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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 23

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


“Hey Claire let go of your sister”. Diana shouted.

“She took my candy mom”. Claire said.

“She took mine first”. Esther said.

They began to drag the candy and Diana approached them.

“Hey stop it, she’s your sister, I’ll get one for you when we get home Esther”. Diana said.

“She took mine mom”.

“Yeah i know but she’s your sister, you mustn’t fight with each other”. Diana said.

“Mom when will dad come by”. Claire asked.

Diana exhaled heavily and bit her lip.

“Get into the car, let’s go”. She said opening the door.

The kids got in and she banged it close.

She Entered Into the driver’s seat and drove away.

The kids were telling each other stories as she drove off for home.

She smiled softly.

The responsibility of a mother is quite tough, this is what she always wanted , to have kids and take care of them but not on exile, shamefully thrown to this earth, she wanted kids but not from Klaus, the little mistake they made that might was a result of this.

Diana cleaned the tears in her eyes and sniffed in.

Now she’s trying to reconcile the same man who abandoned her with her sister who denied her, to what end.

Maybe Klaus was right, why did she care? “Mom you’ve ridden past home”. Esther said. Diana stepped on the brake and reversed the car. She was engrossed in her thoughts.

She parked the vehicle in front of the house and the kids ran in.

As Diana stepped her foot on the soil she sensed a dark presence but it vanished immediately.

She looked around wondering if there was someone but non.

She held her bag and walked into the house.

“Mom you said you’ll get me candy when we get home”. Esther reminded.

“Hey Esther, you shouldn’t be in a hurry you know, patience counts”. Diana said.

“Mom you’ll give me some too”. Claire said.

“No mom, you ain’t doing that, Claire stole mine, she don’t deserve another”.

Esther said.

The door flung open and closed by it self.

Diana felt the dark presence again, this time more strongly.

“Get behind me”. She said pushing the kids behind her.

The door flung open and a stake went straight for her, she swung her hand to the left and she changed direction destroying the portrait on the wall.

A little girl emerged from the door like invisible and stood in front of it.

Her Hairs covered her face and she held a dagger.

“Go to your room now!”. Diana shouted

“Mom my candy”. Esther cried.

“Now!”. Diana screamed more loudly.

The kids dragged their frets as they walk away.

“What do you want you little witch?”. Diana asked.

The girl rushed at her with full speed but Diana ducked to the left.

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Diana flung her hand to the right and a force hits the girl away but she just disappeared into the wall.

Diana’s heart beat increases as she looked around wandering where the girl had went.

Unannounced she flew out of the wall and Slashed her face with the dagger.

Diana grabbed her and they both crashed to the table.

Diana groaned as she felt the pain on her face like a fire.

The girl tried to Stab her but she blocked the girls right and kicked her away.

She Entered Into the wall and appeared from behind striking Diana.

She screamed and drop to her knees.

Diana tried to push her off with magic but she twist Diana’s finger.

The little girl held Diana’s face and head butted it.

She screamed out loud as she felt the impact of the pain.

Diana was bleeding from the face and tried to use the couch as support.

“Leave my mummy alone!”. Claire and Esther shouted walking out of their room.

“Get back to your room!”. Diana whispered weakly.

The two twin held each other and pointed the other hand to the little girl.

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She felt pain all over her body as she screamed out loud.

She turned to them and roared out.

The wind from her mouth hits away the kids and they fell against the wall.

The little girl raised Esther up and made to stab her when the door kicked open and Nicklaus walked in with a double barrel shot gun.

He fired at the girl and she the bullet hits her greatly that she crashed over the TV set.

“How dare you lay that filthy hands on them?”. Nicklaus shouted dropping the gun. The girl entered the wall and jumped out from the wall behind claw, she slash his back with the dagger but he gave her his own super punch that sent her staggering back.

She rushed at him speedily but bounced on the couch and slapped her face with his shoe.

She crashed out through the door and as Nicklaus rushed out, she was gone already.

“Hey Dian”. he said running to her.

He squat beside her and helped her to sit.

“Dad will mom be fine”. The kids said wrapping themselves around Klaus’ leg.

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He nodded.

“You were the least person i expected to show up Klaus”. She said.

“i guess you’ve dug up my grave already”. He asked and she smiled softly.

“Mom are you okay?”. Claire asked.

“I told you both to remain in your room”. Diana shouted.

“she wanted to kill you mom”. Claire said.

“I warned you both never to use that thing”. She shouted.

“You never told me the kids had powers”. Nicklaus said.

“The children of the all powerful Nicklaus, do you think they will have nothing? They can only use it together”. Diana said.

“It’s dangerous here alone, come to my mansion where I’ll be able to protect you and the children”. Nicklaus said.

