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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 12

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


“Punch me Evelyn!”. Morgana shouted.

“Ma’am you’re bleeding”. Evelyn said

“And so is the son of the the Bastard, punch me!”. She said angrily.

Evelyn punched Morgana really hard and she crashed to the ground.

“Ma’am”. Evelyn said and quickly rushed to her raising her up.

“Get me a knife Evelyn”. Morgana said.

“I won’t ma’am, you need to stop this madness, you’re gonna kill yourself”. Evelyn said.

“Do you know how much that car worth?”. She Asked angrily.

“I know ma’am but there are various way to punish Nicklaus instead of punishing yourself”. Evelyn said.

“Oh you’re right, there are different ways”. Morgana said and tried to open her eyes but but it was itching her.

Evelyn quickly brought a bowl of water and watched her face.

“i need to call a doctor ma’am, you’re badly hurt”. Evelyn said.


Abruzzi and Jai Mi carried Nicklaus up and he leaned against a container.

He chuckled softly and they wondered if he was insane.

Jai Mi is frightened right now, she watched something invisible beat up her boss, that was enough to tell that Nicklaus wasn’t ordinary. She cleaned the blood on his broken lips and he groaned.

“Boss we need to do something about Morgana before she does this again”.

Abruzzi said.

“aha she’s so stupid to think this gonna break me down, she’s a lady so she’ll feel much of the pain am a man Abruzzi i can cope with pain “. Nicklaus said and tried to stand but Jai Mi quickly held him from falling. She puts her hand into her shoe and brought a tablet.

Hey boss this a pain killer “. She said.

Nay, let she suffer the pain too “.

What’s he talking about? Can someone just tell me who the hell is Morgana, is she some kind of witch or something”. Jai Mi asked.

“Something greater than a witch”. Abruzzi said. “Devil?”. She Asked.

“Enough of the talks let’s go”. He Said.

“You’re not strong boss”.

“Do you now question my orders, Abruzzi?”. He Asked.

“Not at all boss”.

Nicklaus handed over a gun to Jai Mi and they walked stealthily toward the warehouse hiding behind containers.

“They should be out soon, Jai get the car ready”. Nicklaus said and she left. They waited patiently and soon as a man in suit walked out with his guards. Nicklaus strafed out and fired at the guards.

Abruzzi appeared from where he hid and shot down as many guards as possible.

It was an ambush which the guards didn’t expect.

One of the guards covered Fibonacci and he entered into the vehicle.

She guard made to enter when Nicklaus gave him a clear head shot.

Fibonacci rushed to the driver’s seat and started the ignition.

He reversed the car speedily but another car hits him from behind and his car spin twice.

Jai stretched her gun through the window and shot his tires.

Abruzzi and Nicklaus covered her as they fired at the incoming man while running to the vehicle.

Jai Mi got down and pointed her gun to Fibonacci who was trying to start the vehicle.

“Get down or i blow of that naughty skull of yours”. She Threatened opening the door with one hand.

He got down raising his hand up.

“Easy lady you don’t have to do this, name your amount”. He Said.

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“Get into the fvcking car”. She said.

He Pretended He wanted to enter but grabbed her to the car trying to collected the gun from her.

Nicklaus appeared in from behind and hits him on the head with the butt of the gun.

He dropped to the ground and she exhaled as she held her gun tightly.

“Am weak you say”. She said.

Abruzzi tied his hands and leg before putting him into the boot of the car. “Their reinforcement might be here soon”. Jai Mi said as she entered into the car and banged the door close.

Abruzzi and Nicklaus entered too and she started the ignition.

“We should he out of here i guess”. She said and drove away speedily.

“We’re headed for the black market right?”. She Asked but Nicklaus didn’t reply as he was in deep thought of how to punish Morgana.

The car came to halt and the gate man opened the door for them to drive in.

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As usual they were surrounded by gun men and disarmed.

You came earlier than i expected”. Hayato said smoking a cigarette as he approached.

“Keeping to my end of the deal you know”. Nicklaus said

“You have proved yourself capable of infiltration, where’s he?”. Hayato said. Abruzzi opened the boot and dragged out Fibonacci out with Jai Mi.

“i want to know Bushido are you back to the gangsters way”. Hayato asked. “Just business”. Jai Mi said and Nicklaus wondered where she got the name ‘Bushido’ from.

