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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 54

Xavier looked around his house for one last moment, maybe that was the last time he might ever see it again. Jason loud horn broke his line of thoughts as he heaved and walked to the vehicle.

“This is my car so get off the driving corner” he screamed playfully at Jason who smiled and showed Xavier the middle finger, as he put the car in reverse his partner jumped in as the car swerve off.

As the duo stepped into their base, the whole place froze like a ghost flew through, the workers were all staring vividly as the duo walked passed to the elevator leading down to the creed main chambers. The workers in the main room took little or no notice of them as each went about their business.

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The large white door of Lord Kehl’s office berkoned to them. Jason took a deep breath before knocking. The voice of Lord Kehl urged them to enter but stop short, the room was occupied by not only Lord Kehl but three huge dudes, Rita sat next to him with two other top notch assassins, one of them the guardian to Jason.

“Waoh, who do we have here if not two illustrious assassins, its a pleasure to see both of you but i would have preferred if one of you arrived in a body bag, so now can somebody explained why this two young men are standing before me all dressed in expensive tuxedos smiling at me” He snapped, his eyes puffing red as an uncanny silence fell on the room.

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“Lord I’m truly sorry for failing my mission…..”

“Sorry? Are you kidding me?” He barked into Jason’s face who remained unperturbed. “I have just lost a valuable client and you wanna explain. Damn you. And you Xavier, what went wrong? You were the best man for the job and you fell for his excuses for failing a mission.

Now tell me, what are we? A charity organization?” He grabbed Xavier’s collar and yanked him closer.

“Is this a charity organization?” He repeated.

“No sir”
“Then why did you disappoint me Xavier? Any way there is a chance for redemption” Lord Kehl said as he left Xavier alone and smiled as he walked to his seat. Jason was grinning wildly as he nod at Xavier in acknowledgment. Lord kehl berkoned one of his guard forward and unbuttoned his gun snap. Lord kehl removed the guard’s Colt.14 hand gun and dropped it on the table, he slid the gun on the table towards Xavier who stared wide eyed at the turn of events.

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“For once i would bend my rules and give you a second chance Xavier, now pick up that weapon and shoot that man standing next to you now…..”

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