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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 6

The sound of the ringing telephone forced me up. I stretched forward and picked it up.

“Hello sir, am downstairs waiting for you or should I come over” a strange voice with a thick african accent echoed into my ears for a minute I was lose for words. Then I remembered where I was and who I was.
“Hey, no Anglo, I would be downstairs in like thirty minutes” I replied as I got up and rushed to the bathroom to freshen up.

After re-pasting my fake side burns and moustache, I picked up a brown shirt with a pair of blue jeans. Rearranged my hair before stepping out. Anglo Paras was waiting patiently, still dressed in his earlier attire. He coolly greeted me and rushed to open the door for me. My mind was tickling, I needed to do a few things, I had gotten enough surprises for one day so I needed to brace up for any other.
“Sir where would you like to visit? Liberia is a great country, we have a few good tourist spots which you might like” Anglo intruded into my thoughts.

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“Places like?”
“Places like Guanacaste Beaches, Monterverde National park…”
“Well the beach would suit me” I cut in as he grinned happily and diverted into another lane.

The huge beach was a welcome sight to me, I gave Anglo a hundred bucks to have his fun while I walked gently down the beach, watching people dashing in and out of the water, others sun tanning themselves. I had an urge to meet Audrey so quickly dialled her number which I saved earlier, she picked up after the second ring.

“Hey Prince charming” her nice voice rang in my ears.

“Hello Dear, how have you been?”
“Well nothing much, just awaiting your call which was under probability because I was not sure you fancied me” she muttered.

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“I do dear, ok please can you meet me at the beach, I can’t easily pronounce the name, then we proceed for dinner from there”
“Yeah that’s great, I know the beach, just wait for me” she giggled and switched off the phone.

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Thirty minutes later I saw her walking towards me, wearing small shorts and a flowing shirt with flip flogs, she also held a basket filled with fresh fruits, we hired a shade and had fun discussing about her job and mine imaginary one, at least I felt a little guilty not telling her the truth.

We proceeded to my hotel where we had dinner, she was lovely to talk to, I felt like I knew her for ages. We diverge into drinking of red wine, after the third bottle we were pretty drunk. That moment a huge silence followed, even the live band playing suddenly stopped.

I turned to see a man walk in, covered with scores of guards. He was slightly limping and held a walking stick, a cowboy hat sat comfortably on his head, covering part of his face, his broad shoulders signalling power and authority, his guards looked around for any sign of danger before the led him to his seat.

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Hushed whispers followed as the Live band continued playing their melodious tunes.

“That is Mr Sunday Ribandu, the richest man in the whole of Liberia, please can we go to your room now?” Audrey asked as she slumped on my body.

My heart almost ripped out of my chest when I remembered that he was my target, in the same room with me, how was I going to kill that man with a gun, mask and an iron canister without been dead myself. I shivered as I dragged Audrey upstairs, before we landed on the bed, our clothes were flying to all directions. It was like two lions in bed, we ripped ourselves, exhausting every single ounce of energy left in us before sleeping in each others arm.

The thought of Mr Sunday Ribandu merely a farce…

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