“Thanks for saving me Klaus but living in your house is the last thing on my mind right now, i protected this children for six years Klaus without your help, so don’t come like a Saviour now”. Diana said.

“This is getting complicated Dian, whoever that kid was, she isn’t a Dai Shi that means this a double threat right, i can’t let anything happen to my kids”. Nicklaus said.

“You got no right to call them your children Klaus, Thanks for the help, now leave Klaus, i don’t need your favour, forgiving you does not mean i can walk straight into your fvcking, am no fool Klaus, am gonna tell you the last time Klaus, leave”. She shouted.

“Mom why are you chasing dad?”. Claire asked.

“Get back into your room, the both of you”. She shouted.

“Very well Diana”. Nicklaus said and opened the door.

“As much as you hate me for the pain i caused you, in so much i want to make up

for all, i know you ain’t gonna listen to my talks Diana but I’ll just say, Am sorry

for all I’ve caused you and leave just as you instructed, never to return”. Nicklaus

said and walked out.

Diana burst into tears.

Alliance with Klaus will only elevate Morgana’s hatred for him, if she decides to stay with Morgana, Klaus was gonna come for her. But he said he was sorry.

“Oh my God, Klaus haven’t said sorry in his entire life time”. She gasped and ran out.

“Klaus!”. She called me out but he was gone already.

Nicklaus cleaned his tears as he walked down the street.

He hardly shed tears but now he did because of the love for his children.

He find himself getting attracted to them and now Diana takes it as an opportunity to humiliate him.

It’s time for him to become cold hearted once again, If he could get Diana and her children out of existence then they’ll be no emotional string, Diana should have known him by now.

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“Klaus begs no one, he does what he want”. Klaus whispered and sat on the street chair.

He noticed a Lamborghini in front of him and that only increased his anger as that was Morgana’s car.

He checked to see if he had a grenade but no.

The car was bullet proof so he couldn’t waste his bullets.

There was this little girl jumping around Morgana’s car. It was Min Ho “Why the tears old man?”. She Asked Klaus.


Diana opened the door of her house and stared at the package at the front of the door.

Someone dropped it but coming out she could couldn’t find the person.

She picked the letter and flash drive before closing the door.

She opened the letter and read it out.

“Nicklaus isn’t changing at all, you seem to forget who he is, he’s a devil, son of Lucifer and Mischief, he’s only gonna use you again and dump you as usual. You could check out the flash drive”.

“Who The Hell sent this?”. Diana thought.

It can’t be Morgana, because she don’t send letters.

Diana plugged the drive into the computer system and played the videos in it. All consist of Klaus talking with Hayato on different occasion, it also had a video of how her kids were captured by Hayato.

Diana gasped in tears as she smashed the laptop on the wall.

“Klaus Tricked me? He planned with that man to kidnap my kids and then pretend to save them, what did he want from me? He’s a lier and a traitor, maybe Morgana

was right after all, you deserve no forgiveness, Esther!”. She shouted and she ran



“How did your father save you from those kidnappers?”. She shouted.

“He spoke with their boss and they let us go free”. Esther said in fright.

Diana’s eyes turned red In anger.

“You’re a dead man Klaus”. She said and dashed out of the house.


Min Ho kept saying soon insulting words at Klaus, he tried not to listen to her but when she called him a hungry baby crying for milk he couldn’t hold his anger as he grabbed her neck against Morgana’s vehicle. “Mummy!”. She screamed out.

Morgana who was walking out of the mall dropped her shopping bags in shock.

“You son of bitch!”. She screamed at flew over the bonnet kicking Klaus away. They stumbled back as they both felt the impact and as she tried to punch him, he grabbed her arm and flung her over the wall.

They were so engrossed in the fight that they didn’t notice a masked lady join Min Ho in watching the fight.

“You’re doing great my Little angel “. The lady said.

“Yeah, it worked out, what about Diana?”. Min Ho asked.

“She must have access it, i saw her left the house after entering with the package i dropped”. The masked lady said.

“Do you think she’ll kill Klaus remember we need him alive for nor “. Min Ho said.

“Diana won’t kill him since he’s bonded to Morgana but she’ll do a lot of damage to him, more reason i decided to check on you first, going to the mansion is risky as Diana might attack”. The lady said.

“Diana’s anger only lasts for hours you know but within that hour, she could do Lot of damages, more reason i had a plan B just in case trying to kill her fails”. Min Ho said.

“It’ll be over soon girl” “.

“You should get going before Abruzzi notice you’re missing, remember he’s Klaus’ right hand man” “. Min Ho said.


one suspects me baby, not even Klaus knows that he has an enemy within “. The lady said and they chuckled.

She left while Min Ho watched the fight like a movie.


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