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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 24

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


Nicklaus walked into the building with a wounded face, Abruzzi needed no one to tell him that he had gotten into a fight with Morgana. “Welcome back boss”. Abruzzi said.

“How are we doing with the red skull gang?”. Nicklaus asked.

“They said they’ll be giving ten of their men while the rest protect their empire from other gang”. Abruzzi said.

“Is there a gang war?”. Nicklaus asked.

“There’s a rival gang, The Vixen, they threatened to attack the red skull soon”.

Abruzzi said.

“That’s the cause, we’re embarking on the operation 7AM tomorrow”. Nicklaus said.

“Sounds early boss”.

“Yeah, the transport vehicle is going to the court house before the judgment by 8am, it’s heavily guarded but I’ve draft a plan already”. Nicklaus said. “Are the maids joining us?”. Abruzzi asked..

“Of course Abruzzi they are”. Nicklaus said and his phone vibrated.

He checked the text and it was from Diana.

“can we meet, Vietnam field across my street?”.

“I guess she had come to her senses that she needs me”. Nicklaus thought.

“Prepare all fire arms Abruzzi I’ll be back shortly”. He added and left the building.

He entered into his car and drove away speedily.

He thought of dealing with Morgan’s by burning down her house but on the contrary he had things to take care of before he face Morgana. Nicklaus stopped by the field and got down from the car.

“Diana”. He called looking around.

He took some few steps across the field but found find her..

He was turning back slowly when a kick hits his chest, he stumbled and fell to the ground.

Diana rushed to punch his face but he rolled away.

“Wow! You upgraded your pleasantries”. Nicklaus said getting to his feet.

“You bitch!”. She shouted and pushed her hand forward, a force hits Klaus to the tree and he groaned.

He thought she was joking or doing this for fun but when she choked him, he knew she meant business.

Nicklaus pulled the gun behind him and fired at her.. She quickly released her clenched hand and flew up dodging the bullet.

“You trusted you Nicklaus”. She shouted.

“And I trusted you not to lure me into somewhere you try to kill me”. Nicklaus said.

“You betrayed the trust Klaus”. She said and slapped him across the face with telekinesis.

“Cool, you’re overstepping your boundary Diana”. Nicklaus warned.

“You overstepped yours when you kidnapped my kids”. Diana shouted.

What do you mean? “. Nicklaus asked.

You think i don’t know the tricks you played on me “. She shouted and punched his face with her magic.

Am warning you Diana stand down “. Nicklaus said.

You talk like you got Powers here, i could kill you Klaus with my bare hands”. She shouted.

“Yeah, your bitch sister is gonna die too”. Nicklaus said.

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“And what makes you think i give a Damn about you both, i trusted you Klaus, thinking you were changed but setting up the kidnap of my kids was off it Klaus, something I’ll never forgive you, you think staging the rescue of my kids with that Hayato of yours will make me run back into your arms “. She shouted and kicked him to the ground.

What was she talking about? No Klaus, Someone staged this up just like that Morgan’s kid, whatever made Diana think he worked with Hayato to kidnap her kids then… “. Nicklaus thought and raised his head up.

And so what? Yeah, i worked with his to kidnap those bastard kids of yours, you were never gonna let let me get close to them will you “. He asked angrily.

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You did it? They were your kids Klaus”. Diana said.

“Nope. Maybe i wanted a night stand with you all the while”. Nicklaus said with an evil smile.

She grabbed him to the tree angrily and Klaus trust a dagger into her lap.

She gasped loudly.

He drew her face close to his and whispered.

“You’re so blinded to see someone set this up”. He said and pulled it causing her to scream loud.

He hoped into his vehicle and drove after a sport vehicle.

He spotted a man watching them all this while and that assured him that someone wanted this.

The sport vehicle tried to drift to the road by the left but Nicklaus hits the accelerator and crashed into the car causing it to spin.

He pulled out his gun and fired at the driver’s window as he got down..

The window shattered down.

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“get out!”. Nicklaus said as he pushed the man out..

He sent punches into his face and hits his head on the bonnet.

The man groaned and fell weakly to the ground.

“Who sent you?”. Nicklaus asked but he wasn’t ready to speak as he remained mute.

Nicklaus pulled out his knife and placed it on his finger.

“Well when i chop off your fingers you’ll”. Klaus said.

“Wait! Please don’t”. The man begged.

“Then start speaking am not a fan of delay”. He said.

“I don’t know her, she just paid me to stalk the lady and report whatever she did tonight”. He stammered.

“And who’s this lady?”. Nicklaus asked.

“I don’t know i swear”. He begged.

Klaus cocked his gun and placed it on his head.

“I swear, please, she only asked me to meet her at Tai Mi warehouse tomorrow, i

met her at Choi Mi street “. He said.


“Four Pm, please spare me”. He begged.

“of course”. Nicklaus said and released two bullets into his chest.

“Am sorry Klaus”. He heard a voice and turned back pointing his gun at Diana.

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“What do you want Diana?”. He asked.

“I should have known someone set this up”. Diana said.

“Well Diana you can take care of yourself and i don’t need your help either”.

Nicklaus said and made to enter his car.

“Klaus you can’t make everyone your enemy”. She shouted.

He turned speedily and placed the knife on her neck.

“I can Dian and the next time I see you, i won’t hesitate to slit this pretty throat of yours”. He whispered.

He decapitated the dead man and Diana stared at him in awe.

Klaus entered into his vehicle and rode away.

“No, Klaus you’re gonna come looking for Me because i have something that belongs to you “. Diana said staring at the phone she held.

Her phone buzzed and she brought it from behind her, she placed it on her ear and spoke.

“Hey Morgana to what do i owe this call”. Diana asked.

“i saw something in Min Ho’s room and i need to check it out, it looks

supernatural”. Morgana said.

“I’ll be there soon”.


Morgana dropped the dagger she saw and moved to the mirror.

The mirror displayed her true Morgana form as the ice queen.

“What is Min Ho doing with all this?”. Morgana thought.

Min Ho was acting quite strange, she just disappeared out of the house and then

they find her in the house again.

Morgana couldn’t unravel the mystery.

She moved closer to the mirror and unannounced a fist punched her face and she crashed to the wall.

Min Ho emerged from the mirror and watched Morgana fall slowly to the ground holding her shoulder.

Morgana groaned trying to get on her feet..

“You just made my plan easy Morgana, Time to find the great prince Nicklaus”.

Min Ho said.

“Who are you?”. Morgana said angrily.

“Aww, don’t try to fight me Morgana, am something you can never defeat especially when you’re mortal, time to find your ex prince charming I guess”. Min Ho said.

A human head rolled into the room and stopped by Min Ho.

It was the head of the man who she paid to stalk Diana.

“You don’t have to find me little witch, i found you”. Nicklaus said walking into the room..

“Do you like my little gift?”. Klaus asked pointing to the head.

“get out of my house Klaus!”. Morgana shouted.

“Well am not leaving without the little witch”. Nicklaus said.

Morgana rushed at him with full speed but he kicked her and they both crashed to the ground.

Min Ho chanted a spell and they both dropped unconscious to the ground.

“Well your hatred made everything easy”. Min Ho grinned wickedly.

“Time to finish what we started all the whole time”.


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