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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 30

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


Abruzzi walked into the deserted warehouse and looked around wondering where Nicklaus was.

He received a text from Klaus asking to meet him here..

Abruzzi stared at the text again and raised his head up.

He heard footsteps and quickly turned back.

There was a teen boy with a pistol walking toward him.

Abruzzi quickly pulled out his gun and made to shoot.

“It’s me Abruzzi”. Nicklaus said.

“Boss?”. Abruzzi said dropping his gun.

He was shocked as he stared at Klaus from head to toe.

How on earth is this possible?

“Be not frightened Abruzzi it’s me”. Nicklaus said.

“No this a dream”. Abruzzi said.

“I didn’t see Morgana today”. Nicklaus said tucking in his gun back to his sheath.

“Ten years was deducted from your age”. Abruzzi asked.

“Yes Abruzzi am Just a seventeen year old kid you know”. Nicklaus said and Abruzzi gasped.

“The council meant every word”. Abruzzi said.

“Of course, i can’t return back to the mansion like this Abruzzi”. Nicklaus said.

“You staying back?”. Abruzzi asked.

“Yeah, did the council talk about getting my self back to my shape?”. Nicklaus asked.

“They talked about you could only regain your real age when you have time for Morgana and cover up with the day you missed”. Abruzzi said and Klaus chuckled loudly.

“They must be joking”. He said.

“What will I tell everyone?”. Abruzzi said.

“You know Abruzzi, boss is busy with an operation “. Nicklaus said.

How long with it last boss, forever? “. Abruzzi asked.

Do you now object my orders? “. Nicklaus asked.

No boss “.

Good, do as i say “. Nicklaus said and Abruzzi nodded.


Morgana chuckled loudly and she walked down the stairs.

“Teen Morgana, you look really beautiful and intriguing”. She whispered.

That was when Evelyn walked out of her room and froze seeing the teen girl.

“My.. My lady”. She stammered.

“Hey Evelyn, surprise to see kid Morgana?”. Morgana asked climbing up the stairs.

“What happened to you ma’am?”. Evelyn asked.

“The council’s order….They deducted ten years because i didn’t see Nicklaus”.

Morgana said.

“That isn’t fair”. Evelyn said.

“The day i return back to Kepler I’ll make sure i kill each and every one of them”.

Morgana threatened and Evelyn swallowed the saliva in her mouth.

“go to bed Evelyn”. Morgana said.

“You could reverse it ma’am… Only if you make up for the lost day”. Evelyn said

and Morgana turned slowly.

“Tell me more”.

“You wouldn’t want to”. Evelyn said.

“Tell me!”. Morgana screamed.

“If you spend a day with Nicklaus, the council will reverse the curse”. Evelyn stammered.

“How dare you utter that?”. Morgana said angrily.

“Am sorry ma’am”.

“My size is nothing Evelyn… I killed five soldiers all by my self at age ten… I’ve trained ever since am a kid so if you’re planning on taking me out now and inherit

my mansion.. Well there’s a lot of coffin.. I can choose one for you”. Morgana said with an evil smile.

Evelyn swallowed the saliva in her mouth and raised her head up.

“I can’t do such ma’am”. Evelyn said.

“You better not”. Evelyn said walking away.

Kingdom Of Persia

Elisa raced into her vehicle and started it ignition before driving off speedily.

The fighter Jets went after the vehicle firing missiles at her.

She activated the jet protocol of the vehicle and it glide into the air.

She pressed a button an missiles shot out of her exhaust pipe destroying two of the Jets.

She turned the steering speedily dodging the missiles but one of it hits the side of her vehicle and it loses control.

She wondered who these people were and why they wanted her dead.

The vehicle was on fire so she had no option than to jump on.

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She landed on the desert soil and groaned as she kept on somersaulting down the slope until a rock stopped her.

She moaned and staggered to her feet.

There was a deep cut by her side and it was bleeding but right to her face it healed up.

“Impossible!”. She whispered.

She heard sounds behind her and turned.

“Damn!”. She cursed as she took to her heels running as fast as he could. The fighter Jets kept firing missiles at her but she was moving really fast that shocked her.

The missile landed behind her causing dust to cover her.

She flew out of the dust and a missile landed at her front.

She crashed roughly to the ground and turned back quickly just as the Jets fired missile straight at her.

She screamed and her powers were activated as the scream moved like a wind melting down the Jets.

She staggered back to her feet and continued running.

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Seoul City

A car parked in front of a bar and Nicklaus bounced down with Abruzzi following behind him.

Everyone gave way for Klaus as they saw the well built man behind him.

One punch from him and your memory might be unfortunate to get formatted.

Abruzzi drew a chair for Klaus and he sat..

He ordered for several drinks and the bartender returned with it.

Abruzzi stood behind Klaus as he guard.

