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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 19

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


The fire had ignited further and the woods began to burn down.

Evelyn was surprised to see Morgana’s car still on same spot.

He walked out and looked into the car, she wasn’t there.

Her eyes drifted to the burning building and she was shocked to see Morgana coming out of the burning building with three kids.

She walked through the crowd and made to enter her vehicle.

“Ma’am there’s a burn in your cloth”. Evelyn said.

“I smell smoke don’t I?”. Morgana said and walked back into the house.


As they drove back home, Nicklaus was feeling itch all over his body and his temperature raising.

“Hey boss are you alright?”. Abruzzi asked.

“The Air Conditioner is active right?”. He Asked.

“Yes boss”. Jai Mi said.

It was just like he was in the midst of a fire, then he remembered that he was bonded to Morgana, she must be the reason for this.

Jai Mi stopped the vehicle in front of the mansion and they got down.

“Just take your rest for a while, I’ll be back soon”. Nicklaus said and they nodded.

He got into the vehicle and drove off.

He tuned the radio to another channel and hummed to the music as he hit the road.

Getting to the black market the gate was opened for him and he drove in.

As usual his weapons were confiscated and he was lead to where Hayato dine with his wife.

Nicklaus walked in and there was Hayato and Lois giggling as they took coffee.

“Here you are Mr. Nicklaus”. Hayato said running his hand through Lois.

‘Only if you knew i had that toy of yours in my bed last night “. Nicklaus said.

I can see you’re having a good time with your wife “. He Said and sat on one of the chair.

Yeah, missed her last night you know “. Hayato said.

It’s done Hayato, your target is gone “. Nicklaus said.

if you would excuse us Lois it’s time for business “. Hayato said.. She gave Nicklaus a seductive smile before leaving.

“Seems you love her a lot”. Nicklaus said.

“More reason I’ll kill anyone who mess with her”. Hayato said. “Cool”.

“So back to business Nicklaus, i received the info already that the local ganglord is dead”. Hayato said.

“Are we cool now?”.

“Cool Klaus but there’s two more errand you’ll run before I release that device”. Hayato said.

Nicklaus grinned angrily.

“Killing a local gang lord isn’t enough to purchase the device Mr. Klaus, that woman would have covered it if you get her but on the contrary, three errands are enough to purchase it “. Hayato said.

“State your terms”.

“You completed one already man, there’s two left”. “Am all ears Hayato”. Nicklaus said.

“Good, I want you to hijack a drug dealer’s van for me, the Cuban gang are transporting some drugs to a client, if i can get those drugs in my hands, then they’ll buy from me”. Hayato said.

“How do you want the drugs?”.

“in the truck, drive the truck down here”. Hayato said. “What’s the durability of their security?”.

“Just a Porsche of armed men “. Hayato said.

Deal, what’s next? “.

“This one is easy, Just a club bartender i want taken care of”. Hayato said.

He collected a document from one of his guards and handed it over to Nicklaus.

“That’s all you need to know about this mission”. Hayato said.

Nicklaus scanned through it and raised his head up.

“Where does the red skull gang meet?”. Nicklaus asked.

“What do you need that for Mr. Klaus?”.

“I am their new gang lord, don’t you think it’s time i take control of my gang”.

Nicklaus said.

“You’re right, Maria Ho warehouse, that’s where they reside waiting for a new leadership”. Hayato said.

“Well”. Nicklaus said and rose to his feet..

“I’ll be needing some ammo for this mission.. Am running out of it”. Nicklaus said. “It’s not a problem Mr. Klaus, you! Load his vehicle with, five Crates of rifle ammo and two Crates of shotgun ammo”. Hayato said and the guard left.

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“One more thing Hayato, those cops that Chase us whenever we leave here”.

“I’ve taken care of it Mr. Nicklaus, I’ve paid the cops not to go after my new

liquidator but if you do shitty outside the black market arena, the cops will come

for you”. Hayato said.

Nicklaus nodded and left.

He walked past a door when someone grabbed him into a room.

He turned and saw Lois loosing her gown.

“What are you doing?”.

“You know after yesterday Mr. Nicklaus i couldn’t stop thinking about you”. Lois said moving toward him.

“Hey! Not here, your husband is just in the opposite room, you know where to find me Lois “. Nicklaus said and opened the door..

What about tonight? “. She Asked.

Let’s see”. Nicklaus said and left for his vehicle…

The Guards finished loading the Crates into the car and Klaus drove away.

He got to the mansion and Gwen quickly ran out to welcome him.

“There are crates of weapons in the vehicle, load them into the house, Myung Hee would join you”. Nicklaus said and walked into the building. “Welcome boss”. Myung Hee said mopping the floor.

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“Join Gwen”. He Said and climbed the stairs hurriedly.

He entered into the room and took off his cloths.

He took off the guns tucked behind him and dropped it on the cabinet.

There was a knock on the door and Jai Mi entered.

He turned slowly and his eyes popped out.

She was dressed in Singlet and bumshot alone.

“Just want to ask if we’re to prepare for another operation”. She asked scratching her head.

“Of Course”. He Said walking toward her…

Kingdom Of Persia

The physicians could be seen attending to Nicholas, they were removing the glasses from his body carefully.

