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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 13

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


Morgana struggled with the man but he appeared to be stronger than her as he pinned her to the bed.

Her hand grabbed the flower vast and she smashed it on his head but he wasn’t ready to let go of him.

Evelyn walked into the room with a club in her hand she hits him really hard on the

head and the collapsed to the Morgana.

She coughed out trying to catch her breath.

Evelyn pushed up the man and inhaled.

“Ma’am are you alright?”. She Asked.

“Yeah”. Morgana said raising from the bed.

She took the gun and wanted to shoot him but paused.

“He’ll pay for what he just did, tie him up”. Morgana shouted.


Nicklaus coughed as he rose up, he pulled the two guns stuck behind him and fired at the men.

Diana quickly took her daughter in and Klaus entered too.

“Who The Hell Are those men Nicklaus?”. She said angrily.

“Oh damn!!”. Nicklaus said.

“What do you want from me Nicklaus, Just let me be”. She said and walked out angrily.

“Hey”. Nicklaus beckoned at little Esther.

She holds her hand and gave him an angrily look.

“Stubborn Just like your mother”. He Said.

Esther was beautiful and had a big resemblance of Nicklaus, you need not a doctor to tell you she is Nicklaus daughter.

He could hear grunts and gunshot outside.

Diana seem to have her powers down here, that means it wasn’t taken from her..

The door flung open and there She was.

“Get out!”. She shouted.

“Diana we need to talk”. Nicklaus said.

“There’s nothing to talk about Nicklaus, leave now or i do this the hard way”. She


“Diana i…”.

She swung her hand out and and invisible force hits Nicklaus out of the house.

He hits his head on the ground and groaned.

“I guess i deserve it you know”. He said getting on his feet.

“You abandoned me Nicklaus do i have to remember you”. She Asked. Nicklaus looked around and saw the bodies of Fibonacci gang member who attacked.

Seem Diana had grown powerful then ever.

“What happened between us was a mistake Diana, it was a night stand”. Nicklaus said.

“Night stand indeed, do i have remember you that night you came to see Morgana but she was out of the kingdom, does sweet words you said and Lured me to bed, that’s the result over there in the room and that was not enough Nicklaus, you denied the pregnancy because it would break Morgana’s heart “. Diana said.

Well maybe if I knew what was to come i should have chose you over here “. Nicklaus said.

“Oh you think you can use your sweet words on me again Nicklaus then you’ve failed”. Diana said angrily.

“I deserve to speak to my daughter you know”. Nicklaus said and she chuckled. “Here yourself Nicklaus, did you just say daughter? The one you denied and abandoned” “. Diana said.

Well i had to because of your sister, i should have known she was a demon you know “. Nicklaus said and walked away angrily.

There’s only one reason why am letting you into My house this night Nicklaus, i want to know what you’re doing here on planet earth “. She said.

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Morgana turned to the man who was tied to a chair and poured a bowl of water him.

He jolted out of my unconsciously and looked around like an insane being.

” hi honey “. Morgana said and slapped him across the face.

She took a knife and cut deep into his cheek. He screamed so loud while she chuckled.

“was that painful honey?”. She Asked.

She rubbed the bloody knife on his lip and punched his face.

“Now you look like a fvcking zombie”. She said.

“Please let me go”. He begged.

“awwn sorry baby but you should have thought of that before attacking me”.

Morgana said and stabbed him in his lap.

He let out a Roar and she poured spice into his mouth.

“Yummy Yummy, Sweety i guess”. She said licking her lips.

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“I’ll just save you the painful trauma so…”. Morgana said and slit his throat with the knife.

Evelyn gasped covering her mouth.

“You know what to do Evelyn?”. Morgana said walking away.

“So funny Nicklaus, the council did well you know, that’s the best punishment for an arrogant bitch like you”. Diana said as she too a bite of an apple. “I’ll Take that as a compliment”. Nicklaus said.

“Whatever you wish nick but you’re the mortal, i have my powers”. Diana said controlling the spoon on the table with her fingers.

