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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 46

“The subject is in the middle vehicle, I placed a heat tracker on him so it would be easier to get him with out stress, Goodluck X”
A guard put off the phone and ran to the vehicle where the others were waiting, he was the driver of the last vehicle guiding the prisoner. He had just spoken to Xavier and exposed all the routes they were taking to the federal detention prison.

Xavier watched the fast approaching tracker steadily, he was mounted on the top of an abandoned warehouse which conceded him from any passerby, an 8-calibar punisher pistol was on the ground with body heat binoculars and a short sniper with a combat knife were his only weapons. The sniper rifle contained only one iron piercing bullet which he could not afford to miss or else he was doomed. His GPS showed the movement of the prisoner, his target coming that way. He felt a little cold as the cloth on his body was warm enough under the harsh weather. He closed his eyes and tried to think, he and Jason never had never had anything in common until that moment. It was strange that the creed would want to kill one of their own, hence the reason he lied to Fatalveli and Rita that he was on a rescue mission.

He felt sad that he was chosen to do the dirty work instead of resting his wounded shoulder and weary soul. The GPS blinked throwing him out if his self imposed reverie. He picked it up, it showed that his target was just a hundred yards away, he could see the cars from afar, quickly he put on the body heat binoculars and picked up the sniper rifle, the cars were already fifty yards from his direction. He closed one eye, his hand already on the trigger. He could see the men in the vehicles, their body heat giving him a red background in his binoculars, he focused on the second vehicle, then he saw Jason, sitting dejectedly. Xavier exhaled and focused the gun mark on the head of his target. A small alarm shrill out, he took the shot.

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Jason observed the soldiers guarding him, they were half alert, one was nodding slightly in a mild slumber, the other two were discussing while the fourth was lost in thoughts, an idea rushed into his head, he measured the length of his chains to the sleeping soldier, if he was swift enough he could collect the soldier’s weapon, kill the other three and maybe get a fighting chance to escape, maybe he might die which was better. He looked at the small tracker under his b0s0m pocket and smiled. One of the soldier had placed that on him while taking him to the vehicle, which meant the creed had him in view, he just had to play his part if he wanted to survive.

He bent his head like he was sleeping, his eyes shut and his mind murmuring a false prayer just like the woman whom exposed him did. He could believe anything that moment if given the opportunity. Slowly he exhaled and began counting from one to ten. As he reached ten, he dashed forward, hoping to kill the sleeping soldier first when he retrieved the ak-47 automatic rifles. As he dashed forward a metal piercing sound burst out from behind him, the bullet scratched the side of his neck and passed him, hitting the sleeping soldier squarely on his neck. As the man slipped forward, Jason slid under his body, using his hand to grab the gun and shot the three stunned soldiers quickly.
They all crumbled to the floor, stone dead. The vehicle stood and he heard loud shootings, he la!d still, his weapon pointing at the door as the back of his vehicle slipped open.

“F.uck” Xavier whispered as he missed.

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His target had bent at the last second and he had killed another person, bullets sound fromthe ssecond vehicle had blown his cover also, the vehicle stopped as soldiers ran out, raining bullets towards his direction. He grabbed his pistol and knife and crawled towards the other end roof of his hideout. He cursed again as canisters of tear gas were shot untop the roof.
Footsteps were fast approaching from the stairs below, he would need nothing less than three bullets to kill one of the soldiers because of their bullet proof vest and protective clothing and he had just eight bullets only, his wounded shoulder was already bleeding but he barely noticed. He ran towards the direction of the roof stairs, shooting one guard that poked out first squarely on his head, the others were careful as they shot at him and hid again, he was in the open and was a sitting duck target so he went down like he was dead, his gun laying under his body, two soldiers peeped and saw his position, they picked up courage and walked towards him gently, as they surrounded him, one radioed his other counterparts but neither of them replied back.

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Swiftly, he kicked the nearest guard to him, and fired five bullets into the man’s skull, he dragged his knife out and was about throwing to the second guard but the soldier was a tad too quick, he shot Xavier on the chest twice, Xavier screamed and sent the knife flying through the air with his last breath, the knife got the soldier’s forehead, the man fell backwards.
Xavier was already dizzy, he was also bleeding profusely, two soldiers ran towards him, screaming in the Russian language at him, he never bothered to figure out what they were saying because it was all over. He slumped on the ground and awaited death as two bullets shots rang out, he felt no pain but felt like two heavy logs of woods were la!d on his body, he filtered his eyes open and gasped as the two soldiers were laying on his body all dead. A man stood at the end of the building, Xavier tried to figure out who it was but his energy failed him, the last thing he remembered was the man pointing a gun to his face as he gave up.

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Jason heart pounded as the lock clicked open from outside, three soldiers poked their heads in, he quickly sprayed bullets at them and got up, he loosened his chains and picked up a fresh weapon, as he peeped out slightly he noticed that the guards were shooting at some one in a dilapidated building, just six men were remaining, they shot gas canisters to the roof of the building while three men with face mask ran up. He noticed that among the remaining three, the soldier that placed the tracker on him made no contributions to the fight, he was just observing what was going on.
The other two men rushed into the abandoned building before he could decide on killing them himself, he walked confidently towards the remaining man expecting a pat on the shoulder but the reaction of the guard was cold as ice.
“You were supposed to be dead” was what came out of the man’s mouth as the guard pointed his gun towards him, he shot the man first in rage.

The it began to make sense, he was never supposed to be rescued, that metal piercing bullet was for his skull and not to save him, the creed wanted him dead instead, he was mad, his blood boiled in rage he screamed and rushed into the building, as he peeped out side from the stairs, he saw the last two soldiers that ran in screaming at a wounded man on the ground, they were about killing the man on the ground, that was supposed to be his duty so he shot the men from behind and walked towards the body which was seriously bleeding. Fury all written all over his face, he gasped when he saw the face of the man on the ground.

“Xavier, damn you” he spat out as he cracked his weapon

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