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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 10

Frozen Love

Frozen Love

“If you shoot at them boss they’re gonna shoot back, that’s the rule”. Jai Mi said increasing the speed of the vehicle.

“I make my rule, no objections”. Nicklaus said.

“Sorry boss”. Jai Mi said.

She turned the steering speedily and drift into the road by the road.

The cop vehicle tried to do same but couldn’t catch up with them.

Jai Mi looked through the mirror and saw two of the cops car still behind them. The cars were moving so fast and it was only a matter of time before they catch up with them.

She overtook a truck and went through the wrong lane, the incoming car was about to hit theirs when she went off the road.

The vehicle hits one of the cop car leading to a collision.

“And now they’re gonna send more cops after us, we need to evade them as fast as possible”. Jai Mi said.

She struggled with the steering driving back to the road.

They were approaching a cross intersection and the traffic light was red meaning they should stop.

“Why don’t we just create a damn blockade”. Nicklaus said and climbed the roof. He waited for them to enter the intersection before he shot the tire of one of the pursuing vehicle.

Jai Mi was fast to escape the hit of a truck in the intersection.

The truck quickly stopped and the cop car which lose control hit against the truck causing an explosion.

“Congratulations were officially gangsters”. Nicklaus Said returning to his seat.

“You don’t actually want this you know”. Jai Mi said.

“You do whatever i say Jai Mi, remember we had a deal”. Klaus said.

“and that does not imply killing cops?”. She said.

“If you’ve forgotten Jai Mi i have a loaded pistol behind me”. He said and she nodded.


Morgana and Evelyn alighted from the car and looked around.

“You what exactly are we doing here ma’am?”. Evelyn asked.

“You know Evelyn I love the stunts you pull, don’t think because you’re my only friend down here, don’t think i can’t kill you”. Morgana said. “Am sorry lady Morgana”. Evelyn said.

“Thought about what you said starting a new life”. Morgana said and chuckle.

“Nicklaus is out there building an empire and i won’t just sit back doing nothing”.

Morgana said and Evelyn’s eye popped out.

“Are you going to build an empire ma’am?”. Evelyn asked.

“Am not Nicklaus, Nicklaus wants power, i want popularity, i want to be famous”.

Morgana said and bite her lips.

Evelyn was more careful now not to reply some of Morgana’s words.

If she wishes to soliloquise then let her have it that way.

“What is this i hear about being an actress?”. Morgana said sitting on the bonnet but Evelyn seem not to answer her.

Morgana pulled out the gun under and skirt and grinned at her.

“When i talk you, you reply, don’t forget am still your boss down here”. Morgana shouted.

“Okay ma’am, could you please Lower the gun, this is a public place”. Evelyn said and Morgana retreated her gun.

“Sincerely my lady i don’t like the way you act toward me, this moment you’re kind and the other you’re harsh”. Evelyn said.

Morgana made to scream at her but remembered Evelyn is the only one is have down on this planet and she seem to know a lot about it.

“Can’t i scare you for a sec?”. Morgana said beaming a fake smile.

Evelyn raised her head up and forced out a smile.

“There’s a cop over there ma’am you should hide the gun”. Evelyn said.

Morgana returned the gun into the holster and exhale.

“Evelyn thinks because am a mortal we’re now equal, Nay, I’ll make new friends down here and you’ll just return to the miserable maid you were at Kepler”. Morgana thought.

Kingdom Of Persia

Elisa could be wearing her shoes speedily, she rose up and ready to leave that was when Daniel emerged from the shower.

“Hey babe don’t tell you’re leaving”. Daniel said.

“Am sorry Daniel but I just received a message that my attention is needed in the Palace right away”. Elisa said.

“But You promised to spend the day with me”. Daniel said.

“Am sorry babe but i gotta go, you know what the king can do if you snub his calling”. Elisa said and Daniel nodded.

“I can’t promise again Daniel but I’ll try and make it up to you later today”. Elisa

said heading for the door.

“No goodbye kiss”. He Asked.

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She paused and turned back.

“Hush! If the kiss would compensate for this then…”. She said and kissed him on

the lips.


She hurried out of the house into an awaiting Jet from the Palace, In two minutes they arrived at the Palace and she hurried in.

“Where’s Father ?”. She Asked Shania who was chasing a cat around the Palace.

“In his chamber i guess, whereas where have you been?”. Shania asked.

“I gotta go, later sis”. Elisa said and walked away.

She found her way to her father’s chamber, she tried to enter but the guards blocked her way with their spear.

“Let her in”. The kings voice rang and they did.

She bowed before him and he signaled that she got up.

“How are you coping with your brother’s absence?”. He Asked.

“Excuse me father, Did you bring me here to remind me of the pain you caused me?”. Elisa asked.

“You should be grateful daughter, living with that son of Lucifer is gonna make you like him”.

“I guess you forgot he’s you’re son”.

“Nicklaus is not my son, he’s a bastard and the only child we gives me headaches”. “No father, you can’t say that about Nicklaus, everyone in this family contributed to what he turned to, all your unconditional hatred for him turned him into the beast he’s become”. Elisa shouted.

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“I can see how honey pie is defending him, i guess that implies the unending war between Morgana and him”.

“That’s something else but he wasn’t cold hearted, Nicklaus would never go after Morgana for no reason and that anger which made him do what he wants, it started right here in this Palace, that anger was feed by all your hatred for him and when the anger grew to a giant monster you blame him? “. Elisa asked.

You ain’t different from Anyone in this Palace “.

Pardon? “.

