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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 31

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


The riders raised their tridents up and the falcons roared fire into the window.

“Get down!”. Diana screamed as she dived from the window.

Morgana and Nicklaus laid flat on the floor and the fire puffed into the room.

Every where was aflame as the room began to burn.

Morgana and Klaus rose up slowly full of fury, Nicklaus clenched to his dagger as he stared angrily at Morgana.

“I don’t care if we ain’t going to have our powers or immortal but one think is sure, when the time comes, I’ll kill you”. Morgana said angrily.

“Oh do you think i care, the only reason you’re alive is because of this”. Nicklaus

said and cut himself.

Morgana groaned angrily.

“Not here you too, you’re gonna get yourself killed if we don’t leave now”. Diana shouted.

“Not until you tell me what gave you the gods to set this up?”. Nicklaus said angrily.

“Start moving Klaus or i could move you myself”. Diana said.

“Is that a threat?”. Klaus asked.

There was another fire uproar into the room and Diana diverts it with her hand.

Nicklaus gave Diana an angry look and ran down the stairs.

Morgana kept staring at Diana as she walked out of the room and followed Nicklaus.

“When this is over you’re gonna kill me, I know, maybe you should consider saving yourself first”. Diana said.

Morgana picked her dagger and followed after them.

One of the the falcon flew in and the man on it jumped down as he pointed his trident at them.

A ferocious wind emits speedily from it hitting them away.

They groaned loudly as they crashed into different direction.

Nicklaus picked his dagger and raced at the man with Morgana.

He stamped his trident on the ground and a sound of high pitch echoes loudly in the room.

Morgana and Nicklaus covered their ears but the sound still penetrated into their ears causing it to bleed.

It had little effect on Diana as she bounced back to her feet and swung her hand to left throwing the man away.

Another falcon broke in through the window and roared fire at her, she flew off and landed on the staircase.

A lady jumped out of the falcon throwing her trident at Diana.

Diana tried to divert it with her powers but the force of the trident was breaking through hers.

Diana did a side flip off the staircase and the trident broke through the wall.

She stared at the lady as she conjured her trident back but Diana slapped her off the falcon with the chair.

Another young lady dropped down from the roof and tried to jump on her falcon when Nicklaus grabbed her down and stabbed her on the chest.

She opened her mouth and poured a hot liquid on Klaus making him to let go of her.

She kicked off Nicklaus and flung him to the wall.

Morgana slashed the lady’s back and she turned grabbing Morgana’s neck.

Morgana forced the dagger into her stomach but the lady let out a soft smile.

She began to chant spells and Morgana was becoming dizzy.

Nicklaus who was becoming dizzy as he quickly grabbed the lady and forced the dagger straight into her brain.

She kicked off Klaus and Morgana simultaneously and pulled the dagger from her brain.

The wound closed up immediately.

Nicklaus gasped seeing this.

She was immortal.

Diana’s eyes glowed as she changed the direction of the fire directed at her.

She turned back as the man threw his trident at her, she somersaults to the and shot her hand forward to hit the man but someone hits her from behind.

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Morgana and Klaus staggered to their feet and gripped their daggers as she rushed at the lady who hits Diana.

She threw her her trident a them but they slides beneath it and kicked her away. The three Shi stamped their trident on the ground causing another high pitch sound.

They mounted their falcons and flew away.

“Their immortal”. Nicklaus said.

“Yeah, i didn’t know they’ve grown more power, i thought they were the old religion of dark magic but now they’ve gain immortality”. Diana said.

“I suggest you two should leave my house right away”. Morgana said.

“Oh, do you think I’ll step into this filthy house of yours if not under the influence of a charm”. Nicklaus said.

“How dare you?”. Morgana screamed wanting to grab Klaus but Diana pushed them apart with her powers.

“You seem not to care that the council tricked you, there must be a reason for that”.

Diana said.

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“I don’t care about the council Morgana, all I care about is burying this idiot in the deepest grave the galaxies”. Nicklaus saidand walked out of the house angrily “it’s time you leave sister, i was happy you were gone”. Morgana said.

“Don’t be blinded by your darkness Morgana, you have to think about why the council did this”. Diana said.

Morgana tried to stab her but she blocked it.

“You’re trying to stab your sister”. Diana asked.

“I don’t give a damn”. She replied.

“And you tell your niece that you give a killed their mother”. Diana said. “Neither do I give a damn about them, do i have to remind you sister that you’re not immortal… You’re only a supernatural”. Morgana said.

