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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 11

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


Nicklaus staggered to his feet as he lost Morgana into the crowd.

“That daughter of a bitch!”. He cursed out.

Morgana break through the ground trying to find Nicklaus but couldn’t.

Nicklaus turned and saw that the manager was leaving already.

He jumped on the podium and raced after him.

He was stopped by the guards but ordered they let him pass.

Nicklaus paid the manager for a night stand with a stripper called Nana Choi. The manager told him that if someone paid a higher man then he won’t have her, Klaus agreed.

With the sum he deposited he was sure no one could pay more than that.

He walked up to where the bartender was and ordered for wine.

That was when he saw Evelyn, he tried to recognize her but he couldn’t remember where he saw her body.

Nicklaus popped open the cover and poured the wine into a cup.

He gulp in the content and looked around if he found Morgana.

The Club was beginning to close and people were trooping out already.

The manager approached Nicklaus and dropped a key in front of him.

“You have her, Room 47”. He Said pointing to a narrow corridor.

Nicklaus nodded as he took another cup of the wine.

The manager approached the stripper and whispered something into her ear.

She catwalks toward Klaus and he smiled.

He lead her by the hand as about four guards followed after them.

Two stood by the entrance of the Corridor and the other two stood at the door. Nicklaus entered into the room with the stripper and she locked the door behind them.

“You look new here”. She said taking off her shoes.

“Yeah i guess”. Nicklaus said and they heard Gunshots outside.

“Did you here that?”. She said and rushed to her drawer.

She took out a gun and open the door.

They Peeped out and saw the two guards by the door attending to the other guards who were shot.

Nana Choi quickly ran up to them.

“What’s happening here?”. She Asked.

a lady attacked and shot them down”. One of the guards said. She turned back and pointed her gun at him.

“Who are you?”. She said.

“Hey calm down, I know nothing about this”. Nicklaus said and she lowered her gun.

“I don’t think our night stand would hold anymore, tomorrow 7pm, be here”. Nana said.

“Can me make it 7am?”. He Asked.

He was given 48 hours to get this man, time was running out already, whoever ruined his plan was gonna pay for it.

Did they say a lady, no, Jai Mi wouldn’t have the guts to do that. “Whatever”. She said and catwalks into the room.

“Call the ambulance”. She said.

Nicklaus approached the guards and squat beside the body. “Did you see the lady?”. He Asked.

“Blonde hair and one of the beautiful thing on planet earth”. One of them said. “Morgana”. He whispered.

“Did you say something?”. They asked.

“No, Just call the ambulance and make they’re fine”. Nicklaus said.

He left the club full of anger and fury, for what she just did, he was gonna make sure she paid for it.

Abruzzi and Jai Mi were about to drive off when they saw Nicklaus.

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Jai Mi quickly got down and opened the door for him.

“You arrived earlier than expected boss”. Abruzzi said.

“The plan was ruined”. He Said Angrily.

Jai Mi eyes popped out wondering if her plan had failed.

Nicklaus was gonna rain his wrath on her.

“Morgana was here”. Nicklaus said and Abruzzi started the ignition.

“What was she doing?”. Abruzzi asked.

“I don’t know but she ruined our plan, she shot two of the stripper’s guard”. Klaus said.

“Did she know our plan?”. Abruzzi asked.

“No, but one way or the other she must have known shooting those guards would ruin whatever i came there for”. Klaus said.

“Who’s Morgana?”. Jai Mi asked but she got no reply from them.


Morgana sat on the couch and crossed her leg exposing her lap.

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“You’re back ma’am”. Evelyn said walking down the stairs.

“You didn’t follow me to the club to search for a mate, did you?”. Morgana asked…

“Just want to catch some fun ma’am, did you get anyone?”. Evelyn asked.

“The son of a bitch ruin all my plans”. Morgana said.

“Nicklaus was there”.

“Of Course he was, we had a good fight which i quite enjoyed, i discovered he wanted to meet a stripper tonight so I shot down the strippers guards and escape, well the blame would he on Nicklaus right now?”. She said.. “You ought to be careful ma’am, if he dies, you die”. Evelyn said.

“Well said Evelyn”. Morgana said and kissed her on the fore head.

