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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 21

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


Episode Twenty-One


Nicklaus pulled out the gun behind him, knowing fully well that someone was playing tricks on him.

Whoever is this person, he don’t think it’s mortal, it must be related to the supernatural but that woman looked familiar.

He walked out of the abandon building and paused observing the footsteps he had.

He turned back quickly and fired at the old woman behind him.

She appeared before him and hit Klaus on the chest, he stumbled over a bin an crashed to the ground.

Nicklaus staggered to his feet and pointed his gun to her.

She clenched her fist and Nicklaus dropped to his knees as he felt his chest tearing up.

He groaned angrily and tried to shot her but his strength failed him.

“You don’t recognize me still prince Klaus, do you?”. She asked.

She raised the cross

she was holding and Klaus raised his head up.

He chuckled and spit out the blood in his mouth.

“Arizo from the Dai Shi family”. Nicklaus said.

“You haven’t changed Klaus even at the verge of death you’ll always have the guts to laugh”. She spat out.

“I guess i need to remind you why you look so old, i burnt that pretty face of yours like a meat”. Nicklaus said laughing.

She swung the cross in the air angrily and Klaus felt a sharp object cut through his chest.

He screamed out and turned to her.

“You need no one to tell you what happens when you go after Klaus”. Nicklaus asked.

“You’re mortal Klaus, lonely without powers…You’re a dead man Klaus not even your ex lover have power against us Klaus, Kepler is your world Klaus, this is ours”. She bragged.. Nicklaus raced at her but she appeared behind him and cut deeply into his skin with the cross.

Klaus leaned against the wall trying to suppress the pain.

A vehicle from nowhere pulled into the scene and the woman cast a spell causing the car to drift away but the driver who seem to be an expert turned the steering in opposite direction.

The car spin so fast that it hits the woman away.

“Get in boss”. Jai Mi shouted.

Nicklaus open the door and stumbled into the car.

She hits the accelerator and drove away speedily.

The woman staggered to her feet and stared at the fleeing vehicle.

“You can run from me Klaus but you can never hide”. She said.

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“Boss are you okay?”. Jai Mi asked.

“Yeah, how did you find me”. Klaus asked.

“After we parted at the black market, Abruzzi sent a text that i should find you and tell you that something like Dai shi is coming for you”. Jai Mi said. “Thank you”. Nicklaus said groaning.

Jai Mi nodded in shock.

That was the first time she heard Klaus say thank you.

“You’re Bleeding boss i should get you to the hospital”. Jai Mi said.

“That won’t be necessary”. Nicklaus said.


Diana helped Morgana to her feet and she leaned against the vehicle.

“It’s okay Dian, it stopped”. Morgana said.

“You’re Bleeding all over Morgana”. Diana said.

“I’ll take care of it when i get home “. Morgana said.

You have to listen to me sister, if the pain stopped that means Klaus escaped whichever of the Dai shi family went after him”. Diana said.

“Lucky for him sister, i don’t care about it ‘. Morgana said.

You’re bonded Morgana, if anything happens to him then… “.

I’ll die too but never in my entire life will I forgive Klaus… I’ll chose to die than to work with or love Klaus “. Morgana said angrily and cleaned the tears in her eyes.

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“Maybe someone should tell me the reason behind this hatred”. Diana said. “This is between Klaus and i Sister, so don’t try to come in, i know he’s the father of your children and you’ll chose him over me”. Morgana said.

“Listen Morgana… Klaus and you sister, you hurt be deeply and left me to die but i forgive you both though i cannot forget the pain, so whatever you got with Klaus you need to forgive yourselves”. Diana said.

“No Sister, Nicklaus hurt you not me, he planted his seeds in you and denied you so you should be thinking of killing him right now”. Morgana shouted.

“Your anger beclouds you sister, whatever happened between Klaus and i is a mistake fine but you also remember you stick with Klaus to deny that i was a lier and only wanted to get Klaus to myself, that was because you love him, now i get

to wonder why my sister who denied me for a man had now grown to hate him this much”. Diana said.

“It’s best you don’t know what transpired between Klaus and i, Diana, I’ll be taking my leave”. Morgana Said wanting to open her car but Diana held her back.

“It’s dangerous sister, don’t forget who the Dai shi are but you and Klaus together, you stand a chance against them even now that you’re mortal”. Diana said. Morgana sniffed and turned to Diana.

“They have the weapon to kill me but now that I am mortal it’s much more easier, thanks for rescuing me from Dakira but i can take care of myself, i don’t need Klaus neither does he need me so am offering an advice sister, stay away from Klaus and I, we’re devils who can’t be redeemed, nothing can bring us together, no nor ever shall be “. Morgana shouted.

