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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 59

Friday 13th, 10am

“About ten thousand devoted Catholics are in St. Peter square waiting to be adressed by the pope who would make his second appearance in a few minutes. The Swiss guard numbering just 109 are doing a good job to avoid a stampede in the city of Vatican which has a population of just 594 citizens, 51 members of the clergy and 71 cardinals and nuns which serves in the monastery. The Vatican city is sandwiched between Rome and Lazio but it manages to run its own hierarchy system complete with it’s passport, a radio station and publishing house. I think it’s pretty cool to me.

Seems like we have a lucky guest today in person of a priest, not many of them are seen easily. Lets catch up with him viewers” A young man of about twenty one with a small sony camera said as he rushed towards a young priest trying to conceal himself through the crowd while dragging a large bag along with him.

“Good day Father, please can you spare me a few minutes? I’m John Rick, a free lance journalist. I just want to ask you some questions.

Graham eyed the young man drapped in summer shorts and a black sweats shirt, his bright green eyes sparkled brightly with his black sleek hair. The dude held a video recorder which pointed out that he might truly be a journalist or maybe a spy? He trusted no one that moment. The young man stared patiently at him, the drape smile on his face never ceasing. But time was not on his side, he had to be prepared before the pope comes back to the ‘Loggia of the Benediction” (the balcony where the pope stands to address the crowd), for the Urbi et Orbi (first blessing).

“I’m sorry dude, I’m in a hurry now” The priest answered and tried walking away.

“Please Priest, i just want only a question, I’m covering this event and i really need newspaper editors to pay me good money for my coverage” John Rick pleaded but the priest proded pass him, almost breaking his leg with the black bag.

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