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You pretend like you love him but you only used him, admit it, you wanted Nicklaus for your protection, your own selfish will “.

No father you’re wrong and if this is what you called me here for, am out! “. She said and made to leave.

No one dares walk away from me “. He grinned and she turned back.

We’re here to talk about your isolation from now onward “. The king said.

Father, what does that mean? “. She Asked.

That thing you displayed back at the court is dangerous, thank your stars no one was hurt “. The king said.

“What will happen if someone got hurt, tie your daughter to a pillar and use the firing squad to kill her right?”. She Asked

“Don’t bring up that Elis we caught Nicklaus alre, that’s what was essential” “From now you’re restricted from leaving the Palace and you’ll be on guards watch for 24 hours”. He added.

“You’re kidding right, am i some sort of criminal now “. Elisa asked.

“That power is dangerous so you’ll be kept on close watch, you behave well, it’s just for a few month but if you think you can carry on Nicklaus’ mantle well it’ll be extended to years”. Elisa said.

‘Father, are you done? “. She Asked.

Of Course “.

You know father, i seem to wonder if we’re your children, it’s only a matter of time and you’ll lose all of us, we might become like Nicklaus you know, i know your secret father, you didn’t contact the council because Nicklaus had a war with Morgana, it’s because you’re scared of him, you’re afraid Nicklaus is gonna find a way to kill you and take your kingdom”. Elisa said angrily.

“Well said daughter but I’ll have to remind you your guardian angel isn’t here anymore, watch your lips”. He threatened.



A vehicle parked in front of a building and Morgana got down with Evelyn. Reggae Music was booming from the building and you needed no one to tell you it was a night club.

“You can find yourself a man tonight Evelyn, guess I’ll relieve you of that today”.

Morgana said running her hand through her head.

“Are we kind of here for a mission or just a normal outing”. Evelyn asked. “You know Evelyn those coffin under the house can’t be kept empty you know, well someone must fall into my bait tonight”. Morgana said and catwalks from the car Evelyn followed after her immediately.

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Shortly a black Jeep drove to the premises and the doors opened wide.

Nicklaus, Abruzzi and Jai Mi got down and closed the door behind them.

Nicklaus stared at the picture he was holding and turned to Jai Mi.

“Are you sure about this?”. He Asked.

“Yeah, you can’t find this Fibonacci except when he has a deal with someone, so if you go to his house it’s suicidal, we can’t bypass the security “. Jai Mi said.

“So we strike a deal with him and then we can capture him?”. Abruzzi asked. “It isn’t easy as you think, there’s a stripper in this club she’s responsible for arranging meeting for Fibonacci if we can get her then we know the location where he’s striking another deal with his client ‘. Jai Mi said. “I guess we’ll just kidnap her”. Nicklaus said.

“Bad idea, she have lot of guards around and they’re quite armed you know”. Jai Mi said.

“It’s time you tell me Jai Mi, who are you?”. Nicklaus asked.

“I’ve told you boss”.

“The loaded pistol behind me is calling my attention so start speaking”. Klaus said. “Fine, am one of the gangsters who run errands for the gang lord, I’ve quit the dirty job but you’re pulling me back into it ‘. Jai Mi said.

How do we get the stripper? “. Nicklaus asked.

It’s quite dangerous “. Jai Mi said.

Nicklaus gave her a stern look and she continued speaking.

“Anyone who wishes to have a night stand with her pays money to the manager

and at the end of the club the individual who paid the highest about have her all to

himself”. Jai Mi said.

“Sound easy”. Abruzzi said.

“Whatever hotel you take her too, the guards are gonna follow up so kidnapping her is not an option, you just have to get her drunk and during the thing you know… You make her spill the location of Fibonacci next deal”. Jai Mi said. “That’s not a problem for boss, that’s what he does best?”. Abruzzi said. “One more word from you Abruzzi…”.

“And you’ll feed me with my tongue, sorry boss”. He Said.

“Good, have a nice time at the club, I’ll find my way home when am done”.

Nicklaus said and made to leave but paused.

“Remember Abruzzi, you don’t touch what’s mine, Jai Mi is now one “. He whispered into Abruzzi’s ear before leaving.

What did he say? “. Jai Mi asked as they entered into the club.

Just threats as usual “. Abruzzi said.

Nicklaus walked through the crowd, there was a lot half naked ladies dancing in front of men.

He looked around and saw a man in suit sitting close to the DJ, that must he the manager.

He made to move but bump into a lady..

The stage light in the club was rotating so he couldn’t see her face as the light was

focusing on another direction.

Neither could the lady see his face.

“You want some sugar”. He asked.

“Of Course”. He Said and kissed her on the lips…

“But I have a rule you know, no one sees me naked and leave to tell the story, should we proceed? “. She Asked.

Nicklaus retreated slowly from her with his eyes popped out.


The lady seem to be shock by how he knew her name, just then the rotating light flashed past them and they got a glimpse of their faces. “Nicklaus”. Morgana shouted.

She hits him on the face with her fist and she felt the pain on her face too.

She threw another punch but he dodged it and grabbed her by the waist.

He hits her on the ground and he felt a sharp pain in his back.

Morgana forced her teeth into Nicklaus ear and bite him so hard, she screamed out as she felt pain in her ears.

Evelyn could be seen drinking alcohol as she watched them fight.

“The council did well to bind you”. She said been drunk.

“Your now abide by the law, every action has equal and opposite reaction”. She said and burst into laughter.


Hmm. This two came to earth to act the part two of their Jackie Chan Vs Bruce Lee, let’s see how it goes…

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