Elisa was in tears as she covered her mouth with her palm.

“You successfully become Nicklaus haven’t you?”. Her mother said.

“Mom he tried to rape me”. Elisa shouted.

“Stop acting insane Elisa, he’s your brother”. She said.

“He’s a sex addict mom, you act like you don’t know”. Elisa said angrily.

“So you chose to kill him right?”. The king shouted.

“What do you think? I’ll go on my knees and beg you, never! When he wakes up, ask him what he’s doing with his sister in a locked room, he deserved it, he wasn’t gonna stop, what if he had his way and I got pregnant, well i know it’s not your concern because you don’t care about me, do you worst dad? I’ve been waiting for it, send me to earth just like you did to Klaus, at least I’ll have someone who cares for me”.

“Very well, we’re extending your isolation to years, you’re not leaving this Palace anymore”. The king shouted.

Seoul City

Nicklaus was woken by the knock on his door.

He opened his eyes and stared at the clock..

Nicklaus sprang to his feet as he slipped in his shirt.

She stared at naked Jai Mi who was covered with a duvet before heading for the door.

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He unlocked it and opened it slightly.

“Boss we’re done with the maintenance”. Gwen said.

“Good, tell Abruzzi to prepare a ride and two Beretta 47′ for me”. Nicklaus said.

“Yes boss”. She said and caught a glimpse of Jai Mi on his bed.

There was a jealous look on her face before walking out.

Nicklaus put on a leather trouser and tucked in his knives before walking around.

He meet Abruzzi arranging the new Crates of weapons.

“i heard there’s a new operation”. Abruzzi said.

“Yeah, but I’ll be going alone”. Nicklaus said.

“Okay boss”.

“It’s Just a normal bartender who’s ruining Hayato’s business by supplying weapons to his client, Hayato wants him off grid “. Nicklaus said. “This person, don’t you think he’s dangerous”. Abruzzi asked.

“We’re going on another operation today i want you to all to take a nap, Jai Mi is taking hers already, this mission will be quite short so the Maid will be joining us including my new gang “. Nicklaus said and Abruzzi.

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For now Abruzzi take your time to rest “. Nicklaus said and walked toward the door.

Your guns boss “.

Damn! “. Nicklaus said and turned.

Abruzzi handed over two pistol to him and he drove out of the mansion.

Nicklaus stopped by the bar and walked in.

Morgana was also in the bar taking beer when she Sighted Nicklaus entering.

Klaus walked to the Bartenders table and knocked on it.

“Place your order”. The bartender said.

“AK47 and XM8”. Nicklaus said and the bartender paused looking around.

“I don’t do business in my bar”. He whispered.

“Well why don’t we meet over there, ten million dollars, what do you think?”.

Nicklaus asked pointing to a room behind the bartender.

The bartender nodded and they entered.

“So What do you say is your order?”. The bartender asked.

Nicklaus grabbed his neck to the wall and drew out his knife.

“Your life”. Klaus said.

He made to stab the man when he felt something sharp Pierce into his back.

Nicklaus groaned and turned back..

There was five huge men behind him all armed with dagger.

Damn! He didn’t expect the bartender to have guards.

The man who Stab him hits him on the belly and Klaus let out a moan.

He Quickly rushed at the man and drove the knife into his belly.

Nicklaus dodged the attack of the second man and hits him away.

The third man grabbed Klaus to the wall but he headbutt the man and kicked him away.

Morgana just stood at the door watching them.

She was feeling pain in her body and decided to check out what Klaus was up to.

Nicklaus slit the throat of the last man and dropped him off.

The bartender quickly pulled out a gun and shot at Klaus.

He dived away but the bullet brushed him stomach.

He man pointed the gun at Klaus and made to shoot but Morgana threw the knife she was holding.

It sunk straight into the man’s head and he dropped dead.

Don’t think she saved Klaus, if the bartender kills Klaus then she was gonna die too.

Nicklaus chuckled as he staggered to his feet.

“I thought you weren’t scared of death”. She grinned angrily and dropped her knives.

Nicklaus turned to her and his face transformed to a one full of fury and hatred.

They ran toward each other and collide falling over falling over a table.

Nicklaus threw a punch but she blocked it and kicked him on the crotch.

Nicklaus groaned and grabbed her hair sending punches into her belly

Klaus felt the pain too but conceived it.

He let got of her hair and the grabbed each other falling over the wall.

The weak wall scattered and they fell in.

Only if they knew there was a deep well right behind them in the new room. Morgana threw a kick at Klaus but he caught her legs and made to flip her away, she was fast to grab his shirt and they both slipped falling into the wall.

They kept falling, hitting the edges of the well until they landed in the end.

Morgana landed on Nicklaus and they both groaned.

They were so weak that there was no power to even push her off.

Nicklaus managed to removed the device he landed on and was shocked to see that it was a C4 Bomb.

The bomb must have been activated when he landed on it.

he stared at the ticking time, it was ten minutes left for the bomb to explode.

Morgana tried to fall off Klaus but all all bones in her body was weak.

Their eyes closed up and they both went unconscious as the bomb dropped from Klaus’ hand.


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