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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 29

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


Nicklaus and Abruzzi watched as the fire fighters put off the fire from the garage.

“Am sorry boss we tried our best to stop her”. Abruzzi said.

“Give no excuses for your mistake Abruzzi, the deed is done already”. Nicklaus said.

“She’s bonded with you boss, i couldn’t shoot her”. Abruzzi said.

“Enough talks Abruzzi”. Nicklaus said and Abruzzi bowed his head.

“Fifty percent of my vehicles are damage proof so when you’re done, i need you to get someone to fix my garage and the rest of you wash the damage proof vehicles”. Nicklaus said and Abruzzi gasped.

Nicklaus had damage proof vehicles all the while.

“I’ll be back”. Nicklaus said getting into his vehicle.

He drove away speedily.

He knew Morgana meant her words but if she thinks blowing up his garage is a win then she’s wrong.

He drove into the black market and hoped down from the vehicle.

Nicklaus took off his dark shades as Hayato approached him.

“Mr. Nicklaus”.

“I guess you’re not keeping to our deal this time around”. Nicklaus said. “Not at all Mr. Klaus, there was a little trouble at the seas which delayed my supply but they’re ready now”. Hayato said. “Good”.

Hayato snapped and some of the guards left.

They soon returned with several crates.

Nicklaus opened the first one and took the pink AK47.

“It looks cute”.

“Of course Mr. Nicklaus, this are new brands of rifles… You could check out the SCAR rifle too.

Nicklaus closed the crate and opened the next one.

He took the SPAS68 shotgun and examined it.

“Increased range and Damage”. Hayato said.

“I see”. Klaus said and closed it.

He moved to the next and opened it.

It’s was filled pistol with pistols of different brands and colors.

“Thought you would need something light too”. Hayato said and Nicklaus smiled softly as he approached the last crates.

With the size of the crate he knew Hayato now has what he needed the entire time.

Nicklaus opened the crate and there was a red Awn sniper.

“This was not part of the deal Mr. Nicklaus”. Hayato said.

“I know, name the price Hayato”. Nicklaus said.

“Am having a deal with the lord of the black market from Russia tomorrow”.

Hayato said.

“What do you want?”. Nicklaus asked.

“Protection…i have lot of guys but they’re not as effective as you are… There’s probability that the Cuban gangsters, a rival clan will attack during the deal… I’ll need you and your guys to fend them off till the deal is over”. Hayato said. “Consider it done Hayato”. Nicklaus said.

The guards loaded the crates into the vehicle and Klaus drove away.

Getting to his mansion, Abruzzi and the rest of the gang were washing the vehicle while some men were repainting the garage.

“awesome i say, got some package in the vehicle, why don’t you take them in and then continue with your punishment”. Nicklaus said with an evil smile.


Morgana and Evelyn popped their Champagne as laughter erupted in the room.

“Nicklaus will be stunned when he returns”. Morgana said gulping in the content.

“Don’t worry ma’am we’ll be ready for him when he returns”. Evelyn said. Deep inside she did not want this, she knew that if this continues, Morgana was going to kill her lover one day but she had to succumb to whatever Morgana say and act like she was okay with all she did.

Trying to kill Morgana was the last thing in her mind.

“Well why don’t we move to killing those little gangsters of his”. Morgana said.

Evelyn quickly hid her shock as she retreated the champagne.

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“Well we need Nicklaus not them, so let’s give no fuck about them.. Even if we kill them Klaus will give no shit but find new members to replace them”. Evelyn said and Morgana nodded.

“You’re right Evelyn, fortunately he cares for my a sister and niece, they’re my blood, more reason i won’t hurt them but blowing up his garage, it’s it’s one one, equality”. Morgana said and they laughed. “And what about his mansion?”. Evelyn asked.

“Let’s celebrate this first and then we move to next”. Morgana said.

“And what if he shows up?”. Evelyn asked.

“I’ll take care of him”. Morgana said



Nicklaus walked into his garage and stared at the new Shape.

The damage proof vehicles were looking fascinating as before.

“Boss, the red skull sent a message that the Voltage gangsters are on their way to attack them”. Abruzzi said walking into the garage.

“And how does that concerns”Nicklaus asked.

“They can’t go to war without the boss of the gang”.Abruzzi said.

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“This Voltage gangsters…is their gang lords coming”. Nicklaus asked and Abruzzi nodded.

“Good… Load our classified weapons into the vehicle..we’re leaving”. Nicklaus said.

“Yes boss”. Abruzzi said and left.

Nicklaus walked out and saw Abruzzi loading the weapons into the vehicle.

“We’re good to go boss”. He said.

They got into the vehicle and drove away.

