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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 57

Friday 13th, April, 12.15 am

John Kennedy Airport, United states.

“Thank you priest, have a safe trip to the Vatican” a beautiful cherry haired flight receptionist smiled as she handed over the boarding pass and passport to the handsome looking priest, she wished he was not a priest because he could easily make any lady weak in the knees. She stylishly wrote her number at the last page of his passpost incase he was trying to get la!d sometime.

The priest knew what she did but he barely reacted or showed emotions, his heart was heavy and was in no mood to get freaky with any lady. He grabbed his bag, tuck his boarding pass into his cloak and made for the departure tunnel, he barely took notice of his environment as he walked to the small plane leaving for Rome.

His seat was at the third row in the hundred sitter plane, he was placed in between alittle girl and her mother at the window corner. He looked at the little girl who smiled back at him, her two front teeth missing.

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“Welcome to Arid Airlines” a female voice boomed from the speaker above their heads, “the flights to Rome takes eight and half hours , the weather in Rome is 16 degrees celcuis, please tuck in your seat belts, depature time is 12:30 and arrival time would be 8:30am, feel free to ask the air hostesses any questions or request you might have, a traveling coupon is tucked at the back of the seats infront of you.

Enjoy your flight”
“Mister, can you help with my seat belt please?” The little girl sitting by the priest requested. He grunted and helped her with belt. “Thank you Mister, are you a priest?” She added.

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“Yes” he grunted back.

“What’s is your name?”

“Graham, Father Graham”
“I’m Queency, have you ever been to Rome before?”

“Yes I’m a priest there, i serve in the Vatican with the pope”
“What!!! Mom father Graham is working in Vatican with the pope”
“Wow that’s great Queency, dont worry, you would get to see the priest tomorrow” her mother reassured her.

“Father Graham, i have always wanted to meet the pope in person, can you introduce me to him?

Please” she chided.

“Well i don’t think that is possible” Father Graham said breaking into a smile, ” except you are a priest, among the swiss guards or a nun”
“Mum i want to be a Nun when i get to Rome so i could meet the priest” the little child said to her mother.

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“Well you have to finish your education and grow more taller than you presently are, now be quiet and let the priest rest from your numerous questions” her mother chided as she handed over a story book to her daughter. “My apologies father, she is usually a talkative”
“No problem” he replied and smiled at the beautiful woman who might just be in her late twenties, her blonde hair was packed behind her in a ponytail, few freckles dotted her cheeks which gave her a radiant look all completed with a slightly crook nose and a lips he could kiss all night. Quickly he snapped out of his ogling feist and turned away, he was sure the woman would have tagged him a pervert in her mind.

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