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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 18

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


“Abruzzi!”. Evelyn shouted.

“Hey, lower your voice, yeah I know it’s suicidal, it’s not an option either way”.

Abruzzi said.

“Yes Abruzzi, Killing them is not an option, even if they are bonded, going after one is dangerous, they’re gonna kill us first”. Evelyn said. “Yeah, i know, that’s why we need to make them fall in love”

Abruzzi said.

“You got any idea”. Evelyn asked.

“Not yet, trying to make them fall in love might result to a far greater catastrophe”.

Abruzzi said.


Nicklaus squat beside Lois and pulled out the pin in her neck.

She woke up and gasped loudly.

“Welcome Back Mrs. Hayato”. Nicklaus grinned.

She quickly ran for the door but it was locked.

“such a desperate lady”.

“What do you want?”. She shouted.

“Forgive my harsh treatment you know, i should have dropped you in a more comfortable place”. Nicklaus said.

“My husband is gonna find you idiot and….”.

“Shhh..i made a deal with your husband so it’s all clear, you’re free now”. Nicklaus said.

“Then open the door”. She shouted.

“Not until you agree to spend the night in this place”. Nicklaus said.

“You’re an idiot, did i beg you to kidnap me”. She Asked.

“You make things hard for yourself, Agree to this term and I’ll drive you to Hayato tomorrow”. Klaus said.

“Fine, I’ll stay through the night in this stable of yours and tomorrow return me wherever I wish “. Lois said.

“You need to take a look at what you call a stable”. Nicklaus said as he unlocked the door.

They climbed up the stairs till they were out of the underground.

Lois was shocked by the beautiful of the place.

She walked some few steps forward and looked around.

“It wasn’t a stable after all”. She said.

“I tour around my mansion I guess”. Nicklaus said and she nodded.

“Gwen!”. Nicklaus called out and she appeared from the kitchen.

“Prepare dinner for our guest”.

“Yes boss”. She said and left.

Nicklaus leaned close to her and whispered.

“What do you say? You spend the night or you run away”.

Next Day

Abruzzi arranged the guns on the table as Nicklaus walked down the stairs with Lois.

“Morning Boss”.

“Abruzzi, seems we’re getting set for the next operation”. Klaus said.

“Yes boss but we’re running out of rifle ammo”. Abruzzi said.

“Don’t Worry I’ll take care of it”.

“You’re a gang lord? “. Lois asked.

“Something greater than the gang lords. Load up the weapons Abruzzi, I’ll join you soon after dropping this lady off”. Nicklaus said. “I could use the cab”. Lois said.

“Hayato is probably worried about you, so I’ll drop you at his place”. Nicklaus said and left with Lois.

Abruzzi couldn’t still believe that Nicklaus had a night stand with Hayato’s wife

after few hours of reconciliation.

Hayato finds out and unleashes all fury.

“Well Nicklaus have a habit to causing troubles”. Abruzzi said.

“What if she gets pregnant?”. Abruzzi heard a voice in his head.

“Well congratulations he’ll be a father”. Abruzzi said and saw Jai Mi walking out of the laundry room.

“I thought you were gonna sleep the entire day”. He Said.

“Yeah, i thought I’ll have a good sleep after yesterday’s digging but here we are new operation”. Jai Mi said and threw a sit. “So What are doing Abruzzi?”. She Asked.

“checking the clips of the guns to see if they need additional bullets well am almost

done”. He Said and Nicklaus walked in.

Seems Lois took a cab after all.

“We’re moving Abruzzi”.

“Yes boss”. Abruzzi said.

“What’s the nature of the operation boss, we ain’t carrying all guns right”. Jai Mi asked.

“It’s in a small building, there won’t be cover for reloading so shotguns not an option, we’re moving on with P80 SMG and M800 pistols, just in case things go south”. Nicklaus said.

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“Am done boss”. Abruzzi said.

“Let’s move”. Nicklaus said.

Abruzzi closed the large briefcase and carried it as they all walked into the garage.

The all entered into a vehicle and drove speedily out of the compound.

“Are we going in all guns blazing?”. Jai Mi asked turning the steering.

“Stealth, then action, the attack must be a surprise, giving us an advantage”.

Nicklaus said as the vehicle pulled over at an abandoned factory.

Abruzzi opened the briefcase and they all picked the P80 SMG.

They tucked the M900 pistol behind them and were ready to move.

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“He’s striking a deal today, so he’ll be with just few guards, you’ll take the fire exit Jai Mi, Abruzzi take take pipe that leads to the top of the building, find a way to the top stair where you can rain down bullets “. Nicklaus said. They all split as Nicklaus walked toward the building.

He hide behind the wall and Peeped out to the the patrolling guard at the entrance of the factory.

As soon as the man walked past where he hid Nicklaus knocked him out.

