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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 25

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


Min Ho made to drag Morgana away when an invisible force hits her and she crashed over the mirror causing it to shatter.

The spell she casted seem to exhale as both Nicklaus and Morgana woke up. “When i walked into this house earlier, i sense a dark presence, i shouldn’t shrugged it off you know”. Diana said walking in. Min Ho staggered to her feet and her eyes glowed red.

“You shouldn’t have come here”. She said and disappeared into the wall. She appeared from the wall behind Diana and hits her really hard.

Nicklaus rose up to his feet and as he tried to hit Morgana he saw the evil trying to stab Diana.

Klaus rushed at her and kicked her away.

Min Ho fell over the bed, Klaus leapt to punch her face but she rolled away and slashed Klaus’ face, she headbutt him and he staggered backwards.

Diana tried to controlled a knife to thrust into Min Ho but she she roared and the wind threw both Diana and the away.

Min Ho pushed Klaus on the chest and he crashed into the ground.

She dived to land on his but Morgana out of nowhere caught her neck mid way in the air and smashed her on the bed causing it to break down. Seems Morgana now knows who the real threat in the room is.

“I brought you homeless caricature into my home, i should have known what you were”. Morgana spat out.

Min Ho rushed at Morgana and Stab her leg with the broken piece of the bed.

Morgana screamed out as well as Klaus who felt the pain.

Diana who knew using her magic against this little kid was only gonna aid her teleportation, grabbed Min Ho from behind and pushed her to the ground Landing punches on her face.

“I hate to beat kids you know “. Diana spat out..

Min Ho kicked Diana away and she crashed to the ground.

Morgana dashed at her with all fury but she slashed Morgana leg and she groaned. She made to cast a spell when Klaus suppressing the pain pulled out the gun behind him and released bullets at her. It hits her and Min Ho disappeared into the wall.

“Hey Dian are you alright?”. Morgana asked raising her up.

“Yeah, she’s gone”. Diana said.

“Who’s this girl?”. Morgana asked.

“A little witch you’re training all the while to kill i guess”. Nicklaus said angrily.

Morgana made to rush at him but Diana held her back.

“Hey listen to me for just a few minutes and then you can continue your infinite fight, i can’t believe this girl took out the both of you, no you fought each other didn’t you”. Diana grinned angrily.

“You’re gonna kill yourself, the both of you, you need to wake and see the true threat, the one after you”.

“I can protect sister not Nicklaus entering my house like his”. Morgana said.

“Oh, i guess you took permission before attacking me in my home”. Nicklaus fired back.

“And you also took permission before blowing up my garage i guess”. Morgana said.

“Your cars were outdated Morgana i helped you send them on exile”. Klaus Said mockingly.

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She made to grab him but Diana step in front of her to stop the fight.

“Am not done talking, The Dai Shi are out there plus whoever this girl is don’t you get it that someone is plotting against you”. Diana said. “They’re welcome to try”. Klaus said.

“I don’t need this bitch to deal with them”. Morgana said.

“You can’t fight alone, we defeated the little girl because we were united together, that’s how we can defeat whoever is coming, they know being together they stand no chance against us, more reason they try to divide us by different plots”. Diana said.

“nice talks Morgana, well if the little witch shows up, am gonna chop her fingers and shove it into her mouth”. Nicklaus bragged walking out of the room. “Your prides and hatreds will never let you see reality”. Diana said.

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“And don’t ever step into my house in your entirely miserable life”. Morgana shouted.

Nicklaus raised his hand up and fired bullets into the ceiling.

She made to attack him but Diana still held her back.

“Am coming for you Klaus, when this is over”. She shouted.


Nicklaus marched out of the house as he tucked a pistol behind him. He was on a black suit and trouser and his gang followed closely behind him. Abruzzi, Jai Mi, Myung Hee and Gwen.

Nicklaus, Jai Mi and Myung Hee got into the Camry vehicle while Gwen joined Abruzzi in the monstrous truck.