Getting to the Red Skull base the place was already on attack and men in shirts which had lightning sign on the chest shot sporadically. “seems we’re late”. Abruzzi said.

“Not at all”. They had a voice behind them and turned.

It was the second in command to the ex lord.

“We changed our location knowing they could attack anytime”. He said.

“You must be Dagger? “. Nicklaus said.

“Yes”. He said.

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Nicklaus opened the vehicle and the gangsters gasped seeing the weapons. “Arm yourself everyone, non of this britches leave here alive”. Nicklaus said and they hailed.

Everyone took their weapons and they all marched to the base where the rival gangsters were engrossed in burning down.

“I need ten men at the north, five at the east, ten at the west and eight down here, the rest come with me, Abruzzi find a snip position and cover me”. Nicklaus said. Abruzzi nodded and left while the rest of the gangsters spread themselves into several positions.

“Equip smoke grenade!”. Nicklaus shouted as he held the gate.

He pushed it open and the gangsters threw their grenades in the building causing smoke in the entire place.

They rolled their guns to their front firing at the men inside the building. Nicklaus moved in with five men who were his backup and they formed a circle firing at any of the voltage gangsters from any position.

All they needed was to get the lord of the gang and it was over.

A group of the voltage gangsters appeared appeared from the stairs and Nicklaus men fired at them but another set appeared from the left and fired down his men. Nicklaus ammo was over as he pulled out his pistol and fired at the men. A bullet from nowhere hits the last man and he crashed to the ground.

That was Abruzzi, his sniper backup.

“I need five men down here”. Nicklaus shouted and dagger quickly sent five of the gangsters to replace the dead one.

They moved to the red skull chamber that was were the boss of the gang was supposed to be but Nicklaus chose to stay in his mansion.

The voltage gang lord had went there thinking to find Nicklaus but found no one.

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“I guess you lost your way”. Nicklaus said and he turned back slowly.

He raised his hand up and they fired the gang lord dead.

That Day


Kingdom Of Persia

Shania helped Elisa to escape from the kingdom by distracting the guards.

Elisa got into one of her fastest car and drove away speedily.

She made sure she stared occasionally at the mirror to be sure no one was stalking her.

It was a long drive to the Xender Desert but she finally got there

She stared at her watch and it was just a minute left for twelve to clock.

Elisa paced around wandering if this was a trap or it was truly Klaus but she was still confident only Klaus and her knew about this secret message for years now, no one knew about it apart from them.

Suddenly a black portal appeared and she gasped.

She made to run in but a voice spoke from it.

“Hey Elisa don’t come in”.

“Klaus”. She said in tears.

“Elisa, so glad to hear that voice or yours once again”. Klaus voice rang out.

“I can’t wait to see you again brother, Am missing you when will i get to see you”.

Elisa said.

“Sooner than you expect, I’ll find a way sister and I’ll get back to you”.

“are you going to fall in love with Morgana?”. Elisa asked.

“Not at all, that’s the least think I’ll thinking off right now”.

“Please brother for me, life here without you is hell”. Elisa said.

“I can’t promise you sister but I’ll find a way, i always do”.

“Why can’t I come in”. Elisa asked.

“It’s gonna kill you sister and neither can I come in but we’re going to work on it and make it work”.

“When will i get to see you next?”. She asked.

“Next month i guess”.

Elisa’s tears were renewed.

“Please Nicklaus, return soon”. Elisa cried.

“I can’t love Morgana Elisa and that’s final.. Don’t spoil my mood”.

The portal began to close slowly.

“Klaus it’s closing”. Elisa said.

“Yeah. It was only gonna last for two minutes”.

“Listen brother i don’t know what went Between you and Morgana but father says it’s all a plot by someone working with the council and Dai Shi.. They wanted you both to be on earth for a purpose “. Elisa shouted and the portal closed up. She burst into tears the more and that was when she hard sounds in the air.

She turned back and behold five fighter Jets were headed for the desert.

Seoul City

Nicklaus cleaned the tears in his eyes as he walked out of the tunnel.

Hearing her voice brought back past memories that are fading away already but her

last word kept ringing in his head.

What did she mean about that?

Nicklaus checked his watch and it was just 12:03.

He made to open the the door of his vehicle when he felt a sharp pain in his body.

“Morgana”. He groaned thinking it was her.

Nicklaus body started shrinking bit by bit until he was a teen boy.

It was then he remembered the rule, ten years had been deducted from his age.

“I didn’t see Morgana today”. He whispered.


Morgana was walking up the stairs in her bum shot and short shirt when she felt her bones breaking.

She groaned as she staggered into her room.

Hee body shrieked immediately and her size reduce to that of the teen girl she was ten years ago.

She gasped as she examine herself in the mirror.

“You bastards!”. She roared.


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