He crouched down and walked slowly to reduce his footsteps.

He stopped behind a leather curtain and opened it small.

He could see two men discussing and seven guards around them.

He recognized his target and beamed a wicked smile.

He looked narrowly at the fire exit and saw Jai Mi behind the door, he then looked up and there was Abruzzi on the stairs ready to fire.

Nicklaus raised his hand up and as soon as he clenched it they opened fire.

Klaus slipped his finger into his trigger and hooked it down firing at the men who scamper for safety.

Their target escaped through the other fire exit and Klaus followed the stairs.

“Make sure non of them escape”. Nicklaus said as he ran past Abruzzi.

He climbed the higher stairs that lead to roof of the building.

Getting to the roof he ran to the cliff and looked down there was his target and two guards running for a vehicle.

Klaus took the grenade behind him and flicked up the hook before throwing it down.

It lands on the car and exploded throwing the three men away.

He grabbed the rope that was suspended down and slides down shooting at the men as they rose up.

His target was fast to pull out a desert eagle and shot at him.

The bullet brushed Klaus arm and he fell off landing on the ground.

He shot his target on the leg and he groaned leaning on the container.

Abruzzi and Jai Mi walked out of the factory and rained bullets on him.

The man dropped his gun and dropped dead to the ground.

“Backup i guess”. Nicklaus chuckled.


Morgana was hearing screams outside and decided to check it out as she Bumped

into Evelyn who was entering the house.

“What’s going on out there?”. She Asked.

“The neighbors building is on fire and her kids are in there”. Evelyn said.

Morgana laughed loudly.

“Fate says my garage isn’t the only thing that burns down on this street”. Morgana said and felt a sharp pain on her arm then on her butt. “Ouch!”. She groaned.

“Hey Ma’am are you alright?”. Evelyn asked.

“Take care of Min Ho am going out”. Morgana said jingling her keys.

She walked out presses the button on the the remote attached to the keys.

The door of the Lamborghini slides open and she made to enter.

That was the only car she had left after Klaus blew up her cars.

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She turned at the burning building and saw the fire fighters trying to put off the fires.

She could also hear cries of kids from the building.

“Scared humans…scared to enter into a burning house”. She said and made to enter was she had a flash of memory.

How she was rescued from a fire break at school, back at Kepler.

It was a brave lady as the fire fighters were scared to get in.

Morgana tried to kick off the memory but the more she tried the more she saw it.

She could hear the cries of the kids in her head and couldn’t get her mind off it.

She groaned and ran at the scene.

She collected the two hose from the fire fighter and ran at the building spraying the water on a burning window.

She kicked off the window frame and jumped.

She Held the hose like a sub machine gun and fired water in the burning room.

The kids who were hiding under the bed began to creep out.

Morgana dropped the hose angrily and bite her lower lips.

“What’s happening to you Morgana? You’re cold hearted”. She reminded herself.

The looked up and the fire was starting again.

“Please save us”. The kids cried as they wrapped themselves around her legs.

Kingdom Of Persia

Elisa walked out of the shower with a towel wrapped her.

There was her new guards still standing.

“Take your leave before i plunk out your eyes”. She Threatened and they left. She was really furious with her father who had placed her on home arrest for days now.

If only Nicklaus was here he wouldn’t have let this happen.

Her relationship with Daniel would be in jeopardy right now, her life was being ruined by the selfish people she call her family.

She made to take off the towel when the door creep open and Nickolas entered.

She froze and swallowed the saliva in her mouth.

“What are you doing here Nicholas?”. She Asked moving he back.

“Just waiting for the time Klaus leaves so I’ll be alone with my stubborn sister”.

Nickolas said and bolted the door behind him.

“Am your sister Nickolas”. She shouted..

“Prove it”. He Said walking toward her.

“Don’t dare come close Nickolas I’ll scream and everyone will know you tried to rape your sister”.

“Cool, as far as i can remember this walls are sound proof so no one is gonna know shit”. He Said and grabbed her by the shoulder.

She screamed out forgetting that that would activate her powers.

The scream threw Nickolas over the wall and he crashed roughly to the ground.

Elisa tried to stop her scream but couldn’t as she kept screaming on a loud pitch.

The entire Palace began to shake and glasses began to Shatter.

Everything in the room made of metal was began to melt away too.

The scream hits the highest pitch and the broken glasses went straight for Nickolas as it pierced deeply all over his body and he dropped to the ground bleeding from the nose, eyes and mouth.

Elisa finally subdued the scream and it came to stop but the deed was done already. “No.. No no”. She gasped as she saw what her room had turned to and there laid Nickolas who was probably dead.

The door broke upon and the king appeared with his wife..

They stared at Nickolas who had glasses pierced all over his body.

They opened their mouth aghast and raised their head slowly in shock.

“What have you done?”. The king shouted.


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