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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 55

“But Lord, you said you were gonna listen to us, maybe you can decide on his fate after listening to him sir, please!” Xavier pleaded.

“Don’t test my patience young man, when have you started asking questions after every mission given to you? Don’t test my patience boy, don’t forget you should also be punished.

Now pick up that gun or someone else might” The boss screamed out.

Xavier stared at the gun, then at Jason who stared back, a lone tear streaming down his left eye. Xavier stared at Rita who gave him the i don’t care look and turned away. He picked up the gun and slid it slowly through his left palm, he was gently sobbing but tried not to show it much.

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“No, i won’t do it” he replied throwing the gun back at Lord Kehl. “He has a pregnant girlfriend, why can’t you let him go? He does not deserve to die” he said walking infront of Jason.

“Alright fine with me, kill them both” Lord Kehl commanded, one of the guard drew his weapon and aimed at Xavier when Rita sprang up.

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“Wait, i can handle this Lord Kehl” She walked towards Xavier who stood stoned face expecting any foul move from anybody.

Rita cat walked slowly with both her hands behind her back, she smiled seductively.

As she came closer she retracted her right hand and grabbed the top part of Xavier’s shirt and dragged him closer, as he attempted to pull himself away from her she swerve him around swiftly puting her face to face with Jason, her left hand sprouted forth from behind her, she had pulled out her gun, before Xavier could react she shot Jason twice in the chest region. Xavier screamed and sent a left punch to her temple region, she bent low and hit his bowels with the gun sunking him to her feet, the gun went to his head.

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“Get a grip on your emotions Xavier before I’m forced to kill you” she threatened.

“Do it then or else i quit”
“What?” She gasped
“Yes, i quit this creed, i don’t care anymore”
“Have you forgotten our rules?” Lord Kehl interferred.

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