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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 26

Frozen Love

Frozen Love

Nicklaus felt anger and fury running through his vein.

He underestimate this Dai Shi but now they’ve done something he didn’t expect.

How did they know about his children, except someone leaked it out to them.

Only Abruzzi and Morgana knows about this.

Abruzzi does not have the gods to leak any secret of of his but Morgana.

“Don’t worry we’ll find them”. Nicklaus said.

“They said they want you Klaus”. Diana said cleaning her tears.

“Of course they’ll have me but first Morgana will have to tell me why she’s trying to get at me with my kids”. Nicklaus said but Diana holds him back. “Don’t do something insane Klaus, Morgana got nothing to do with this”.

“I guess saving those is insane, who else must have told the Dai Shi about our kids”. Nicklaus asked.

“They’re her niece Klaus, she wouldn’t do anything to hurt them”. Diana said “And why should I believe that?”. Nicklaus asked.

“The Dai Shi attacked Morgana so she’s definitely not working with them”. Diana said.

“Just pray so because I wouldn’t hesitate to thrust a dagger into that leaky mouth of hers”. Nicklaus threatened and walked out. “Where are you going to?”. Diana asked.

“To take care of my personal issues first”. Nicklaus said.

Jai Mi opened the door of the car for him and he entered.

Diana stood dumbfounded as she watch the vehicle drive out of the place. Nicklaus hadn’t changed a bit, he’s the still the cold hearted monster who cares for himself alone.

His daughters are no where to be found and he choose to handle his personal issues first.

What type of father does that?

Now her only hope was Morgana, she had the book of spell she could use to find her kids.

Nicklaus drove off to the black market while Jai Mi and Myung Hee took a cab to the mansion.

“Mr. Nicklaus”. Hayato hailed as he got down from his vehicle.

“The Job is done now you give me what i want”. Nicklaus said.

“You’re such in a hurry Mr. Nicklaus, why don’t you have your seat and let’s take coffee”. Hayato said.

“I got other issues to attend to Hayato”. Nicklaus said.

“I see, well I’ll say I like your mode of operation, i underestimate you at first but I can actually see you’re a rear gem to find you know”. Hayato said. “I’ll take that as a compliment”. Nicklaus said.

Hayato snapped his finger and one of his guards walked up to them with a box.

He handed it over to Nicklaus and he opened it.

It was an antenna .

“You got your signal booster Mr. Nicklaus, why don’t you now tell me the classified information you got for me”. Hayato said.

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“The dude said the treasure is at bill turners grave”. Nicklaus said.

Hayato smiled and nodded slowly.

“I see”.

“i guess you haven’t forgotten our deal”. Nicklaus asked.

“not at all, your classified fire arms?, I’ve ordered them already, so my men will deliver them to you by the end of the day”. Hayato said. “Nice doing business with you”. Nicklaus said

“There will always be available deals Mr. Klaus, you’re welcome to patronize us”.

Hayato said.

Nicklaus got into his vehicle and drove out of the place speedily.

He stopped by Yakiza Zondek’s mansion and walked in.

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“i didn’t expect to see you soon prince Nicklaus”. Yakiza said.

“I got the signal booster so start working”. Nicklaus said.

“Sure”. Yakiza said collecting the box from his.

He brought out the antenna and stared at it in awe.

“The device i sold for millions found it way back to me”. Yakiza said.

“You can have it when am done with it”. Nicklaus said.

“Um. I have something important to tell you about, it could help to hear your sister’s true voice instead of through this device”. Yakiza said and Klaus developed interest.

“Am all ears”.

“years ago I was working on an algorithm that could help to find passage from this earth without the normal transport means… I found this portal in a tunnel.. Guess what.. The portal is connected to Kepler, that probably means there’s another opening in our planet “. Yakiza said.

We could get to Kepler through it? “. Nicklaus asked with eyes opened.

Not exactly, only sounds can pass through it, if anyone tries to go through, it burns down the person but studying this portal for years, got to discover it only appears on the seventh of every month, if we can find where the other portal lies in

Kepler then we can communicate with your sister to be there and then you can speak to each other “. Yakiza explained.

Thanks you friend, I’ll be back, i got some thing to attend to right now “. Nicklaus said.

Okay Klaus, Am always at your service “.

Do you have any weapon that can be used against supernatural “. Nicklaus asked.

Umm. I think I got on, the gold gun with diamond bullets, it does a hell lot of damage to supernatural who ain’t immortal, developed it in case i was tracked down here, you want it? “. Yakiza asked.

Yeah “..


“Please sister i need this book, that’s my only hope of saving my children”. Diana begged

“So what about their bastard father, he don’t care i guess”. Morgana said.

“This got nothing to do with him Ana, this are niece”. Nicklaus said.

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“Hmm. Ana, I can’t remember the last time someone called me that, guess i grow evil on daily basis, well i give you the book not to save the bastard’s children but as reward for helping me earlier”. Morgana said and handed over the book to her. Diana opened the book to the middle page and placed it on the table. “You said you needed a spell right?”. Morgana said.

“Not actually a spell but anyway it’s gonna help”. She said.

The page of the book displayed the map of the city. It was a power magic book from ancient witches.

Diana pricked her self and sprinkled the blood on the book.

“It shows me where i want”. Diana said.

The blood began to disappear mole by mole until only one was left.

Diana stared carefully at the location the last mole of blood was.

“it’s an abandoned warehouse at Choi County street”. Diana said and jumped to her feet.

“Where are going to?”. Morgana asked.

“To find my children”. Diana said.

“Or kill yourself i guess, well should I say I’ll use this Dai Shi to quench my bloodlust today”. Morgana said beaming an evil smile.

She couldn’t believe Morgana is gonna help her but anyway Morgana has her own selfish desires.

They got into her and drove out of the place speedily.

Klaus who was far away rode after them too.

Diana stopped the car at the warehouse and they got down.

“My children should be here, Am gonna kill does bastards”. Diana said angrily.

“Maybe you should start with why you didn’t inform me about this”. They heard a

voice and turned back slowly.

It was Nicklaus.

“He isn’t coming with us”. Morgana said angrily.

“Neither are you”. Nicklaus fired back.

She made to rush at him but Diana held her back.

“Not hear, i don’t know the cause of this madness and i think I’ve decided not to know again, this the only chance i got to save my children and if you’re bent on ruining it both, you could just leave, I’ll Save them myself even if i die in the process”. Diana said in tears and walked..

“After this Nicklaus, Am paying you a visit, Am coming for revenge, am going to burn that mansion to yours down at your face”. Morgana said.

“I bet you wouldn’t want to know what awaits you buy first let me rescue my mistakes and then I’ll have time for you babe”. Nicklaus said angrily.

“I guess I’ll save my bastard niece first and then I’ll come for you”. Morgana replied with red eyes.

They pulled out their guns and followed Diana.

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