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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 28

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


It was a beautiful morning as the son graciously rose from the east. It hot effect was subdued by the freezing temperature.

A Lamborghini stopped in front of the black market and the gates pushed up.

It drove into the place and Morgana got down.

She was on a black coat whose collar projected to up to her face.

Her lips were painted black and her eye lashes were darker than the normal. Her high heels were also black as she catwalks toward Hayato whose guards moved toward her.

That was the outfit she always wore whenever she meant business, ready to do something evil.

“You must be Lady Morgana”. Hayato said staring lustfully at her.

“And you must be Hayato, Lord of the Black Market”. Morgana said.

The guards tried to search Morgana but she caught their hands and broke it.

The armed guards quickly pointed their SMG at her.

“Learn to respect my body”. Morgana spat out.

“Everyone who comes here are disarmed my lady”. Hayato said.

“Well i got a loaded Desert eagle behind my bra and a G18 on my Laps… They’re free to get it but not after chopping off their hands with the knives in my sleeves”. Morgana said.

Hayato raised his hand up and the guards retreated their guns.

“Very well my lady shall we move to business?”. Hayato said.

“That’s what I want to hear, i heard you could get me whatever arm I need “.

Morgana said licking her lips.

“Of course, it comes with a price, not money but an operation you carry out for me”. Hayato said..

“sounds interesting”. Morgana said beaming an evil smile.

“I don’t underestimate women but what do you seek?”. He asked.

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“Duo C14 explosive….stationary brand”. Morgana said.

“Hmm. That cost a lot but i guess I’ll honour my guest by lowering the price”.

Hayato said.

“Whatever, i just need that thing today”. Morgana said.

“Not a problem my lady, once you’ve completed the operation I’ll keep to my own end of the deal”. Hayato said and she nodded. “Here”. He said handing over document to her.

“It’s just local drug dealer i want you to take care of, all you need to know about him is there “. He said.

“My package should be ready when i return”. Morgana said.

She Got into her car and drove away.

“Such a beauty”. Hayato said.

“Tell the cops not to chase the vehicle that will be leaving soon”. Hayato said.

Morgana arrived at her home and got down from the vehicle.

“Welcome back ma’am”. Evelyn said.

“Suit your self with whatever you want we’re embarking on an operation”.

Morgana said and Evelyn’s eyes popped open.


“You heard me right Evelyn”. Morgana said.

He got into her room and took off her coat.

She wore a short school girl shirt that exposed her stomach and a brown bumshot.

She needed something free since she was going for a fight.

She reloaded her desert eagle and tucked it back into the holster on her lap.

She slides two dagger into bag and hung it around her neck.

She then took off the ribbon holding her hairs before walking out.

Evelyn also walked out of her room in an overall coat.

Inside was series of knives and guns in them.

She was also wearing a brown short and a yellow shirt.

I guess i failed to tell you that Evelyn was not just Morgana’s personal guard for nothing.

Just like Abruzzi, she was well trained and the commander of Amazon army until

Morgana picked her to be her guard.

“Am ready ma’am”. Evelyn said.

“Good we’re bursting, a local drug dealer, he’s pretty guarded with local people which are no problem for us”. Morgana said marching out. She Got into her vehicle and they drove away.

Morgana stopped the vehicle in a front of a building and they got down. “You take the back Evelyn”. She said and Evelyn marched to the backyard. Morgana could hear voices from inside the building, he kicked open the door and the men turned back.

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“Surprise!”. She said and pulled out her neck.

She didn’t wait for them to take their weapons as she Dashed at them.

She stabbed the first man in the belly and dodged the punch of the second. She used the other knife to slide the throat of the second man and he dropped down.

She kicked the table hitting two of the men away.

Evelyn appeared from the back door with pins in between her fingers, she began to shoot them into the men’s neck and they dropped down.

One of them rushed at her with an axe, she dodged the slash and cut the man’s back with her nails.

Morgana’s nails were made of silver and back at Amazon she made sure Evelyn had those evil nails two.

Morgana kicked away the last man and an unexpected guest appeared from the stairs with a shotgun.

Morgana who quick to take cover behind the wall but as the bullet hits the wall, Morgan felt the impact.

She pulled the desert eagle in her holster and fired twice at the man’s chest.

She exhaled heavily and someone grabbed her from being.

She both crashed to the ground and he pinned her down.

That was when she saw his face, she was his target.

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She tried to reach for her gun but her hand didn’t get to it.

Evelyn kicked off the man and Morgana held her gun back again.

She release a shot into his head immediately.

She returned to the black market and the bombs were delivered to her. What she wanted all the whole time, Nicklaus was going to meet Diana today so that gives her the time to blow up his garage first and then his house.


Diana could be seen putting a bag into the boot of a vehicle.

“Let’s go!”. She screamed as she close it.

Esther and Claire came running from the house chasing each other.

This was the problem of raising twins in a home, now she would have to run after them until she caught them or otherwise use magic.

a cab pulled in front of her house and Nicklaus got down with his hands in his pocket.

She was surprised to see him.

