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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 48

The words shocked Xavier making him to collapse back in confusion on the bed, he raised his hands up in a sign that he did not understand Jason.

“Ok when I was sent on this mission, I was glad because that was my first mission in about three months, those three months were not wasted though, I met a journalist and fell in love with her, I knew there was no way to leave the creed without getting killed so I told her nothing and protected her from the creed, in Russia here, I was given a room in the Radisson Hotel facing Red square where my target was to be the next day. That night I heard the best news when speaking with Miley, my girlfriend, she told me I was gonna be a father. I was so excited, we spoke till almost four in the morning. Finally I slept like a baby, Xavier for the first time in my life I felt fulfilled. That was when I broke another commandment in the creed, I overslept and was late for my mission by the minutes. My target was not in sight where I could get him, I panicked them I calculated my bearings and found out that I could still get him if I used the lounge above mine.

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So I grabbed my weapon case and and ran upstairs, forgetting the elevator. I was smart enough to avoid been seen by the CCTV cameras, I shot open a door and walked in, I was glad when I noticed it was empty, I removed my weapon and placed it in between a window blind, my target was perfectly in sight. I was about shooting when someone behind me screamed with a shrill high pitched voice. Without hesitation I turned back and shot twice, hitting the shouter on her shoulder blades.

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When she fell did I realized that I just shot a heavily pregnant woman, she was bleeding and was in the process she was thrown into an enforced premature labor, I lost my mind and forgot all about my mission. That moment I was not seeing a wounded pregnant woman in labour pains, I was seeing my Miley, screaming in pains, I had to call the emergency number immediately and got arrested in the process. But I was never gonna sell the creed out no matter what, it was my cross to bear” Jason explained as he broke down in tears.

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“That’s Ok Jason, am sorry for trying to kill you, I think Lord Kehl would understand when we tell him what transpired during your mission”
“NO, don’t, Lord Kehl might just kill Miley if he knows, we would just tell him that I was not compromised yet” Jason cut in.
“Ok ok ok guys let’s cut the long story short, that’s just a little problem, the bigger issue you boys should worry about is this?” Alexander put on a small television in the room which showed Jason’s picture at one corner of the screen while the shooting scene was showed live.
Jason quickly increased the volume of the television set, a reporter was speaking in front of the burgled vehicle where he once was held.

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“This was where the suspect was held before the raid on the vehicle, all the guards were reported dead, the suspect is on the run, could be armed and very dangerous. A reward of ten million rubbles has been placed on his head, for anyone with information on his whereabouts, I am Karlin Katie reporting”
“Wow ten million rubbles, that’s a lot of money boys, Russia is no more safe, the both of you need to move before the country gets too hot because the Russians don’t joke with a suspect that has killed six of their best men” Alexander said and went out.

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