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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 53

Chicago, United states.

Xavier la!d on the largest sofa in his spacious room, watching the tube while sipping from a hot mug filled with Coffee, his left hand fidgeted around his phone like he was expecting a call, at intervals he glanced at the direction of the inner door, sometimes his eyes were lost in space trying to dechiper how the meeting with Lord Kehl would go. He felt like a prodigal son returning back to his father, when he arrived from a successful mission, Lord kehl always embraces him warmly but were things about to chànge this time around?

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“Okay baby i would see you soon, love you too” Jason said as he walked into the living room, he punched Xavier playfully on his left shoulder and went to the coffee machine to pour himself a cup. “Miley said she can’t wait to meet you”
“Me too, but first things first, we got to face Lord Kehl and I’m not sure we might get out of there alive, what are your plans if things go south?”
“Oh about that, i don’t think there is any cause for alarm, Lord Kehl did not sound mad when we called him so I’m pretty sure we have no cause for alarm, Miley’s voice have given me every strenght i need. Now wipe that worried look on your face and lets set sail” Jason said and sprang up, pulling Xavier up also.

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