“Just business you say but when the gang lords come searching for you make sure you tell them that”. Hayato said.

“What is he talking about?”. Abruzzi asked.

“It’s Just a matter of time before Fibonacci gang finds us”. Jai Mi said.

They’re welcome to try”. Nicklaus said.

“You seem confident young man, tell me about yourself?”. Hayato said.

“We’re here for business not personal talks”.

“You’re right Nicklaus, you sound like a hardcore gangster”. Hayato said.

“Are we done here?”. Nicklaus asked.

“Of Course, you kept to your own end of the deal so we’re cool, if you want something else, we would strike another deal”. Hayato said.

Nicklaus made to leave when he saw some men Offloading boxes from a truck .

He was drawn to it which made him ask.

“What’s that?”. He Asked.

“Oh, a device that was completed by a renounced lab in Seoul city, a device that helps to connect to networks in other planet”. Hayato said. Nicklaus eyes popped out.

“Can it connect as far as galaxy?”. Nicklaus asked.

“No Mrs. Nicklaus but there’s this new tech that we ordered, it hacks into devices in planets even as far as galaxies, scientists believe there are humans in other planet so they develop this device to send information to outer space and wait for responses “. Hayato said.

Can i get one? “. Nicklaus asked.

And what does Mr. Nicklaus want with this device? “. Hayato asked.

Deal or no deal “. Nicklaus asked with a stern look.

Deal Mr. Nicklaus but you’ll run another errand, remember i don’t take money “. Hayato said.

Capture another gang lord or something greater? “. Nicklaus asked.

Something greater indeed “. Hayato said and snapped his finger.

One of his guard left and returned with a picture which was handed over to Nicklaus.

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You see that woman and kid in that picture, they’re strange things we’ve been trying to Track about them all his while, as you can see in the picture they’re faces don’t show there, whenever he capture their faces there’s this light that covers their face, isn’t it strange “. Hayato asked.

So What’s the deal? “. Nicklaus asked.

That’s the address of the lady behind the picture, we’ve sent people to capture her but they never return “. Hayato said.

She’s tough i guess “. Nicklaus said.


“Deal”. Nicklaus replied.

They got into their car and drove away.

“What do you want the device for boss?”. Abruzzi asked.

“I might be able to get across to Elisa with it”. Nicklaus said.

Jai Mi just kept driving wandering what they were talking about.

They dropped Nicklaus at the location and he opted he wanted to go alone so they drove off.

He heaved heavily as he approached the building, he wondered what a bungalow was doing alone at the field.

He made to knock when the door opened and a lady walked out.

They were shocked to see each other and their lips froze.

“Nicklaus”. The lady said.

“Diana?”. He Said.

“What are you doing here on this planet, you came to ruin my life right? “. She Asked..

You were dead right? “. He Asked.

Of Course, after you left me for my sister Morgana, it was hell carrying around that seed you put in me, you neglected me because i was pregnant with your guard or have you forgotten and your father finished off the job my making the council send me down here “. She said angrily.

She swerved her hand and an invisible force threw him away, he crashed roughly to the ground and groaned.

Tell Me Nicklaus, how’s my sister who you left me for, i heard you guys were getting married, did she come down here with you? “. She Asked but there was Nicklaus struggling to get on his feet.

“This is a joke right, you got no powers again or am i dreaming.. Oww neither are you healing”. She said and clenched her fist raising it up slowly.

A force rose Klaus up as slowly and he was back on his feet.


Morgana was about to shot one of her victim as usual when she felt a sharp pain at her back.

The man quickly grabbed her neck to the bed choking her with all the strength in him.

A little girl walked out of the house and hide behind Diana’s back.

“Mom who’s he?”. She Asked.

“Esther meet your Bastard father, Nicklaus, The Son of the devil”. Diana said and Esther became frightened hearing the word devil.

“and Nick do meet your lovely daughter of whom you abandoned for Morgana”.

Diana said with a wicked smile.

That was when Nicklaus saw a group of gun men at the end of the road, all aiming their rifles at them.

They were dressed in a white outfit which had a red skull at the middle.

He needed no one to tell him it was Fibonacci gang.

He made to grab Diana down when he felt a hand choking him, he dropped to the ground struggling to breath.


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