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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 20

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


Morgana’s eyes blinks open and she stared at the height of the well..

She groaned struggling to stand on her feet.

Seem she had slept for too long..

She leaned over the wall and stared at Nicklaus who had woken up soon.

Only if they weren’t bonded she would have strangled him right now.. She rose up and looked around trying to remember what happened. “Shit!”. He cursed as he remembered.

He took the C4 bomb and it was 60 seconds left.

He jumped and climbed the well by the rough edges. This was part of his training at the Palace so it shouldn’t be a problem. Morgana stared at the bomb and stood akimbo.

Nicklaus paused and looked down. Morgana wasn’t moving.

“You’re gonna die you fvcking bitch!”. He shouted.

“same with you Klaus”. She fired back..

“Why don’t we resume the fight when we’re out of here?”. Nicklaus shouted. “All my pleasure”. She stretched her hand Klaus held it out and raised her up she held the rough edge and tried to climb but it was Quite difficult.

Nicklaus leapt to the left and grabbed the edge, he groaned as his hand pierce into a sharp stone.

He extends his hand and raised Morgana to where he was.

Morgana raised her head up and grabbed a curved iron as support.

Nicklaus made to move put further but his leg slipped and he fell off the Anchor.

Morgana was faster to catch his hand, she raised him up with all the powers in her.

They kept climbing until they were out of the well.

Just as they came out the bomb explodes and the vibrated almost threw them back in..

“This does not change anything Klaus”. Morgana cursed.

“The next time you cross my path Morgana, I’ll lock you up in a fvcking well”.

Klaus fired back.

They heard the siren of cope and departed into different ways.

Nicklaus entered into his vehicle and drove away speedily.

He arrived at the mansion and he had a fresh bath before putting on a pink suit and trouser.

He wore a hat and tilt it down to cover his face.

He tucked his weapons behind him and walked out.

“Abruzzi!”. He called out walking down the stairs..

Abruzzi walked out of a room and stared at Klaus new outfit.

“It’s time”.

“Yes boss I’ll tell everyone”. Abruzzi said and left.

Nicklaus sat on the chair and carried the XM8 rifle, he placed the scope on his eyes and saw the range.

He increased the range and placed it in his eyes.

“Perfect”. He Said.

Jai Mi, Myung Hee and Gwen marched out of the kitchen.

“Here comes the ladies squad i guess”. Nicklaus said and dropped the rifle, he turned to them and flick his finger.

“We’re embarking on a new operation and i want no mistakes..if you choose to use your spear Myung Hee, you’re quite dead i saw because we won’t get close enough to this gang”. Klaus said.

“I’ll use a gun sir, i hate the recoil that’s it”. Myung Hee said.

Nicklaus rose up slowly from the chair.

“You lied that you couldn’t use a gun”. Nicklaus said running his hand through her hair, Myung Hee gasped and her heartbeat increased.

“Am sorry boss”. She stammered.

“Yeah”. Nicklaus said and pulled out his pistol placing it on her fore head.

Tears were forming in her eyes already.

“Oh babe”. He said and handed over the gun to her.

“You’ll be acting as my backup, he careful not to waste the clip”. Nicklaus said walking to the table.

Myung Hee exhaled heavily and quickly cleaned the tears in her eyes.

“Where the hell is Abruzzi?”. Nicklaus asked.

“Over here boss”. Abruzzi said dropping three SCAR Rifle on the table.

“Pick your favorite”. Klaus said.

“This are new brands boss”. Abruzzi said.

“Earth is outdated i guess, what about AWN”. Klaus asked.

“No such thing here boss”. Abruzzi said.

Gwen and Jai Mi picked the Scar Rifle including Abruzzi.

“Don’t Worry Jai Mi, you won’t have to worry about recoil”. Nicklaus said as he carried the XM8 rifle.

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They bounced out out and entered into a vehicle before driving off.

Nicklaus asked Jai Mi to drive to a warehouse first just across the street.

They got down from the vehicle and entered all holding their guns.

In the building was about thirty gun men who were arranging some Crates.

They all left what they were doing and pointed their guns at Nicklaus.

“Are you gonna shot your lord?”. Klaus asked.

They quickly retreated their guns and bowed for him.

“We’ve awaited your presence lord Nicklaus”. They chorused.

“Well here am i”..

“We’re At your service lord”.

“I love that spirit, am embarking on an operation and i need four men”.Klaus said. One of the men who seem to be the second in command quickly chose five men to follow Nicklaus.

They got into their own car and followed Klaus.

The transport vehicle that was to be hijack was to go through a road at the out skirt of the sitting that day.

Nicklaus ordered that the road was blocked with a vehicle and they all took their position.

The road was still on construction main reason the Cuban gang chose to use it. Jai Mi and Abruzzi stayed inside a building placing their rifles on the windows. The four red skull gang member hide behind the building awaiting the transport vehicle….

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But Klaus the crazy but fearless one stood sat on the bonnet of the vehicle and Myung Hee stood beside him.

She was quite scared as they’ll be the first to be attacked by whoever they wanted to hijack.

But where was Gwen… Well let’s see what’s Nicklaus plan…

Klaus checked his watch and raised his head up.

“All Guns on deck “. Klaus said.

