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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 51

“Where is my weapon?” Xavier barked out, frantically searching and looking around to make sure he was not actually dreaming, Jason also searched himself, his two Barreta hand guns were missing. The police speed boat was just about a hundred yards away from theirs with headlights fully trained so attacking Katrina was a vile option.

“I’m sure Alexander gave the both of you two commandments before coming to meet me, those instructions weren’t for the drinking parlour, it was for your journey. I suspected something like this happening when we started the Sea trip so I took your weapons, a lady has to make money through any means, so the both of you better keep mute, those men are holding sniper rifles which realises four bullets per second and they are armed to the teeth, if you engage them, they won’t hesitate to log ten bullets in your bodies before any of you hit the icy water so be cool” She ordered as she put off her boat and raised her hands in the air.
“Damn it, this bitc’h just sold us out” Jason whispered fiercely.

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“We would have fun in prison then, I hope they have a fighting tournament there because my muscles would be a waste sitting idly in one place for years” Xavier joked back.

The police speed boat had already closed in on their location, the light was blindingly enough but Xavier managed to see four occupants, red lights from their weapons were trained on them, the men wore thick bullet proof vest and a full head covered helmet. Black Panther removed the hood covering her face and faced the group. Xavier and Jason gasped, she looked dreadful, like a character from a badly formed zombie movie, half of her hair was ripped out, just a large scar trailed the area, the remaining strand of hair she had left was parked in a pony tail, her right ear was also twisted in a crude manner forming part of the scar that lined that area. The cops might have known her well because neither of them freaked out at her sight.

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“And it’s nobody but the self acclaimed best smuggler in the whole of Russia, the black panther” the leader of the armed team chorused out like a praise singer, “It’s nice to meet with you again” he continued. “Guys do you know that it’s more easier to catch a shark with a fish hook than catching this lady, I once busted her with a boat filled with contraband bundles of Euros stored in five wooden boxes. I arrested her and took her to the station. Only to be ordered to free her and apologize, what was the reason I asked? I was taken to the vehicles to confirm the evidence to nail her but what did we find, we found fishes wrapped in newspapers.

Since then I had been on her trail and this night I might just get lucky” he informed his men who laughed heartedly but that did not stop them from keeping the woman and her two passengers well trained incase of foul play.

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“I think your problem is that you have always been over zealously stupid stalinsky” Katrina said proudly making the last man still laughing to quickly swallow his chuckles.

“Ok, enough of the jokes, where are you going to at this odd hour?”
“Ukraine, with my men. I want to buy liquor”

she answered curtly.

“Your men can’t speak or they are allergic to light like vampires, is that not unusual for pirates…”

“Smugglers” she corrected.

“Smugglers, Pirates, same thing, but they are not overly scared so can the both of you take off your hats” the leader said and positioned his weapon on them.

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