“I never expected to meet you here “. Nicklaus said.

“Change of plans, i never expected you would come”. Diana said.

“Daddy!”. The kids screamed as they ran at him.

Nicklaus smiled softly as he raised his head up.

“I guess you’ll have to accept me as their father now”. Nicklaus said.

“But not my husband”. Diana said and he giggled.

“if I propose right now you’ll reject me?”. Nicklaus asked.

“I haven’t covered up the grave i dug for you Klaus”. Diana warned.

“Very well, so it’s a goodbye i guess, till we meet again”. Nicklaus said.

“Mum, is dad coming with us”. Claire asked.

“Not at all, he needs to take care of some things, he’ll join us over there”. Diana said.

The kids put on a frown.

“I’ll be there soon, i promise”. Nicklaus said.

Claire poked Esther’s face and they laughed running around again.

“This were we part Morgana, I’ll just say thanks for your forgiveness you… Goodbye”. Nicklaus said wanting to leave but she held him back and hugged him tightly.

“You’re not going to kill me for this are you?”. He asked.

“The father of my kids deserves it… Thanks for your help Klaus… Till we meet again”. Diana said.

She used her hand to control the kids to the car and jammed the door closed.

“I know that look Klaus, if anything happens Dian don’t forget to call me”. Diana said and they laughed.

“I’ll do Klaus”. She said and got into her car.

“And don’t forget to settle your score with Morgana… We only took out the Dai… The Shi is still out there and they’re most dangerous… Only together you can defeat them”. Diana said.

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She starts the ignition and drove away speedily.

Nicklaus cleaned the tears forming in his eyes.

He couldn’t say who was triggering emotions in him, this planet called earth, Diana or his kids.


Morgana and Evelyn bounced down from the Lamborghini and walked into Klaus garage.

They disconnected the panel on the wall and the door gave way..

Abruzzi, Jai Mi, Gwen and Myung Hee who had seen the strange women armed themselves and went to the garage too.

“Hold it there”. Abruzzi said pointing his XM8 rifle at Morgana who was planting a device on the wall.

She turned back full of evil smiles.

“Abruzzi! So could to see you after a long time.. You survived the last fight at Kepler.. Congratulations… Maybe the next time you all come pointing a gun at Lucifer’s daughter, you should check your feet’s”. Morgana said and they look down.

Grenades from nowhere rolled from underneath a vehicle and stopped in front of them.

They all flew into different direction as it exploded.

Evelyn bounced on the vehicle and kicked Myung Hee who tried to get on her feet.

Morgana cat walks toward Abruzzi who dropped his gun and rushed at her.

He knew better not to kill her as she was bonded to Klaus.

She dodged his punch and kicked him to the car.

Abruzzi launched a kick but she headbutted him.

He staggered back and rushed to grip her but she rolled her shoulder around his neck and smashed his butt on the ground. Abruzzi groaned loudly.

“It’s a stationary bomb so don’t think of disarming it, you alter the setting.. You go boom”. Morgana said.

She bounced on a vehicle and kicked the gun off Jai Mi’s hand.

Morgana kicked her chest and she crashed into a nearby vehicle.

“Sorry dear i know the pain”. Morgana said.

Myung Hee tried to thrust the spear into Morgana but hit it up, kicked her lap punch her belly really hard.

Gwen tried to attack Morgana from behind but Evelyn shot a pin into her neck and she slept off.

“Am not in the mood to kill right now, your lucky day”. Morgana said swaying her waist as she walked out.

Evelyn dropped a piece of paper on Abruzzi before leaving with Morgana.

They got into the car and and drove off.

Abruzzi took the paper and read it.

“Am sorry, i didn’t want this to happen…twenty seconds left..please leave”.

He didn’t know were the strength came from as he jumped to his feet.

“It’s about to explode, let’s go”. He screamed and they all staggered out except Gwen who was unconscious.

He pulled the pin in her neck and carried her.

Just as they steeped out of the garage it explode throwing them out.

They crashed roughly to the ground and the fire ignited all over the garage.

Klaus was surely gonna kill them all when he returns.

Speaking of the devil, Klaus’ vehicle drive into the compound and he got down from his vehicle.

They expected to see anger but he burst into laughter.

Morgana knew he would be out by this time and marked it the best time to attack.

He stared at the pathetic face of his maids, guard and driver.

Did they try fighting her?

Nicklaus burst into further laughter.

Nicklaus and Morgana trained each other making them quite unstoppable unstoppable.

Not Jai Mi or even Abruzzi was a match for her.

Nicklaus phone rang and he took the call.

“Did you see my message?”. A feminine voice asked.

“Of course, Glamorous”. Nicklaus replied.

“How does it look?”. She asked.

“Looks like me stripping you naked and then tie you to a pole on the streets of Korea”. Nicklaus said.

“You’re welcome to try Klaus”. She said and disconnected the call.

Nicklaus smile diminished slowly turning into a devilish anger that sent fear into the hearts of his gang.

“You’re just a walking dead Morgana”. Nicklaus said angrily.


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