“Good Night “.

Next Day

Nicklaus dropped a bag in front of Abruzzi and raised his head up.

Good morning boss “. He Said.

There’s nothing good about the morning Abruzzi “.

“Sorry boss”.

Jai Mi could be seen walking down the stairs on a short skirt and sleeveless shirt..

Abruzzi bite his lips and quickly looked away before he was caught by Nicklaus.

The both of you are carrying out an assignment this morning when am out to meet the stripper”. Nicklaus said.

“And what can that be?”. Jai Mi said as she approached them. Nicklaus glance at her from the head to the toe and exhaled. “Well you’re going to punish Morgana”. Nicklaus said.

“Um. No one wanna tell me who’s this Morgana?”. Jai Mi asked.

“I won’t condone any mistakes, this must be done expertly, there are C4 bombs in the bag, you’re both going to Morgana’s home, i don’t know how you do it but you’re gonna plant them in her garage, we’re blowing up her cars”. Nicklaus said. “Boss going to Morgana’ s house is…..”.

“Don’t give me excuses Abruzzi and don’t forget to put our usual banner “. Nicklaus said.

“Well what are we waiting for?”. Jai Mi asked.

Morgana could putting on her cloths and on the ground laid a man who had two bullets stuck in his chest.

“Well i guess am gonna lose all my neighbours shortly”. She said trying to put her bra on when Evelyn entered.

“Hey Ma’am your meal is ready”. Evelyn said.

“Oh, do Dispose this body in one of the coffin and I’ll join you in the dinning”.

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Morgana said beaming an evil smile.

Evelyn dragged the body away while Morgana finished dressing up.

After the break fast they left for the mall, Morgana feels her dress were outdated so she needed new ones.

As They Walked out of the mall Morgana stopped by a little girl who was playing with her friends.

“Mean Ho”. She called out.

The little girl turned back and was shocked to see her.

“You recognize me don’t you?”. Morgana asked and Min Ho nodded.

“How’s Your freaky father, was the ball transfer successful?”. Morgana asked and the little girl stared at her blankly not understanding what Morgana meant.

“Oh the cash wasn’t enough right, take”. He Said handing a bunch of money to her.

“That will do”. Morgana said and catwalks to her car.

She opened the door and they got in before driving off.

As They got closer to the house, Morgana was shocked to see a crowd there and fire fighters trying to put off the fire in her garage.

“What the hell is happening?”. She said rushing out of her car.

“You have to stand back ma, there was an explosion in your garage and we need to put it off before it spread to the building”. One of the fire fighters said. She pushed him away angrily and sat on the bonnet of the car.

Her garage couldn’t just explode except someone caused it to and there was only one person who was her enemy down here on earth. “Nicklaus”. She shouted.

Abruzzi and Jai Mi could be seen watching from afar.

“Be not glad Jai Mi, boss is never impressed with whatever we do, he’s Cold hearted “. Abruzzi said.

Can you tell me more about boss? I think i like him, he’s cool, handsome and…. “.

Cut it Jai Mi, if you knew Klaus you wouldn’t ever think of falling for him “Abruzzi said and a message popped in his phone.

Boss got the location from the stripper, the deal is happening now “. Abruzzi said.

So.. We’re moving there “. Abruzzi said entering the car, Jai hoped in and they drove away.

They stopped by an abandoned warehouse and Klaus approached them.

“Did i have to tell you that you should have blown off her house too?”. Nicklaus asked.

“You said her cars boss”. Jai Mi said.

“blowing up her home would have spiced things up”.Nicklaus said.. “What’s the plan to get Fibonacci?”. Abruzzi asked.

Nicklaus felt a sharp pain in his hand and quickly roll up his sleeves.

There was a writing on his hand and it was painful like someone was writing with a knife on his hand.

“Shall we start?”. He reads out the word. “Start what?”. He thought.

He felt as slap on his cheek and he groaned out.

A punch hits his stomach and he moaned clenching to his stomach. And then he felt his eyes itching him like spice was poured into it. Nicklaus tried to open his eyes but couldn’t as it was painful.

“Boss is everything alright”. Jai Mi asked.

“Morgana!”. He groaned angrily.


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