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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 16

Frozen Love

Frozen Love

A yellow Lamborghini halt beside the ocean and Morgana alighted from the vehicle.

She inhaled the fresh wind from the shore and took off her shades.

She wanted to be alone to strategize on how she would deal with Nicklaus. She underestimate Klaus but even his maids, ordinary maids took down the gangsters she hired.

All this creatures on earth are quite weaklings, back at Kepler whenever she got into a fight with Nicklaus, they were always the last being standing on the battle ground.

Morgana heard a sobbing voice and turned to the left.

There was a little girl crying profusely.

She looked familiar so he went close to her.

“Hey!”. She said raising her head up.

“Mean Ho”. Morgana said as he recognized her.

She sniffed in and raised her head up.

“Aunt”. Min Ho said.

“Crazy Korean kids when did i become your aunt?”. Morgana asked.

“So tell me who broke your heart and I’ll deal with him”. She added and paused.

She chuckled and passed her fingers through Min Ho’s hair.

“Underage , i guess i forgot”.

“My Father is dead”. Min Ho said and Morgana chuckled.

“I guess the ball transfer wasn’t successful”. Morgana said.

“He was killed by a local gang behind our house”. Min Ho said.

“He tried to rape their wives i guess”. Morgana said.

“He owed them money”. Min Ho said.

“Your father is an ultra debtor i guess”. Morgana said.

Min Ho got angry by that and screamed at Morgana.

“What do you want? My father borrowed the money to pay my school levies and now he’s dead”. Min Ho said.

“Oh baby girl, your freaky father must be loving you know, have he paid the fees?”. She asked.

“Yes, with the money you gave me the last time”. Min Ho said.

“Where’s that beautiful necklace around your neck?”. Morgana asked.

“They took it”.

“The gang?”.

Min Ho nodded.

“Come”. Morgana said and opened the door of the Lamborghini.

“Get in”.

Min Ho was stunned as she raised her head up.

That was actually the first time she was invited to get into such classic vehicle.

Tears filled her eyes and she hugged Morgana’s leg tightly.

Kids are short you know.

“Don’t stain my dress kid”. Morgana said.

Min Ho let go of her and sniffed.

“Thank you aunt”. She said and entered into the car..

The door slides close and Morgana hoped in, she rode away speedily.

She got to her home and Evelyn was shocked to see Morgana returning from a trip with a little girl.

With the anger Morgana left the house Evelyn thought she was gonna return with bodies in her boot.

“He Welcome ma’am”. Evelyn said.

“What’s this look on your face Evelyn?”. Morgana asked.

“Nothing ma’am”. Evelyn replied.

“Good, This kid will be living here with us, you’ll take care of her Evelyn”.

Morgana said.

“Yes ma’am”. Evelyn stammered.

“Morgana? No This is a joke”. Evelyn had question running through her mind.

“she must be ready so feed her right away”. Morgana said climbing up the stairs.

“What’s your name? “. Evelyn asked.

Min Ho “.

mean? “. Evelyn asked.

M,I,N”. Min Ho said.

“So min Ho, let’s go to the dinning hall”. Evelyn said full of smiles.

She always wished taking care of kids, well now was a golden opportunity.

She just hoped this last because whenever Morgana acts kind there’s an evil that’s about to erupt.

Morgana paused hearing the girl spell out her name.

It’s Actually Min not Mean, well who cares?”. She said and walked away. Meanwhile

Abruzzi walked out of the the underground with a big bag, he unzipped it and dropped it to the ground.

“We have one thirty minutes left before the time is over”. Nicklaus said.

“Why don’t we hand over the lady to Abruzzi and he won’t come for us?”. Jai Mi said.

“And your boss says we ain’t doing that shit, so pick up your gun and await Hayato’s arrival”. Nicklaus said

“Hayato controls the black market boss…He control dozens of gangsters and the governmental forces as well… He’s dangerous boss”. Abruzzi said. “And when did you chose to object my order?”. Nicklaus asked..

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“Sorry boss”.

“Load the weapons and meet me when you’re done”. Nicklaus said and walked away.

“Who’s this woman that boss chose not to take down like Fibonacci”. Jai Mi asked. “I don’t know but whenever he chose not to accept a deal, there’s always a reason for it”. Abruzzi said.

“Hayato is not an ordinary gangster like Fibonacci, we’re only three.. Or are the maids joining us again”. Jai Mi asked.

“No, it’s the three of us alone”. Abruzzi said.

“That’s insane and suicidal”. Jai Mi said.

“Well I’ve known boss for years, follow his plans and we’ll find out we’re a match for Hayato”.. Abruzzi said and she nodded.

Morgana walked out of the elevator as she tucked a knife behind her.

She had changed her cloths to a spaghetti shirt and a tight trouser.

Min Ho just finished eating her food and Evelyn cleared the table.

“Thank you aunt”. She said.

“Call me Morgana”.

She nodded slowly.

“Good, come show me your house so I’ll take your belongings”. Morgana said.

Min Ho got down from the Chair and just then Evelyn returned.

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“You’re coming with us Evelyn”. Morgana said walking out.

Min Ho sat beside her in the vehicle while Evelyn stayed at the passenger’s seat.

Jai kept pointing at the road, leading Morgana as she kept driving.

They stopped by a building and alighted down.

“I guess this the village part of Korea”. Morgana said looking at the old buildings.

Min Ho pointed to her house and Morgana nodded.

“Go in with her and get all she needs.. I’ll take a look at this place”. Morgana said.

