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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 62

Everybody turned to the direction of the voice, a pale looking young man, blue cold eyes, lean, a sullen face with a well bandaged head stood by the door of the fisherman’s house, he was bent slightly, using the door for support, he looked pale and sick which could make one swear that he never spoke those words.

“Did you say something?” The leader of the gang asked.
“I said drop her down” the pale looking fellow repeated, loud gasps ran through the crowd. He raised his cold blue eyes and focused on the leader. “Drop her down NOW” he repeated.
“Bring that fool to me now” the leader commanded fiercely.

His three gang members brought out their small knives and walked towards the man staring at them like he had no fear in this world.

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The young man opened his eyes alittle and snapped them shut again, the light hurt his eyes, he noticed someone screamed and ran out but he was not chanced to know who was that, his eyes were heavy and his head swirled around like millions of thoughts were thrashing through his brain. He felt his stomach rumble as the thoughts in his head made no meaning to him, just like a child was conflicting his brain cells making them to say everything at once but none made sense to him.

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Finally after about five minutes he opened his eyes and looked around the small room, a dress and needle were la!d on the floor, the person in the room must have been a female or so he thought. A cloak looking like that of a priest was hung on the wall while a black leather claded book la!d on a stool next to his bed. He picked it up and open the cover. “The holy Bible” was boldly written on it. He dropped it down and dropped his legs on the ground, they weighed a ton, he tried standing but kept falling back. Finally he stood and attempted to walk, just like a six month old baby he took few unsteady steps, falling down trice before he mastered his unsteady steps.

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Everything felt new and strange to him, his brain still processed a million silly thoughts which he was yet to get in like terms With.

Suddenly he began hearing noises like a commotion happening outside. He slowly walked out to see an old man sprawled on the dirt, a couple dozen of men, women and children were watching as four dudes dragged a beautiful girl away.

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Then he spoke. No, a voice coming from inside his bowels spoke through his mouth because his brain did not process that information. It was like somebody was speaking inside him without his concent. He was sure he was going crazy when he repeated himself not once but twice.

Then three armed youths approached him aggressively, the problem was that he had no clue on what to do next, his throat went dry when a blow was thrown towards his face……

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