Ladies in the bar could be seen whispering to themselves and daring themselves to meet the young man who just walked it.

One of them approached Klaus table but Abruzzi stood in front of her.

That alone sent fear into her and she left.

Nicklaus gulped in the content of the bottle and retreated it.

Right now what he needed was his real age not this ladies staring around him. Outside, Morgana had received a message from an unknown source to meet him or her in the bar.

Just as she made to walk in someone poured juice on her face and ran away quickly.

“Idiot!”. Morgana cursed as she cleaned it from her face but some got into her tongue already.

As she walk in her eyes met with Klaus and it dilated.

She smiled softly and marched toward him.

Nicklaus licked his lips and as Abruzzi made to grab her.

“Stop!”. He commanded.

Abruzzi paused.

“Have your seat babe”. Nicklaus said.

Morgana chuckled and had her seat.

Abruzzi watched in amazement wondering what was going on

“place your orders my love”. Nicklaus said and Abruzzi’s eyes popped out.

“Am fine Nick, I’ll just take this”. Morgana said popping the champagne.

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Her eyes dilated the more and she gasped.

“Been so long my love”. Morgana said.

“Yeah I know but here we are, can we leave now?”. Nicklaus asked.

“After you”. Morgana said.

Nicklaus held her hand and they walked out.

Abruzzi was stunned and shocked as he watched them get into Morgana’s Lamborghini, they drove off immediately.

Nicklaus and Morgana laughed loudly as she drove at high speed.

They arrived at her mansion and he carried her into the house.

Kingdom Of Persia

Elisa was weak as she staggered alone through the desert.

It was a long walk and getting those Jets off her was difficult.

A vehicle pulled over beside her and Shania jumped down.

“Oh my goodness, Elisa”. Shania said running up to her.

She chanted some spell and Elisa gasped as she felt her strength renewed.

“How did you find me?”. Elisa asked.

“I’ve been searching for you since last night.. What are you doing here?”. Shania said..

The king appeared before them and the froze.

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“same question i want to ask”. He said.

Elisa tried to speak but no word came from her.

“Am sorry”. She whispered.

“I asked a question Elisa”. The king said.

“You want an answer, fine, Am trying to get the hell out of your kingdom as far as I can”. Elisa spat out.

“Really? With that dangerous powers you bare, you know i can’t allow that”. The king said.

“You know what father.. You can’t order me around, you can’t force me to stay put “. Elisa said.

You’re only gonna end up like your brother if you let this rage consume you “. The king said.

That’s exactly what i want, do something that’s gonna make the council send me to earth “. Elisa said.

What do you mean? “. The king asked.

You heard me right? “. Elisa screamed and it threw off the king.

Seoul City

Nicklaus eyelid opened slowly as the sunlight pierced into his eyes.

He was bare chest and on short.

He rubbed his eyes and turned over.

There was Morgana who was on a Singlet and bum shot .

She had woken up too and they stared at each other.

In a flash all that happened minutes ago flashed through their memory and they jumped out of the bed like wounded lions. How on earth did they sleep together?

But to their surprise their size was back to the former and they weren’t teenagers anymore.

Nicklaus picked the dagger he dropped when he carried her into the room. Morgana picked hers too and they rushed at each other just as the door pushed open.

A force pushed them backward to avoid them stabbing each other.

Diana walked in and took off her dark shades.

“so knew this wasn’t going to last”. Diana said.

“Diana?”. Nicklaus called out.

“You regained your ages but not your powers or immortality, that actually means the council lied and are playing games”. Diana said. “What are you talking about?”. Morgana roared.

“I pretended I was leaving so as to track the plan of the Shi and what they are up to.They want you both alive, that’s the only way they can get back to Kepler by stealing your bodies… Well i entered into Abruzzi’s mind and discovered all that happened while I was gone… So I took your bloods and made a love charm “. Diana said.

How dare you? “. Nicklaus roared rushing at her but she flung her hand to the left and he force hits him away.

I made the bartender puts the love potion in your drink and i poured the other part on Morgana’s face.. Changing her perspective and that of yours but i knew your hatred for each other would break the charm but at least making you fall in love to get your powers “. Diana said.

I won’t forgive you sister for letting me sleep with this bastard “. Morgana shouted but couldn’t move closer to to Diana as she was ready to use magic to toss Morgana back.

You’re blinded by your hatred that you don’t see reality.. You fell in love but only your ages were restored, don’t you get it yet, something fishy is going on”. Diana shouted.

The clouds began to gather and a heavy rainfall began.

Nicklaus and Morgana gasped as their heads analyzed what Diana said.

A heavy lightning rumbled could be heard in the sky and Diana turned to the window.

She shot her hand forward and the window opened up.

Far away in the sky, three huge falcons could be seen flying toward the building and three humans on it, all holding tridents ..

“The Shi are here”. Diana whispered.


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