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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 56

“F’uck your laws and rules, i quit, you better kill me instead” Jason screamed back, pushing Rita’s weapon off his temple, he got up and made for the door, one of the guard wanted to shoot but Lord Kehl upheld his hand to let the young man go.

Xavier was burning with rage, fear of death was not in his thoughts at that moment because he was already prepared for the worst. Seemed like the news of his revolt had spread like wildfire because everyone both in the main room and the factory were staring at him in dazed superstition.

He left the factory and drove off to his favourite bar where he kept downing himself with lots of beer without speaking to anyone who crossed his path. By 9pm he left the bar and kept driving in circles round the city trying to forget everything about Jason and the creed. By midnight he finally drove home.

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He was vigilant for any sign of danger, carefully he stared around to be sure before typing in his door code, he looked in to see if there were booby traps before he went in. Everything was perfect as he left them, he noticed the mug Jason used last as his emotions tried wearing him down. As he sat down his phone rang, he ignored it the first time but when it rang again he pulled it out from his pocket and stared at the screen.

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“Hello, what do you want?”
“Xavier i understand your frustrations about the death of your friend that was why i allowed you go hoping you might have come back to your senses now. You are a valuable member of this creed and i can’t lose you. please come back son”
“No, that”s my answer, i have quitted and nothing can make me change my mind Sir, i won’t be back” Xavier repiled.

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“Okay i would change the rules for your sake if you do something for me”
“What’s that?” Xavier replied, his hopes turned up at the thoughts of redemption.
“You would perform one more mission on the 13th which is in two days time, you would be taking a trip to the vatican city, you are going to assasinate the pope, what do you have to say?”
After a brief silence on the phone Xavier replied. “i agree, but after the mission i’m through with the creed, is that a deal?”
“Yes, that’s a deal, your mission details are at your doorsteps now, good luck”
Xavier walked to his door after dropping the phone, outside was clear left for a big package at his doorsteps, he picked it up and went inside.

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“Lord, you wanted to see me?” Rita asked as she gently opened Kehl’s office door. Lord Kehl swivered around on his chair to face her, a big cuban cigar tucked slightly inbetween his lips, he pointed at a brown envelope on his table which she picked up and opened. she brought out a picture and smiled.

“That is your next mission”
“That is a done deal Lord” She said as she turned around and left.

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