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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 47

A man laying on a nice foamy bed sprang up, he stared around the room, different weapons lined the wall. There was something kinky about the room which he could not place his mind on.

The door opened and in walked a man, in his late fifties, dressed in a black robe which matched his short black goatee. He still had not changed much from the person whom he had not seen since his last mission in Russia with Rita four years ago.

Behind him was another person he vividly remembered, the former was smiling while the later rest his arm on the door post staring coldly with eyes filled with hatred.

Xavier felt like he was stuck in between two worlds, he neither knew if he was hallucinating or not, maybe seeing things from the present into his past, he made to stand when a sharp pain from his chest forced him back to his sitting position. He raised his shirt to reveal a large plaster on his chest. He exhaled sharply and tried to call the name of the older man.
“Alexander…, Alexander Korjev” the man completed the name and walked towards him.

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“You have a good memory boy, it’s been awhile and boy have you grown, how’s Rita?

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A charming prince you have grown up to be, not that frail young boy who completed his first mission single handedly. I heard you are now the best assassin in the creed”
“Damnmit, that’s enough” Jason screamed and rushed Xavier, pushing the old man away. A blow to Xavier jaw and a tight grip on the wounded man’s shirt pulled him up. Xavier was too weak to resist as another blow landed on his stomach.

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“Why did the creed send you to kill me, what did I do wrong, you better talk or I might choose to just finish you the way you deserve, c’mon speak” he screamed still throwing punches at Xavier not minding his frail state. He withdrew a gun behind him and pointed at Xavier’s forehead. Alexander just sat on the floor staring at them.

“Because you broke one code of the creed, never get caught, Lord Kehl knew you would give out vital information hence the reason you were to be terminated” Xavier confessed spurting out blood.
Jason was taken aback, he help the old man up and placed back his weapon behind him. He pounced around the room like he was weighing Xavier’s words or deciding on his next line if action.
“What if I tell you that I was not gonna give the creed in no matter what, and I willingly gave myself to the cops when my mission failed because I had to make a swift decision?”

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