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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 17

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


Jai Mi trailed Diana slowly and brought the car to halt as her car stopped.

“Why don’t she want your help boss?”. Abruzzi said.

“Don’t ask me questions Abruzzi, focus on the mission”. Nicklaus said.

“She’s moving”. Abruzzi said.

Jai Mi starts the ignition and they drove after the car.

“Who’s does Hayato loves the most?”. Nicklaus asked.

“Um. It’s his wife, boss you haven’t told me the nature of this mission, why are we going to rescue some kid?”. Jai Mi asked. “Do you object my orders?”. He asked.

“No boss”. She replied.

“Good, and where can she be right now?”. Klaus asked.

“She goes to the mall everyday but she’s heavily guarded boss, the wife of a….”.

“Shhhh, i only asked for a location?”. Nicklaus said and Jai Mi nodded.

“Stop the vehicle over there”. Nicklaus said and she pulled over.

“There are lot of mall in this city”. Nicklaus said.

“It’s the Jin K mall”. Jai Mi said.

“I need the both of you to cause a rush hour that will prevent the lady from getting to the black market”. Nicklaus said.

“Does that imply causing accidents”. Jai Mi asked.

“Were you planning to go down the road and wave a stop flag ? “. Nicklaus asked.

“Consider it done boss”. Abruzzi said.

“Good”. Klaus said and they drove away.

He flagged down a cab and got in.

“Jin K mall”.

The cabman nodded and drove off, he stopped at the mall and Nicklaus got down before paying him.

He looked around and was intrigued by the magnificent building.

He don’t know what she look like so he was actually gonna watch out for a guarded lady.

He saw the security by the door and remembered that he had a pistol behind him.

He raised his hand up and saw the security camera at the right side of the building.

He crossed over to the other side of the road and hide the gun in a bin.

“if the cops down here on earth think they’re badass, well Kepler got badass too”.

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Nicklaus said.

He put his hands into his pocket and marched back to the mall.

The Security personnel scanned his body with a device and when he was clear they let him in.

He moved around pretending he wanted to check out some cloths.

Soon a jeep pulled over in front of the mall and the door slides to the left.

Such a classic vehicle.

He watched a lady in black bounced down from the vehicle and the four guards followed after her.

“That must be hayato’s toy I guess”. Nicklaus said and bite his lips.

He kept on moving around but kept his eyes on her as she points to what she wanted.

one of her guard soon excused himself and heads for the restroom.

“Just in time”. Nicklaus said and followed after him stealthily, he was careful not to raise the man’s suspicion.

He made to enter the restroom when Nicklaus snapped his neck from behind and he passed out.

He looked around and was sure no one was watching before he dragged the man in.

Nicklaus closed the door and took off the cloths of the man.

He wore it and examined himself on the mirror.

Nicklaus wore his dark shades and cap to hide his face.

“What say you dear mirror?”. He asked before walking out.

He joined the other guard and they followed Hayato’s wife around.

The guard Nicklaus stripped had a pistol of which Nicklaus took as well.

He then got to know that Lady’s name was Lois.

Lois finished shopping and her guards helped her to push the trolleys out except Nicklaus who had a plan already.

He Quickly lead the way as he slide open the door for her.

Just as she stepped in, Nicklaus pushed her and slides the door closed as he jumped in.

He pulled the gun behind him and pointed it to that driver’s head.

“Move or i blow your head”. Nicklaus shouted.

The driver hurriedly starts the ignition and drove off speedily.

The other guards ran after the on foot Jeep but it was quite stupidity.

“Adams stop the car”. Lois shouted.

Nicklaus gripped her neck and looked into her eyes.

“Be calm and no one have to get hurt, got no leverage with you but your husband he actually bite more than he can chew”. Nicklaus said and let go of her. “My husband will find you and kill you”. She shouted.

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“save your strength honey”. Nicklaus said.

“Chung Hi street”. He told the driver.

The driver pulled over and Nicklaus ordered Lois out.

The driver took that as an opportunity to bring out his gun but Nicklaus was faster to give him a head shot.

“Calm and no one get hurt”. Nicklaus said and dragged her out.

He pushed her into and awaiting vehicle and banged close the door.

The vehicle drove off and stopped at the mansion.

Gwen got down and opened the door for Klaus.

Before leaving the restroom Nicklaus had called Gwen to prepare a vehicle.

He sunk a pin into Lois neck and she slept off, with that she won’t remember this place.

He carried her underground the building and dropped her in one of the room before leaving.

His phone rang as he got into his vehicle and drove away.

“Abruzzi”. He Said.

“That rush hour is clearing up boss. She’s on the move”.

“Just follow her I’ll be right behind you soon”. Nicklaus said and increased the speed of the vehicle.

He went through all possible short cuts that lead to the black market and they all meet at the intersection.

“You’re Trailing me”. Diana shouted as she got down from her car.

“Yeah, at least i can help you not to get….”. Nicklaus said and paused seeing Jai


“Not to get your daughters killed this man is dangerous”. Nicklaus said.

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“I can take care of them Klaus”. Diana said clenching her fist.

He walked toward her and whispered into her ear.

“The secret of supernatural should be hidden from mortal you know, don’t even think of using your powers.. You can’t kill them all like the others”. “What do you want Klaus?”.

“Listen to me and your daughters would be saved”.

“And why should i trust you Klaus?”. She asked.

He drew her close and whispered into her ears again.

“They’re also my daughter too and with your new development another nightstand could be sure”. He Said and she punched him angrily on the belly. “I’ll take that as a compliment”. He chuckled and she grinned.

“Stay here I’ll do the thing”. Nicklaus said and got into one of the vehicle.

He starts the ignition and drove away.

