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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 27

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


“I told you both to stand back”. Diana said.

“You can’t stop me from saving my children”. Nicklaus said.

“But maybe I can stop you from getting them killed”. Diana said.

They could hear voices and chuckle from the inner room.

They walked forward and peeped in through the holes on the door.

There was the Dai Shi all seated around the table.

There was a man, his daughter and his wife with four other vacant seat.

“It’s only three, they’re six”. Diana said.

“That gives us an advantage against them”. Nicklaus said.

“No, you we ain’t going in Klaus, we don’t know where they kept my kids”. Diana said.

” Well I’ll force them to speak”. Nicklaus said.

“That doesn’t work for the Dai Shi family Klaus, my kids are here i can feel it”.

Diana said.

“We can’t all go searching for the kids, they’ll know we’re here”. Morgana said. “Klaus you’ll search for my kids… Morgana and I will try to hold them down for a while”. Diana said.

“I’ll have to remember you that am not your servant Diana, i make my rules… So Morgana goes searching for the kids because i have something that does a good damage to the Dai Shi ‘. Nicklaus said..

You think you can order me? “. Morgana asked.

This why i didn’t want you both to come”. Diana said.

“Fine but if anything happens to my sister you’ll see hell Klaus”. Morgana said and walked away.

“Good threat, shall we? “. Nicklaus said and didn’t wait for her reply as he kicked open the door, he released a bullet into the fore head of their daughter and she dropped to the ground.

aww sorry for destroying this little party but you should answer me… Where are they? “. Nicklaus screamed as he releases a bullet at the woman.

She appeared behind him but Klaus was fast to dodge her grip.

After their last encounter, Nicklaus memorized all her moved already. Diana controlled the knife to stab the man but he hits it off with his sickle. He pointed it to her conjuring lightning but Diana flew away.

She flung her hand forward and the table moved to hits the man but he flew over it and hits Diana with the sickle.

She groaned as she bounced on the wall dodging the sharp end. She kicked him on the face and he staggered back.

She tried to use her powers to disarm him but he pushed his sickle forward and a force hits her back.

Nicklaus blocked the punch of the woman and kicked her on the belly. She appeared behind him and kicked him.

Klaus tripped over the table and jumped back to his feet.

She appeared at his side to grab his neck but Klaus caught her hand and twisted it.

She chants a spell and a force hits Klaus away.

Morgan’s could be seen running through the rooms but still she couldn’t find the kids.

She was moving toward the last room when she saw the men guarding it.

They were mortals so they were quite not a problem for her.

She walked out of her hiding and they rushed at her.

She fired a Bullet into the head of the first men and the second grabbed her down.

She felt another pain at her back like someone cut her.

“Klaus”. She thought.

She head butted the man and he groaned.

She seized the opportunity to pull out a knife which she thrust into his side. She pushed him off and staggered to her feet.

Another man appeared from behind but she was fast to squat he stumbled over her and crashed to the ground. She pinned him down with her knees and stab him multiple times.

She seem to enjoy it as she wiped the blood on her face smiling wickedly.

She kicked open the door and there were the kids who were frightened.

The guard who was stabbed by Morgana grabbed her from behind and placed a knife on her neck.

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She forced her knife into his crotch and he screamed loudly.

He tried to hold his knife but couldn’t as he dropped to the ground.

“Aunt!”. They screamed and hugged her tightly.

“Did dad send you?”. Claire asked.

“listen to me i got nothing to do with your bastard.. I only wanted to help your caring mother let’s go!”. Morgana said and they followed her wondering what she meant.

Nicklaus groaned as the woman stab his shoulder.

Diana flung her hand to the left and a force hits the woman away.

The man forced his sickle into her back and she screamed.

Nicklaus bounced on the table and punched the man’s face.

He tried to slash Klaus face with the sickle but he dodged and kicked the man away..

The woman appeared before Klaus to stab him but bullets hits her thereby weakening her.

Nicklaus grabbed her by the neck and flung her to where he had kicked her husband.

It was Morgana who shot the woman as she appeared from the inner room with the kids.

Nicklaus helped Diana up as she groaned.

“The cut is deep”. He said.

“It’ll heal”. She replied.

The kids hugged her tightly.


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Some men with axes began to walk in from the underground but they were welcomed by rains of bullets from nowhere.

“Everyone is is perimeter boss”. Abruzzi said walking in.

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“Good… Make sure no one gets out”. Nicklaus said.

“Let’s go”. He added and they all walked marched out.

Some of the men ran at them but they didn’t care as the red skull gangsters appeared from behind walls and shot them down.

They all walked out and there was a good number of gangsters who had surrounded the building

“All clear… Everyone fall back…”. Abruzzi shouted and the gangsters returned from the building.

“The bomb is in place boss”. Jai Mi said handing over a detonator to Klaus. He pressed the button and the warehouse exploded burning to down to ashes. “That’s what’s your mansion will look like very soon Klaus”. Morgana whispered into his ear and got into her vehicle.