She entered Into her car and drove away speedily.

Diana heaved heavily, she looked around to make sure no one was watching and then dashed off with the speed of wind.

She arrived at Klaus mansion and the wind she passed through her skin.

She marched toward the house but passed hearing footsteps.

She turned to the left and was fast to catch the knife thrown at her.

“Klaus!”. She shouted as he chuckled walking toward her.

“You must he crazy right”. She said and dropped the knife.

“Testing your speed babe, you’ve grown really fast”. Nicklaus said.

“And throwing a knife at me is insane”. She said.

“So to what do i owe this visit?”. Klaus asked.

“Is that the way to welcome the mother of your kids?”. Diana asked.

“You finally accepted their my kid”. He said.

“You look fine Klaus, don’t tell me the Dai shi didn’t attack”. She Asked.

“Of Course…A little pain killer worked”. Klaus said.

She Snapped her finger and his buttons open up.

On his chest was a dip cut emitting black smoke.

“Does this look fine to you Klaus?”. She shouted.

“Maybe you should take permission before taking of my cloths”. Klaus said.

“You’re stubborn Klaus”. She grabbed his hand and dragged him into the building.

“Now you’re trying to rape me i guess”. He asked.

“Keep quiet Klaus, whatever they cut you with is laced with dark magic which would consume your soul if we let it spread”. Diana said.

“I know Diana, you’re only doing this because to Morgana, her fate is bonded to mine now”. Nicklaus chuckled.

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“Your hatred for her beclouds everything Klaus, not to see that I’ve forgiven you

despite what you did to me”. She said.

‘I forgave you too’. Klaus said.

“i didn’t offend you Klaus”.

“Of Course you did, she ran away with my kids”.

“Keep quiet Klaus, well i don’t need your forgiveness why don’t you extend it to Morgana”. Diana said..

Klaus eyes got red and he grabbed her neck to the wall.

“Never you ask me to forgive her”. He screamed and released her.

“You too can’t hold on to this hatred forever, maybe someone needs to know the cause of this unending fight”. Diana said.

“Something i can’t tell you Diana”. Klaus said and laid on the couch.

She squat beside him and used her finger to control the poison in the cut into a bottle she was holding.

“Your kind attitude don’t change anything Diana, you join Morgana and i kill you too”. Klaus said.

“I guess you always forget am the here Klaus”. She said.

“What do you want Dian?”. Nicklaus asked.

“The Dai Shi family knows that you’re here now, your best chance of survival is with Morgana”.

“Why do you care?”. Klaus asked.

“because you both are gonna end up killing yourself if you continue with this madness”. Diana said.

“Thanks for the motivational talks Dian, time to leave”. Klaus said.

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“Are you chasing me from your house Klaus?”. She Asked.

“The only reason i haven’t killed you Diana is because i don’t want my kids to grow without a mother, so leave before i change my mind”. Nicklaus shouted. Diana handed over a syringe to him.

“This will neutralize the poison”. She said and walked to the door.

“No one dares ask me to forgive Morgana, be careful not to raise her issue again, i

might not to Lenient”.

She nodded and left.

Abruzzi walked down the drinking the juice he held.

“What do we do about this Dai Shi family of a thing boss?”. Abruzzi asked.

“I guess it’s time i take out more gang lords with that I’ll be able to control a good number of gangsters”. Nicklaus said.

“What About Diana, is joining us?”. Abruzzi asked.

“She’ll do anything to protect her sister so if i get into danger, she’ll have to choice than to help for now I’ll contact Hayato to deliver the device plus some classified firearms”. Nicklaus said.

“Do you think the device would work?”. Abruzzi asked.

“I’ll do anything to get in touch with Elisa but the distance of Kepler from this planet is quite discouraging”. Nicklaus said and paused. He walked toward a curtain and pulled in open.

There was Jai Mi hiding behind it.

He grabbed her by the neck and threw her to the ground.

“She was here all this while?”. Abruzzi said.

“She must have listened to my conversation with Diana”. Nicklaus said angrily.

“You’re an alien”. She stammered.

“You know Jai Mi you should have poked into my affair”. Nicklaus said. “I saw that woman who attack you, teleport right from where i watch her paranormal actions, that’s enough reason for me to be curious boss”. Jai Mi shouted.

Nicklaus pulled out a gun and pointed it to her.

He shot the ground and she screamed covering her face in tears.

“Am sorry boss”. she cried.

“I had plans for you Jai Mi but your curiosity lead you to your grave”. Nicklaus

said and threw the gun for Abruzzi.

He caught it and raised his head up.

“Kill her!”. Klaus said and walked away


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