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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 15

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


The gun men aimed at Jai Mi and Myung Hee shooting at them but they were faster to run in, the bullets hits the door which was made of glass and it shattered down.

Nicklaus chuckled.

“Come on, shoot me”. He said mocking.

“Oh! She told you not to shoot me?”. Nicklaus said.

“Oh Klaus, you blew up my garage do you think am gonna let you go a free man”.

She asked angrily.

“Well the last time i checked your cars were outdated so i helped you send them on exile”. Nicklaus said with an evil smile.

“Go through the fire exit I’ll hold him”. Morgana told her men and rushed at Nicklaus.

She knew he was going to dodge so she dived and grabbed him down.

She groaned feeling a sharp pain at her back.

She knelt over him and raised him by the collar wanting to punch him but he head butted her and they both fell to the ground groaning.

They staggered up and stared at each other while walking in a circular pattern.

She launched a kick but he quickly blocked it with his first.

He counter attacked by twisting her hand to throw the back.

She used her elbow to hit him on the belly and they both moaned holding their stomachs.

“I can do this all day long you know”. Nicklaus said.

“Well you always lose at the end”. She said and threw a punch.

She dodged it and made to hit her neck but she kicked his butt and he staggered backward.

Nicklaus laughed more loudly and suddenly a stern look.

“You stamp that tiny legs of yours on my butt, well your turn”. He said and ran at her with full speed, she flung her leg to kick him but he slides past it and jumping to his feet he kicked her butt with all the power invested in him. He crashed to the wall and groaned angrily.

He felt the pain behind him too but he suppress the pain.

“Does that hurt?”. She Asked turning back.

“Well i should ask you that”. Nicklaus said.

“Well a little massage will do”. She said and rushed at him.

Meanwhile Abruzzi and Gwen packed the car in the garage and were about leaving when they saw armed shadows entering the garage, they quickly hid behind the the pillar.

“Did you hear the gun shots?”. Gwen asked in fright.

“Shh!”. He whispered.

He collects the key she’s holding and threw it far away.

It attracted the attention of the man and as they turned Abruzzi walked out of his hiding and shot at them.

One of the men was faster to hide behind one of the vehicle, he strafed out and shot at them but they quickly hide.

“Go for the door I’ll cover you”. Abruzzi said.

“Are you crazy? He’s gonna shot me down”. Gwen complained.

“Well stay here and die”. Abruzzi said.

“Fine”. She said and took to her heels running for the door.

The man quickly rose up wanting to shot her but Abruzzi sent a bullet straight into his head..

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Jai Mi and Hyung Hee hide in the kitchen as they could hear footsteps approaching.

The men might have gained access into the building through the fire exit.

“am out of ammo”. Jai Mi said staring at her gun.

“We could use other means can’t we?”. Myung Hee asked in tears.

“Pass me the pan”. Jai Mi said.

Myung Hee took the pan she used to cook earlier that day and handed it over to Jai Mi.

“Breath in Myung Hee”. She said.

The footsteps approached the door and Myung Hee quickly bolted it.

They could hear heavy thud on the door, seems the men were trying to break down the door with their body.

Jai Mi quickly removed the bolt and as the man rushed at the door she quickly opened the door.

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He stumbled in and somersaulted over the table crashing to the ground.

Jai Mi whacked the pan on the second man’s face and the third one grabbed her to the wall.

Myung Hee tried to pick the pan put another man hits her and she crashed against the table.

She screamed so loud as it hurt her arm.

She took off the cover of the pot and poured the pot of soup on the man’s face.

Nicklaus and Morgana crashed to the ground and groaned.

He heard a loud scream from the kitchen and he needed no one to tell him who own the voice.

he staggered up and Morgana tried to hit him but he kicked her out of the house with his foot.

He felt the impact in his body but staggered his way to the the kitchen pulling out the gun behind him.

He shot the man who was holding Jai Mi and he dropped dead to the ground.

The other man who screaming trying to get the soup off his face.

Nicklaus perceived the aroma and his eyes drifted to the empty pot.

“His favorite soup for rice is gone “. Myung Hee thought.

Hand Over that thing”. He said and collected the pan from her. He smacked the pan on his head and he dropped to the ground.

“I should put a a bullet in your head you know”. Nicklaus said and Abruzzi rushed past the corridor but paused seeing them.

“Boss are you okay?”. He asked and he nodded.

They heard the ignition of a car and quickly ran to the leaving room.

The limousine drove speedily out of the the compound, the vehicle must be a special one as limousines are known to be slow.

“We should go after her”. Jai Mi said.

“That won’t be necessary”. Nicklaus said as they could hear the faint echoes of sirens.

“Cops, the Gunshots must have attracted them”. Abruzzi said. “Quick, we need to hide the guns”. Jai Mi said.

“What About the bodies?”. Gwen asked.

“We were attacked right, it’s self defense”. Nicklaus said. “You shot one of the men in the kitchen”. Myung Hee said.

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“I’ll rub my gun in his fingers so it’ll look like i actually took the gun from him, Nicklaus said and turned to Abruzzi.

Hide all other weapons underground “.

Few Minutes Later

The entire place was filled cops as some dragged out the cuffed criminals.

“I can’t believe the culprit escaped, didn’t you see the black limo”. Nicklaus asked. “We’re sorry Mr. Nicklaus we had no reason to suspect the vehicle but we promise to bring the culprit to book”. One of the police said and he nodded.

They investigated every room in the building before they left with the evidence they gathered.

“I guess we now sigh relief”. Hyung Hee said.

“Abruzzi, get the doors fixed and be at alert, no one leaves the building”. Nicklaus said and walked out of the mansion.

He stopped mid way and turned to meet them all still staring at him.

“And the mess in the kitchen should be cleaned up before i return”. He Said.

“Umm. Boss do you need an escort, that lady might attack you again”. Jai Mi said.

“I can protect myself”. Nicklaus said and walked away.

Instead of using his car he board a taxi which took him to Diana’s home.

He needed to know why Hayato wanted her.

Right now he don’t know if he was losing his cold hearted side but he isn’t ready til put his daughter at risk.

The baby he denied when the pregnancy was announced now he wanted to protect the child badly..

He knew Hayato would stop at nothing to get what he wants.

He was gonna send someone else.

The taxi came to halt and he came now.

He puts his hand into his pocket and walked toward the door.

He knocked repeatedly but there was no response.

He Turned to leave when a car pulled over by the house and Diana got down.

“I warned you Nicklaus, not to return”. She said angrily.

“Well…You’re in a great danger and…”.

“hush! Keep the shut up Nicklaus, tell me when you begin to care for people, those kids are mine not yours so back off.. I can protect myself and my kids”. Diana bragged.

Hold on! Did she say kids?.

The door of the car open and Esther ran out as another girl of her age ran after her.

Nicklaus was Shocked by what he saw.

They were twin, they had same look and had a resemblance of him.

“It’s a twin”. Nicklaus asked.

“It was a triplet Klaus and all because of you i lost one due to complications”.

Diana said and pushed him off the way.

“Am warning you Klaus, you’re not immortal down here, so stay off, i might not be be friendly the next time you show up”. She said and banged the door close as she entered.

“She’s joking right, triplet?”. Nicklaus thought and his phone vibrated.

He brought it out and stared at the message from Hayato.

“You have one hour left to provide the woman”.


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