Diana approached Klaus as her kids got into the vehicle with Klaus.

“I hope you know get to see how powerful you can be with her, even as mortal without powers against supernatural, you stand”. Diana said.

“I hope you know get to see why you should live with me Diana, I’ll protect your kids”. Nicklaus said.

“That won’t be necessary Klaus “. She said.

What do you mean? “. He asked.

Am leaving Klaus…You know it Klaus… With your presence here the kids ain’t save”.

“I know am a magnet of troubles Just like your poem says”. Nicklaus said. “seven pm Klaus, today, if you love them, you could say your final goodbye”. Diana said.

She Got into Morgana’s vehicle and they drove away.

The gangsters too got into their vehicles and drove away too.

Few Minutes Later

“I was able to locate the portal at Kepler boss… It’s at Xender Desert”. Yakiza said.

“How about the device?”. Klaus asked.

“I’ve tried all my best to boost the signal Klaus but you can’t reach her directly with this”. Yakiza said.

“What do you mean?”. Klaus asked.

“We can only send an information to Kepler’s satellite which can catch our signal..Not Her cell phone”.

“No.. The council will see it”. Nicklaus said.

“That’s why we use another approach…Compared our time down here and that of Kepler… Today is Halloween Halloween at Kepler…. Everyone goes to the hall to

watch a movie on the big screen.. The movie is actually transmitted by a near by planet to Kepler’s satellite, the council then links it with the screen to display it “. Yakiza said.

We can intercept the signal and send our instead “. Nicklaus said and Yakiza nodded.

You’re such a genius “. Klaus said.

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Kingdom Of Persia

Elisa and Shania walked into the hall with several guards around them to stop the crowd from getting close.

Just few Minutes freedom looks uninteresting to me “. Elisa said.

Father is becoming calm Elisa “.

I know, he’s worried about the mess he cause because of his unbending hatred…

We’re on zero point because we don’t know what this council are planning but i don’t care about it, All i care about is does Dai Shi don’t hurt Klaus “. Elisa said as they had their seats.

Nicklaus survives Elisa, always and forever, he’s not feared because of his powers Elisa, it’s because he always find his way out “. Shania said.

I hope so, i just want to hear from him one more time “. Elisa said as tears formed In her eyes.

There was screams everywhere as the screen became active.

The movie was gonna begin soon but suddenly something was displayed on the screen.

When you take me from everything “. And the it was followed by some words which made no sense.

“What the hell is this?”. Shania said as there was murmuring everywhere. Elisa picked her pen and began to write down everything like she remembered something.

“I’ll be back”. Elisa said and left.

Seoul City

Gwen walked into her room and sprinkled her blood in front of the mirror.

Suddenly a dark looking man appeared.

“Why did you Summon me Gwen?”. He asked.

“There’s trouble master”.

“There’s always trouble, Start speaking”.

“I entered into Jai Mi’s mind tonight and saw something alarming… Nicklaus is going to meet his sister soon”. Gwen said. “What do you mean?”. The man roared.

“He’s got a device he’s going to use to Communicate with her but it isn’t going to work so Klaus is going to meet his sister somewhere… I don’t know where… I searched through her mind but i can’t find it seems Klaus does not tell her everything “. Gwen said.

I told you to gain his trust but you didn’t, now this Jai Mi gained his trust instead and all you do is enter her mind… Of course Klaus is smart not to tell her everything.. Move a step further by looking into Abruzzi’s mind when he’s asleep”. The man said.

“That’s dangerous boss…Abruzzi has Kepler’s blood, it might back fire and then my cover will be blown…”. Gwen said.

“Do what i ask Gwen? Min Ho will be assisting you soon.. And if possible get into Klaus’ mind.. Find how and where he’s going to meet her”.

“This suicidal master”.

“Do you object my orders?”. “No”.

“Go… I’ll keep a close watch on Elisa too”. The dark man said and disappeared from the mirror.

Kingdom Of Persia

Elisa sat on her bed as she rewrote the words on her books.

It looks like a game she played with Klaus when they were kids.

He sends encrypted letters with a title when you take everything about me.

She exhaled heavily as she wrote the name NICKLAUS in bold form.

She wrote down the first word she copied from the screen.


She looked through the word and cleaned any letter of Nicklaus name that was in it.

The words left was ‘meet’.

She moved to the next word.


She did same by erasing any letter of Klaus name that appeared.

The word ‘me’ was left.

She moved to the next.


She did same but cleaned only one ‘a’.

The Next was..


She cleaned did same process again cleaning only one ‘n’ in it.

“Dnesskert”. was the next word then..


“Tnwellve AA.m” .

She did all the process to them all and exhaled heavily as she puts all the new words together.

“Meet me at xender desert tomorrow twelve A.m”. Elisa whispered..

Tears formed in her eyes as she smile softly.

“You always find your way Klaus”. She said.


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