Evelyn left with min Ho and Morgana grinned her teeth.

Actually she was here for the gangsters, not because they killed Min Ho’s father but to quench her anger.

She couldn’t kill anyone in Nicklaus gang and she needed to put that anger on some other people.

She needed more time to train herself and she was gonna use the local gangster.

She walked to the back of the building and stared at the small house behind it.

She could see some men through the window who wear smoking cocaine.

“Local gangsters indeed”. She said walking toward the door.

She drew out the knives behind her and kicked open the door.

She leapt on the first man and sunk the knife into his chest.. She kicked the other one and initiated a back flip.

Someone grabbed her from behind and she forced the knife into his crotch, he screamed out as she pulled the knife, she somersaulted forward abs took the other knife from the chest on the dead man.

She bounced on the wall and wrapped her leg around the head of huge man.

She broke his neck with her thigh and he dropped down.

One of the men rushed at her quickly but she buried the knife into his belly, she pulled it out and kicked him away.

The last man tried to run through the door but she threw the knife straight at him and it sunk into his head.

He dropped on his knees and fell against the wall.

She pulled out the knife and looked around. There was a sea of dead bodies in the room.

“Dangerous you are Morgana”. She said and cleaned the bloody knives on the men’s cloth.

She tucked in behind her and walked out.

She cleaned the blood on her as she walked toward her car and disposed the handkerchief in a bin.

Evelyn and Min Ho were waiting her for a while .

With the mischievous smile on Morgana’s face Evelyn knew she had killed someone again.


Jai Mi wiped the sweat on her face as dropped the shovel.

“Aww my waist is aching”. She groaned.

They were all digging holes in a plain field.

Myung Hee took the shovel and continued digging.

Nicklaus rose up slowly and stared at his watch.

“Twenty Minutes left “. Nicklaus said taking a digger.

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She continued digging and Gwen approached him.

“Hey boss you gotta rest, you’re gonna break down”. She said.

“Thanks for the compliment… Continue the digging”. He Said.

She took her shovel and left.

They dug holes all over the field and planted bombs in them which was then connected together with wires covered the holes and returned back to the mansion except Nicklaus and Abruzzi.

“I always knew you had a plan boss”. Abruzzi said.

“Well i guess I’ve been lenient enough to shoot down does who object my orders”.

Nicklaus said.

“Am sorry boss”. Abruzzi said.

“if this works out then we’ll have to trust Jai Mi, she knows much about Hayato to know that he was tracking my locations with phone calls… That’s what lead to this plan… Hayato thinks he’s dealing with an ordinary human… Well it’s time to prove him wrong “. Nicklaus said and checked his watch.

Just one minute left for the deal to expire “. Nicklaus said.

What’s the plan boss? “.

Just watch Abruzzi “. Nicklaus said..

Hey Hayato “.

Time is up Mr. Nicklaus you didn’t keep to the deal”. Hayato’s voice rang out. “So What are you gonna do about it?”. Nicklaus asked.

“We shall see Mr. Nicklaus.. Sooner than you expect”. Hayato said and disconnected the call.

Nicklaus chuckled and turned to Abruzzi.

“He must have tracked my location with the call and knows that am here”. Nicklaus said and they left the field for next street.

Nicklaus paid a man to stand in the field for five minutes.

The greedy man didn’t care to know what Nicklaus wanted, he foolishness obeyed.

Soon a hell lot of black vehicle drove into the field and gun men began to jump down. They didn’t bother to see the man’s face as they opened fire on him. Nicklaus brought out a detonator and licked his lips.

He pressed the red button and the entire field went boom! There was a terrible

explosion that shook the entire place.

Abruzzi opened his mouth aghast.

“Nicklaus, son of mischief”. He thought.

They entered into their vehicles and drove back to the mansion.

They were approaching the building when a vehicle double crossed them, at first they thought it was Morgana.

Nicklaus got down from the car and was surprised to see Diana in tears as she got down from the car.

“Klaus why? Why did you have to kidnap your own daughters?”. Diana said in tears.

“Diana? What are you talking about?”.He Asked.

“Someone kidnapped my daughters from school, who else if not you?”. She screamed out.

“Stop it Diana! Why will i kidnap my own daughter?”. Nicklaus said.

There was a ping sound from her phone and she checked it out.

She slowly rose her head up in tears.

“It wasn’t you”.

Nicklaus collected the phone from her and checked out what she saw.

Someone sent a video message to her.

In the video was the twin kids crying and a masked man standing behind them, he asked her to meet them at Goo Mi street.

“Goo Mi street, that’s the black market”. Nicklaus said.

“What are you talking about?”. Diana asked with clenched fist.

“Hey save that strength for the kidnappers not me”. Nicklaus said.

“Then start speaking before i break every single bone in this mortal body of yours”.

She Threatened.

“It’s the boss of a black market called Hayato”. Nicklaus said.

She turned to leave.

“and where are you going to?”. He Asked.

“To get my kids back”. Diana said angrily.

“Ours Diana, you’ll walk into their trap if you go alone”. Nicklaus said.

“am the supernatural here Klaus, i guess i have to remind you that”. Diana said and entered into her vehicle.

“Boss you have a child”. Abruzzi said.

“Invite Jai Mi to join us on a visit to the black market”. Nicklaus said.

Abruzzi turned to leave quickly.

“Invite the bag of weapons too we’ll be needing them”. Nicklaus said with an evil smile.


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