With just one click I’ll find them all”. Yakiza said.

“I need you to find them all right away, how long will it take to build the machine?”. Nicklaus asked.

“if i have everything I’ll be done in three days”. Yakiza said typing on his computer system.

“Good”. Nicklaus said and Yakiza printed a copy from the system.

He handed of of A4 paper to Nicklaus and he scrutinized through it.

“That’s the location of the devices and tools plus the names of the current holders”.

Yakiza said.

“Five tools”. Nicklaus said.

“And five devices, the devices are with Hayato”. Yakiza said.

“Keep building with the resources you currently hold,I’ll get the rest of the device “. Nicklaus said.

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” Noted my prince “. Yakiza said and Nicklaus left.

He returned to the mansion and his gang welcomed him.

You’re all embarking on an. Operation and i want no mistakes “. Nicklaus said with a stern look.

They all raised their heads in surprise.

“five operations i want handled careful..i need you to retrieve some tools for me, they’re in the hands of done low level gangsters and sellers”. Nicklaus said and paused.

He handed over the A4 paper to Nicklaus and checked his watch.

“I need them all by the end of today, meanwhile i have some other Job”. Nicklaus said and walked out of the house.

“I guess we’re officially dead now”. Abruzzi said.

Jai Mi collects the paper from him and stared at him.

“Five tools, five different locations,are we thinking of splitting up?”. Gwen said.

“No we don’t need to split up, i know all the guys with the device”. Jai Mi said.

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“Do you have a plan?”. Abruzzi asked cocking his gun.

“kind of, i could find a way to contact this guys that we’re buyers and they should meet us at a particular location”. Jai Mi said.

“Then we can we take them out at once”. Abruzzi said.

“And what if they don’t honour our invitation?”. Myung Hee asked. “Gangsters would do anything to get money, all we need to call a large sum of money”. Jai Mi said.

“Do that right away I’ll prepare the weapons”. Abruzzi said.

Black Market

Hayato’s men could be seen loading crates into various truck when Hayato himself walked out of a store with his wife.

He tucked two pistols behind him and just then Nicklaus vehicle drove in.

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He bounced out of the vehicle taking off his dark shades.

“I’ll be back soon, i promise”. Hayato told his wife before moving toward Nicklaus.

“You’re here Mr. Nicklaus”. Hayato said.

“Keeping to my own part of the deal”. Nicklaus said.

“Fortunately Nicklaus the deal was postponed till 11pm today”. Hayato said.


“Yeah, we don’t want the cops trailing us and it will be easier taking out rival gangs who tries to attack”. Hayato said.

“I’ll guess I’ll be taking my leave right away”. Nicklaus said.

“Yes Mr. Nicklaus, i heard you now control the voltage gangsters”. Hayato said.

“Any problem with that?”. Nicklaus asked.

“Taking out this gang lords, it might prompt other gang lords to come after you”.

Hayato said.

“Fear of attacking them soon”. Nicklaus said and they nodded.

“They are welcome to try”. Nicklaus said.

“Anyway i want to strike another deal”. Nicklaus whispered.

“Name it”. Hayato said.

“You got we some device i need, i want them so i do your dirty Jobs and get them for me”. Nicklaus said.

“I guess i should know the device you need”. Hayato said.

Nicklaus handed over a paper to him and he looked through it.

“Yakiza’s techs, am curious about why you’re after them these days”. Hayato said. “your job is give it to me and mine is do your Job, deal or no deal”. Nicklaus whispered.

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“Deal Mr. Nicklaus but right now I don’t have an operation…I’ll get a mission by the end of today Nicklaus “. Hayato said.

Nicklaus got into his vehicle and drove out of the place.

What do you think honey? “. Hayato’s wife asked moving toward him.

Sooner or later I’ll have to take out Nicklaus like i always do to my hitmen when am done using them but he’s different, he tactical and tricky, i must find his weakness”. Hayato said.

“Do you think it’s a good idea going after Mr. Nicklaus, he’s dangerous we’ve seen all he’s done, he has an army”. She said.

“And i do”. Hayato said.


Nicklaus was driving down the highway when his eyes suddenly dilated.

He changed direction as he drove speedily down the left path.

He stopped by Morgana’s mansion and jumped down of the vehicle.

There was Morgana standing in front of the house full of smiles.


Gwen watched carefully as Abruzzi was arranging the weapons on the table and Jai Mi making a call.

She sneaked into Nicklaus room and pushed open the door slowly.

She tiptoed into the room and closed the door slowly behind her.

She walked up to Diana who was in coma and smiled softly.

“Even if i can’t get Klaus maybe i can get someone who knows much about him, the Dai Shi and how she intends to stop them”. Gwen said. Gwen placed her hand on Diana’s head entering into her memory.

She gasped as she opened her eyes.

“She knows much about the Dai but most especially, Nicklaus and Morgana’s weakness”. Gwen said with an evil smile.


Nicklaus woke up only to find himself tied up in a coffin.

He gasped looking up.

How on earth did he get here?.

The coffin opened up and Morgana stared at him full of smiles.

“How was the nap honey?”. Morgana said.

“You daughter of a bitch”. Nicklaus said angrily.

“Cool… What i always wanted, putting you in my golden coffin whether dead or alive just as an achievement”. Morgana said.

“When i get out of here, I’ll make sure i strip you naked and tie you up on the streets of Korea”.

“You can’t do anything Klaus, you’re stuck here in my coffin, forever, Diana used this potion on me while we were kids and i knee sooner or later it was gonna kick in so i took the cure making it affect you only, you walk straight to my door Klaus and gave you want you wanted before putting you in here.. Enjoy your stay here “. Morgana said.

You’re wrong Morgana, my people are gonna come for you “. Nicklaus said.

And I’ll be ready for them, i guess they’re gonna pay for what you did to me, am gonna decapitate all of them and put them in my coffin “. Morgana saidMo Stories @ (TOPSTER STORIES)

You haven’t gotten over your outdated vehicles “. Nicklaus asked.

I could get new ones idiot”. Morgana said she paused.

“Congratulations son of Lucifer am pregnant”. Morgana said


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