Soon a truck could be seen driving toward the scene, followed by two Porsche vehicle.

Nicklaus squat low beside the vehicle used as blockade and Jai Mi joined him.

The truck slowed down getting to the barricade so as the escort vehicle behind.

A black truck pulled pulled out from nowhere and past between the the two escort

car causing it to spin.

That was Gwen.

Abruzzi and Jai Mi cocked their guns and open fire on the escorts.

The men jumped out but they caught in cross fire and the four other gangster Fired from their angle.

Nicklaus rose up and fired at the driver off the vehicle as the jumped down.

The other man who came down with the driver tried to shoot at Klaus but Myung Hee shot him down.

Non of the escorts escaped as they were hit with bullets at different part of the body.

Nicklaus gang moved to the back of the truck and opened it.

There was five more men in there who were armed.

Seeing that they were outnumbered they dropped their weapons and got down with their hands up.

Nicklaus stared at the four gangsters and they understand what he meant.

They open fire on the men and they dropped dead.

Nicklaus closed the door and got into the truck with Jai Mi while the rest took the other vehicle and followed from behind.

As they drove off, Jai Mi quickly alerted Klaus.

“We got a tail, the Cuban gang always have a backup”.

Nicklaus quickly put a call across Abruzzi..

“We got tails, time to split, take care of your tails”. He Said and disconnected the call.

Abruzzi passed the info to the gangsters vehicle behind him and getting to the intersection they split into different direction.

The Cuban gangs who were also following split after them.

Abruzzi sat on the door of the vehicle and aimed his rifle at them pursuing car.

Nicklaus climbed to the top of the vehicle and opened fire on the incoming cars.

Kingdom Of Persia

Elisa walked toward Nicolas who was placed the pool of revival..

“So what are you doing here?,Finish what you started”. Elisa heard a voice and turned back.

“Shania”. Elisa called out.

“Hey sis”.

“I swear Shania i didn’t mean to do it”. Elisa shouted.

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“Hey Elisa am on your side so don’t scream at me, everyone knows Nickolas sissy”. Shania said and placed her hand on Elisa’s shoulder.. The king appeared and they raised their head up.

“There’s a big trouble ahead “. The king said.

“What are you talking about?”. Shania asked.

A guard walked in and bowed before the king.

“We’ve tracked the signal sir, it’s from earth”.

“There’s only one organization that can send signals to earth, the council, this was a set up”. The king said.

“What’s going on?”. Elisa asked.

“Someone is communicating with one of Kepler’s enemy on earth”. The king said.

“And what does that mean?”. Shania asked.

“It’s a family, who were into the art of dark magic, they have the weapon to kill immortals, we got rid of them by sending them to earth”. The king said.

“I must say this dad but are you crazy, that’s same place you sent Klaus to”. Elisa shouted.

“I never thought of it, the council brought the idea of sending Klaus and Morgana to earth”. The king said.

“Does that mean the council are working with this people ?”. Shania asked. “Am afraid so, and there’s only one thing whoever is communicating with them might have told them… That Klaus and Morgana are on earth … Klaus and Morgana wouldn’t survive their attack not now that they’re mortal “. The king said.

Seoul City

Nicklaus board a taxi after returning from the black market.

He Sat at the front The front beside the driver and they drove away.

Just mid away Nicklaus raised his head up and saw an old woman through the mirror above him.

But there was no one in the car when they took off.

He turned to the passengers seat but there was no there. He was so shocked.

He checked the mirror and saw the old woman still smiling.

Was She invisible?

“Stop the car!”. Klaus shouted and the car was brought to halt.

He paid the cabman and got down.

“What the hell was that?”. He whispered.

He heard footsteps behind him and turned pulling out his pistol but there was no one.

He raised his head up and saw the old woman standing on a street light.

Then he felt a tap, he turned back but there was no one.

Nicklaus turned to see the old woman but she was not there anymore. Did she disappear?


Morgana stuck a lollipop in her mouth as she catwalks toward her car on a bridge.

She saw a little girl dancing in the ocean.

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Morgana leaned on the bar of the bridge and watched in amazement, the girl was dancing on water, she didn’t drown.

Morgana made to open her car when she heard footsteps she turned but there was no one.

“Hmm”. She said and turned back to her car.

There was an old man standing on the bonnet of her car with a sickle.

“Who are you?”. She said.

“Lady Morgana, you seem to forget me”. The man said and pointed his sickle at her.

He began to Chant spells and Morgana screamed as she felt her head spinning.

She Dropped on her knees and coughed blood.

Just then an invisible force flung him into the ocean and Morgana gasped.

She Staggered up leaning against her vehicle.

She Sighted a young lady walking toward her.

“Sister”. Morgana stammered.

“It’s being so long Morgana”. Diana said.

“You’re came for your revenge i guess” “. Morgana said cleaning the blood on her lips.

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Am not you Morgana, family is family always and forever, we need to find Klaus “. Diana said.

Morgana chuckled loudly.

You’re now enemies i know, but the enemy of your enemy is your friend “. Diana said.

What do you mean?”.

“The Dai Shi family are coming for the both of you”. Diana said.

Morgana made to speak but felt her chest tearing up.

She screamed out loud as she bleed from the eyes.


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