He stopped by the gate and the gateman pushed it open.

Nicklaus drove in and bounced out of his vehicle.

Like a pack of wolves the gun men surrounded him all pointing their guns at him. “Tell Me Mr. Nicklaus what are you?”. Hayato asked as the gun men gave way for him to pass through.

“Hmm. Immortal i guess”. Nicklaus said and Hayato laughed.

“After murdering twenty of my men in an explosion, you got the courage to march in here such a bravery”. Hayato said.

“Well you should have listened to me when i said change of deal”. Nicklaus said.

“A deal is a deal Mr. Klaus and here is your end”.

“Well you kidnapped two kids today why don’t you have them over?”. Klaus said and Hayato laughed loudly.

One of the guards walked up to him with a phone.

He collects it and placed it on his ear.

There was shock written over him face and the phone dropped off.

“My wife got kidnapped, It was you “. Hayato said and Nicklaus beamed a creepy smile.

“Where’s my wife?”. Hayato shouted pulling out a pistol.

“Easy man she’s in safe hands, well i ordered my guys to kill her if they don’t see me in ten minutes”. Nicklaus said.

Hayato retreated him gun slowly and the others did.

“What do you want Nicklaus?”. Hayato asked.

“That’s what i want to hear Hayato.. Well let’s say new business… Let bygones be gone I guess, give me does kids you kidnapped and never go near that family again “. Nicklaus said.

In exchange for “.

a new business, i release your wife right away and we strike new deals “. Nicklaus said.

And why would i trust you not to break a deal again? “. Hayato said.

i got your wife man and she’s your love right? “.

Hayato turned to one of his men and nodded.

The man nodded and left, he soon returned with Esther and her sister.

Hey Claire, that’s dad “. Esther said.

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Mom said our dad is dead “. The other girl said.

Mom introduced him as dad last night “. Esther said and they raised their heads to Nicklaus.

“Will you take us to mom?”. They asked. “They’re your daughters?”. Hayato asked.

“Coincidence I guess, you literally asked a man to kidnap his wife and children”.. Hayato exhaled heavily.

“What do you say Hayato?”. Nicklaus asked.

“Deal Mr. Nicklaus but we’re striking new deals right away”. Hayato said. “Come over girls”. Klaus beckoned and the kids ran up to him.

“I’ll close up Fibonacci case because i wanted him dead but the next time you take my wife Mr. Klaus”. Hayato said.

“Well i won’t have to take your wife if you don’t come close to my family”. “Good”. Hayato said and handed over a picture to Klaus.

“That’s a local ganglord who refused to honor our deal i want you to take him out”. Hayato said.

“Consider it done”. Nicklaus said and Hayato nodded. “I Hope you honour the new deals”. Hayato said.

“Well as long as you don’t try to kill me and my people “Nicklaus said and he nodded..

Get in kids “. He Said opening the door of the vehicle.

They all got in and he drove off.

Getting to the cross

intersection the car came to halt and he stepped down. Nicklaus was ready to prank Diana Aha he needed to see how she looks whenever she cried.

He walked toward her and feigned fake tears.

“am sorry Dian i..”.

“Nicklaus don’t tell me…”. She stammered as her breathing increased.

“He killed them already”.

Diana screamed and grabbed Nicklaus to the ground hitting him in tears.

“Mom!”. She heard voices and turned back slowly.

“Oh my God!”. She gasped and hugged them to her chest tightly.

Nicklaus rose up and chuckled loudly.

“That isn’t funny Klaus”. She said raising up slowly.

“Well you look sweet when you cry”. Klaus said.

She clenched his fist and he choked.

“Not funny either”.

She slapped the air and Nicklaus felt the impact on his face.

“Oww… Just when your prince don’t have powers you decide to use telekinesis against him”. Klaus said.

“Saving my kids don’t change anything Klaus, stay away from my family”.

She got into her vehicle with the kids and drove away.

Few Minutes Later

Abruzzi enters into a bar and looked around.

He located a lady in blue who sat far away.

It was Evelyn.

He walked at the place and stopped behind her.

“Surprise”. He Said full of smiles.

She turned back and kissed him tightly in tears.

“Hey babe are you alright?”. She Asked.

“Yeah… So long Evelyn”. Abruzzi said and sat On one of the chairs.

“I missed you after the Clash between Morgana and Your boss we couldn’t see again”. Evelyn said.

“I guess I’ll apologize for that….our relationship was secure because they were in

love too but now that it isn’t anymore Nicklaus would kill me if he found out i got something to do with his enemy ‘s maid”. Abruzzi said holding her hands. Evelyn cleaned the tears in her eyes and sniffed.

“I know Abruzzi, we have to pretend to be enemies but for how long i was scared that you were gonna be hurt when Morgana launched an attack at your boss’ place”. Evelyn said.

“Am fine Evelyn, always, i promise”. Abruzzi said.

“How’s Klaus, any improvement?”. She Asked.

“Yeah, he’s beginning to adapt to being mortal… He now sees the reason why he needs other and I think he’s beginning to care about people”. Abruzzi whispered. “And Morgana?”. He added.

“Hmm. Still the coffin lady who kill anyone like a psycho, I’ll say a little improvement… She helped a little girl who lost her father today”. Evelyn said. “That’s a big improvement Evelyn.. We all know Morgana gives no shit about anyone”. Abruzzi said.

“What do you say Abruzzi? Should we wait for them to fall in love of which I see as impossible”. Evelyn asked.

“We’ll have to wait Evelyn and strategize on making them fall in love that’s the only way to be together with no fears again”. Abruzzi said. “Is there an alternative? “. Evelyn asked.

“We’ll have to kill them”. Abruzzi said and her eyes popped out.


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