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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 7

Three pings jolted me out of bed, I quickly wore my boxer hanging at the door of the bathroom then picked my phone to see three hanging messages. I looked at the bed, Audrey was no where to be found neither were her clothes. I smiled, remembering last night events.
“Am sure you can clearly identify your target, you have a meeting with him today so what ever tactics you need to kill him, today is your only chance” the message read.

The other two were from Audrey, thanking me for taking her out and spending the night with her. Well that was not my immediate problem. I needed to know what way I was to kill Mr Ribandu.

I quickly ordered a laptop from the room service, brought out the suitcase and studied all the accessories in the case. The sharp smell on the iron canister pointed out that the gas inside was really poisonous, hence the mask which I was to use. My research on the silver drug showed it to be Colloidal Silver, a pretty harmless drug used in treating diseases. That was my sample to be used in the meeting with Mr Ribandu. The gun was for the kill.

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Satisfied with my findings, I called a waiter to my room, a pretty black lady with hot legs. She smiled as I handed over two bundle of cash into her palms.
“What’s this for sir?” She asked happily.
“Well that’s for you, am meeting with your country’s richest man today and I want him to approve my business proposal so I want you to bring a wine trolley to my room let me save it for him, he would love it” I replied cheekily.

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She immediately nodded her head and left me, a few minutes later my phone rang.
“Are you Mister Robinson Henry” a female voice asked.
“Yes Madam”
“Ok my boss said he would see you at your hotel room by 6pm so get your business proposal ready, we would have asked you to come to a rendezvous place but your company called and informed us that you had an accident earlier so Mr Sunday with his kind heart would conduct the business in your lounge, have a nice day sir” I was grinning wildly even before the phone went of.

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The stage was set for me to activate my part.

The waitress rushed in with the trolley of wine and excused herself there after, I quickly locked the door and ran back. I removed one bottle of wine under the second trolley and replace it with the canister, then tied a rope from the tip of the canister to a bottle at the top trolley. I pushed that to one corner. Then rushed to the bathroom to freshen up.

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My fake beared followed up, just six bullets were in the gun which I put on the safety and tuck into the back of my trousers. The mask la!d in my inner suit pocket. I rehearsed my escape plan and adjusted my room.

Then someone knocked… I peeped through the spy hole and saw Audrey standing at the door, her beautiful face smiling like she knew I was peeping through. Though she was the last person I was expecting to see, I intended to tell her off gently.

As I opened the door, the butt of a gun hit me hard, I remembered been dragged into the room and my door shut before I passed out.

The words Audrey were the last thing on my lips………

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