They drove out of the estate and Nicklaus put a call across to the gangsters he

placed to trail the transport vehicle..

“Report”. Klaus said.

“Just as you said the transport vehicle is headed for Marian Bridge”. A voice rang out..

“Good, take your positions when you get to the bridge”. Nicklaus said as Jai Mi stopped the vehicle beneath a bridge.

“They should he here soon”. Jai Mi said and Klaus nodded.

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The siren of cops vehicles could be far away and Klaus smiled softly.

The street was flooded with cop vehicles as they guarded a black from the front and back as well.

The criminal was a notorious one which was finally apprehended, they were ready in case any one showed up to rescue him.

The vehicles all followed a bridge which had roads connected to the right sides.

Some of the cops were on bike and the rest in cars.

Abruzzi heaved heavily as he watched the trail of vehicle coming from the left He got into his truck and started the ignition.

The transport vehicle was gonna cross the bridge ahead of him which was connected to the road he was.

His mission was to knock the truck off the bridge.

He checked again and did his calculation as the trail of vehicle drove by.

There was ten cops vehicle before the black truck.

His eyes counted as the first vehicle Passed by, then second as soon as the fifth vehicle passed Abruzzi plugged his leg into the accelerator and the car speed off immediately.

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Just as he got to the main bridge the tenth car passed by and he knocked the black truck off the bridge.

He hit the brake and reversed the his truck immediately.

About five cops vehicle went after Abruzzi’s truck as he reversed.

Gwen was at the end of the road aiming the rocket launcher she held, she fired the missile straight into their midst and it exploded throwing the cop vehicles away. She jumped into Abruzzi truck and it rode away speedily.

As the black truck which was knocked off the bridge landed on the ground, Nicklaus wore a mask and quickly rushed at it.

The cops ran to the bar of the bridge and aimed their guns down at Nicklaus.

The red skull gang appeared from the building opposite the bridge and opened fire on the cops giving them no option than to take cover.

Klaus open the backdoor of the truck and dragged out the cuffed criminal who had a cut on his head due to the crash.

Jai Mi got into the vehicle they brought and reversed it as Myung Hee fired at the cops that staggered out of the truck.

Nicklaus pushed the man into the car and got in with Myung Hee.

Jai Mi drove away speedily.

The cops had called for backup as all roads were blocked with spikes and barricade.

Jai Mi followed an underground road she knew the cops wouldn’t block and they escaped.

“Hayato sent me to rescue you”. Nicklaus said.

“I knew he wouldn’t let me down”. The man said.

“He says you have an information for him, a classified one”. Nicklaus asked.

“Yeah, I’ll tell him when we get to the black market”. The man said..

“We ain’t going to the black market yet, Hayato wants the information now”.

Nicklaus said.

“Okay Just tell him that the treasure is at bill Turner’s grave”. He said.

“What treasure?”. Nicklaus asked.

“i don’t know, the source says Hayato will understand”. The man said.

Jai Mi looked back and Nicklaus nodded.

She stopped the car and Nicklaus pushed the man out.

“what’s going on?”. The man asked.

“Hayato wants you gone”. Nicklaus said and released two bullets into his chest.

He got into the car and they drove off.

Nicklaus phone rang and he took the call.

“Hey Diana”. He said.

“Nicklaus please come! “. She cried out.

“Hey is everything alright”. Klaus asked.

“No Klaus, they took our daughter”.

Nicklaus paused as he retreated his phone.

“Stop the car!”. He shouted.

Jai halt the car in fear.

“Jim Nero Street”. Klaus said.

Jai Mi reversed the car and rode away speedily.

They got to Diana’s home and Nicklaus jumped out of the car.

He raced into the building as he kicked open the door.

“Klaus!”. Diana said as she rushed at Klaus and hugged her tightly.

“They took them”. She cried out.

Nicklaus rose his head up and saw the writing on the wall which was written with blood.

“Your children or yourself prince Nicklaus?”..


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