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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 8

“Hey you sleepy head, get up now”
I groaned sheepishly as I opened my eyes, my head felt light as I tried to put one and two together. Suddenly my thoughts began gathering together as the pieces of the puzzles fell in place. I stylishly turned sideways to see Audrey backing me, she was staring at a mirror. Rage poured into me as I attempted to roll over but I could not.

“Damn you, what have you done to me?” I barked out furiously.

“Calm down darling, we are on the same side” she replied.
“Same side uh, and you knocked me out and now I can’t move” I fired back.

“Well that’s for a reason, I knew you would be mad at me when you wake up and can react furiously even though it won’t help your cause since you have five more minutes before your mission hence the semi-paralysis mode I induced you into. So I want you to listen good and be a good boy when I release you”
She walked behind me as I nodded my head obediently, she pulled out a pin stuck at the back of my neck, immediately strength came back. I quickly withdraw my gun and pointed at her who did not make any move but raised her hands in submit.

“Who are you and who sent you?” I asked.
“Ok.. My real name is Rita, I’m also an Assassin, I graduated six years before your training was completed. I am your Mentor and guide on your final test, without me you would be dead or might still even die so please save your bullets because you would really need it later”
I hid my gun again and looked at her for more explanations.

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“Whenever a new set of Assassins are to be graduated, they are given a first Assassination mission, which is to test your killing and endurance ability, a certain Assassin is assigned to guide each young Assassin and you are lucky to have me” she paused smiling, expecting me to ask a question which I did not so she continued.

“I gave every feedback to the Creed and acted as your secretary, here take this mirror and you would be proud of my handiwork, I called to inform them that you had an accident, you see Mr Ribandu is a very careful man, he has six guards walking with him at once and another four at a same distance in case of trouble so it would have been pretty hard to take him down, he wears bullet proof vest all the time so the likelihood for him to die by bullet wounds are very small. You see Mr Ribandu has one weakness which is doing business with the white men so you can see why he could endeavour to do business with you even inside your lodgee. Well I have played my part, the rest is left to you, if you fail in this mission, I won’t miss you even though the s*x we had was great but if you manage to live through this, jump through the window while wearing this. Take care Xavier. One more thing, work more on your hand to hand combat skills because you were wack when we fought last, you have a visitor Love” she said and jumped out of the window.

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I stared at the iron coin she gave me for five seconds before there was a knock at the door.

“Give me a minute” I screamed and peeped at the mirror given to me earlier, I looked like a train ran over me.
“Alright come in” I confirmed.

The door opened up, I made to stand feebly when Mr Sunday Ribandu walked in, his guards at alert as the sniffed around for any danger.

One of the guard brought out a weapon detector to check me out but Mr Ribandu stopped him.
“Good evening Mr Robinson” he greeted.

“Good evening Mr Sunday” I echoed back.
“Its nice to finally meet the richest man in Africa”
Two of his guards mounted the door outside while two mounted inside, the other two standing hands akimbo beside their boss. Their weapons clearly showing between the helms of their suits. I stared carefully at Mr Sunday, two deep criss-cross marks lined both sides of his face, he looked like a hard man, a scar ran down one corner of his neck like he was stabbed with a bottle or knife.

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“Not in Africa young man. Its Liberia. You know, you whites always undermine our continent, you speak like we are colony of pigs living and working in one agricultural forest with no clothes on, Liberia is a different country of its own in Africa, anyway hardluck concerning your accident, I hope you get well soon” he corrected me. Well what he said was through, I only studied the map of Africa, the different locations on it was like Africa’s Villages.

“I’m sorry sir, Liberia is a very beautiful place so the need for our company to partnership with you to move this company forward” I explained.

“And what is the name of your company again, I brought out my I.D card and handed over.

“Hmm, Escobar drug industries and co. Limited. Who names a company this way. It sounds shoddy” Mr Sunday mocked.
“Yes same thought sir, I think the CEO was drunk when he named the company” I joked back, Mr Sunday laughed dryly and stopped suddenly. He motioned one of his men nearer and whispered into his ears, the man stared at me wickedly before leaving. I was contemplating whether to quickly kill them that moment or to wait.

“Ok Mr Robinson, can I see a sample of your drug?” Mr Sunday asked, reeling dangerously forward.

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