“Who can be killed by destroying my heart or brain, well i have to remind you that neither are you immortal… I can kill you as well, with ease”. Diana whispered. “And why haven’t you done it?”. Morgana asked. “Because am not a monster”. Diana said.

“Kudos sister, i am the monster, you’re also blinded by your lust for Klaus that you don’t see reality… He literally planted two seeds in you and waited for it to germinate before he showed up as a gardener to water them”. Morgana said.

“How dare you?”. Diana said angrily.

“Well there’s another probability that he’s done it again and this time it will be four”. Morgana said.

“Fine I’ll leave but when the Shi returns, Don’t think I’ll race back saving your asses”. Diana said and walked toward the door but stopped abruptly before it.

“I haven’t done it with Klaus ever since since the last time but you just did, under my love charm, you might be fortunate to bare triplets just like me sister “. Diana grinned.

Morgana threw her dagger at Diana but she fisted her hand and it stopped mid way.

She flicked off her fingers and the dagger scattered to pieces.

Don’t take my forgiveness for stupidity sister “. Diana said and walked out of the house as Morgana boiled in anger.


Nicklaus walked into his mansion angrily and grabbed Abruzzi by the neck as he welcomed him.

“You son of a bitch how can a lady out beat you to enter into your memory”.

Nicklaus said angrily.

“What do you mean boss?”. Abruzzi asked.

“And where were you when i left with Morgana”. Nicklaus roared angrily.

“I couldn’t stop you, you had a loaded gun behind you”. Abruzzi said and Nicklaus let go of him.

“Fine, prepare a car, we’re going to that bar”. Nicklaus said and Abruzzi left. Nicklaus couldn’t believe he slept with that witch, he felt like killing Diana but he couldn’t, he felt weak to do it.

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Nicklaus got into the car and Abruzzi drove off.

They got to the bar and Nicklaus jumped down.

He walked into the bar and all eyes turned to him and Abruzzi.

“may i have a word with you”. Nicklaus told the bartender and then left with him. Abruzzi looked around to stop anyone who wanted to check what was going on back there.

Nicklaus soon walked out cleaning his hands with a handkerchief.

Abruzzi needed no one to tell him that Nicklaus had killed the bartender.

They got into their vehicle and drove back to the mansion.

Nicklaus walked in and met Diana on his couch.

“I guess my maids and driver didn’t threat you “. Nicklaus said.

Of course they did, don’t worry Klaus, i locked them up in the kitchen “. Diana said.

What do you come here for, to beg for my forgiveness? “. Nicklaus asked.

Nay, not at all, i don’t regret what I did but I just seize to wonder why you don’t care about this revelation “. Diana said.

That the council wanted me down here without powers and immortality forever “. Nicklaus said and gasped as he chuckled.

“I am a potential threat Diana, everyone wanted me gone forever because i could get whatever i want, including ruling over the entire Kepler, so seeing an opportunity to put me behind bars, booyah!, so don’t give me your shitty story Diana”. Nicklaus said moving closer to her.

“You don’t care about the Shi”. Diana asked.

“I have an army Diana, so you should have just stayed away like you said”. He said putting his arm around her neck.

“What do think you’re doing Klaus, trying to seduce me like the last time?”. Diana asked.

“Of course but this time it’s a sleep stand and guess what it will be you alone”. Nicklaus said bringing his face closer to her.

he pricked her neck with the red needle he was hiding in his fingers and she gasped.

Diana felt all blood seizing as Nicklaus slowly retreated from her. “What did you do?”. She stammered.

He showed her the needle and she gasped.

“I still got this Diana, you should be grateful am not gonna kill you”. Nicklaus said.

“I only wanted to help Klaus”. She said as her eyes were becoming dizzy. “You shouldn’t have interfere in my issues but Don’t worry Diana it’s just a sleep till i give you the cure”. Nicklaus said and veins were appearing in her face. “My kids”. She stammered.

“Don’t worry I’ll take care of them”. Nicklaus replied.

“You’ll regret this Klaus”. Diana whispered as her eyes closed slowly. “The love potion portion will kick in again, sooner than you expect”. She whispered as she dropped to the ground.

“I guess I’ll have peace now “. Nicklaus whispered.

Diana’s body looked frozen as only her heartbeat could be heard.

Nicklaus carried her to his room and dropped her on the bed.

He covered her with the duvet and stared at her cute face.

“Just as i say it’s a sleep stand, just you alone without me”. Nicklaus said picking the gun in the cabinet.

He tucked it behind him and walked out of the room.

He was about entering his vehicle when he felt a sharp pain in his head.

He groaned as his eyes dilated.

He smiled wickedly as he got into the car and drove off.


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