“Well the only reason i haven’t choked you to death right now is because of my daughter”. Nicklaus said.

“Shut the fvck up Nicklaus, You still have the guts to speak, no remorse for the pain you caused me, you walked in here to remind me of those pains? “. She Asked.

He drew close to her and gasped.

I guess a sorry would do? “. He whispered into her ear as he watched Esther sleep.

No it won’t, tell me where’s Morgana? “. She Asked.

Nicklaus rose to his feet and looked around.

Find her yourself and give her the deadliest beating in history but don’t kill her, remember we’re bonded”. Nicklaus said.

“And what makes you think i wouldn’t kill you both?”. She Asked. “One, you wouldn’t want to murder the father of your child, two, there’s a possibility of one two, three um or even infinite night stand between us once again, those you miss does lips of mine”. Nicklaus said with a silly smile as he leaned closer to her.

She slapped him across the face and pushed him out.

“The next time you come here Nicklaus i would have dug a shallow grave behind the house where I’ll bury you so stay off Nicklaus, you’re a magnet who attracts trouble always, you make enemies everyday, that’s your description, don’t bring trouble to your daughter Klaus, get away “. She said and shut the door.

Nicklaus at first laughed out but soon became remorse.

Maybe he truly hurt her, leaving her to suffer the pain of raising the child alone. He always thought she was dead, only if he knew his father had covered up by making the council send her down here.

“You’re cold hearted Nicklaus don’t forget that”. He remembered and shrugged off the thoughts.

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As he walked down the street he noticed five men following him secretly. He just Pretended he didn’t see them.

“Fibonacci gang haven’t learnt their lesson yet, show them what you are Klaus”. He whiskers walking toward a dark arena between two walls.

He hid behind the bin and drew out the two dagger behind him.

As soon as they walked past where he was hiding he attacked them speedily, stabbing them from behind.

The last man turned back and Nicklaus sunk the dagger into his chest.

One of the men’s phone rang and Nicklaus took the call.

“Did you get him? If you do, drop his body in the at Jim pyo street,am watching I’ll take the body”. A voice rang out.

“Okay boss, we’ve got him, on our way”. Nicklaus replied and disconnected the call.

He took the dagger and cut off their heads from the body, he opened the bin and having going a bag he put the heads into it and walked away.

He got to the street and looked around to see if there was a suspect.

He Soon saw a man sitting on the bonnet of a car looking around.

With the way he was dressed, he was surely a gangster.

Nicklaus called him with the stolen phone to confirm he was the man.

Nicklaus wore his dark shades and walked toward the car of the man.

He Pretended He was passing by but dropped the bag beside the car.

He sat on the street chair and called the man.

“voodoo where are you?”. A voice rang out.

“I dropped the stuff already, beside your car, check it out”. Nicklaus said and disconnected the call.

He Watched the man as he looked around the car and saw a bag.

He looked around before carrying the bag with the look on his face.

Seems he’s wandering what was in the bag, he must be expecting a body not a bag.

He poured out the content and was shocked to see heads dropping down.

Nicklaus flung the stolen phone away and took a cigar placing it on his lips.

Someone sat beside him and light the cigar with her lighter.

He opened his eyes and was surprised to see Morgana.

“i bet you’re missing me”.he Said.

She made to punch him but restrained herself.

“Well the council said if we didn’t see ten years will be deducted from our age, am not ready to become a kid”. She said and walked away. “Fvck you!”. Nicklaus shouted.

His phone rang out and he took the call.

It was Hayato.

“Mr. Klaus where’s the lady?”.

“Can we change the nature of the deal, name something else”. Nicklaus said. “A deal is a deal Mr. Nicklaus, you have 17 hours to bring that woman to us else…”.

“You can go kiss your momma’s ass hayato !”. Klaus said and disconnected the call.

He bounced to his feet and dance to the rhythm of a music from a nearby club. “You’re cold hearted Klaus, a magnet of troubles and make new enemies every day, oh Diana, my poet”. Nicklaus sang out and chuckled along.


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