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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 45

“This is exactly the spot where the assassination might have taken place yesterday if only the assassin succeded. It is not yet known why Yuri Milner, the man with the largest oil refinery in Yekaterinburg, Moscow was the target but more news are still reaching out to us. Stay tuned”
He changed the channel which showed the president of Russia speaking live on TV, he increased the volume to hear what was been said, his mood was blur, the biting cold did not help matter either, standing inside a hotel suit in the high brow area of Saint Petersburg have him little comfort from his mood, the warm air inside his suite was conducive enough but the coldness of his inner body spread out Making his body to jibe at certain intervals.

“I once said Russians are no nonsense citizens, we protect our interest more than anything else, it pleases me to see that a spy had been captured before he could carry out his duties, he would be transported to a maximum prison unit for further interrogation and if we find out that our rivals, the Americans have a hand in this, they would be punished for it. We take no crime against this country for granted. We are Russians, we are the greatest nation on earth, together we will conquer our…… ”

He put off the TV and sat down, he was tired of the news that had flooded the Internet, TV stations and the papers, every where he turned he felt like voices screamed in his head, how could the assassin be so careless, the creed trained only the best so he never expected any of his colleagues to fail their mission, except something went wrong, Something that the assassin failed to do. The target was to kill Yuri Milner who was attending a national function in Red square, Moscow. Nothing was so hard about it, we’ll that was not his business, he was there to kill the spy/assassin and leave Russia with out any problems.

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He stripped off his clothes and walked into the bathroom, suddenly his mind flirt back to the thought of his colleague, by now they would have began torturing him to the point of madness. He hope he terminates his colleague before he breaks and spill out everything he knew about the creed. Which could prove disastrous. That could cause a real war between USA and Russia whom both endures a frosty relationship. The hot water cascade off his skin as he closed his eyes.

Black Dolphin prison, Moscow.

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A man hung suspended from the ground, his arm tired up to the ceiling while chains lined up his leg connected to electric pods, sweat, blood and fear made the room smell awesome, two huge guards were standing at both sides of the man with huge batons, another guard was seated in front of an electric shocker, two pipes from the machine was connected to the hanging man’s body and his loud cries and shivering body showed that he had been electrocuted severely.
The door opened, a short fat man walked in, his protruding stomach making him look like a pregnant teen, he spoke in Russian to the men which Jason understood clearly, the short man walked towards Jason and stared meticulously into his eyes like he could read his thoughts.
“Young man, are you American?” he asked.
Jason laughed for about ten seconds then spoke in Russian language, saying “NO”, the man turned to his cohorts in surprise, they nodded their heads to confirm the notion that the assassin had been speaking in Russian language since.
“Young man, so you are Russian?”
“And why do you look like an American? “
“Because I was bored with my ugly Russian face”
A guard struck him on the face, making him to cringe backwards as far as his chain could permit.
“Now look the young man, I hate been played for a fool, it would do you more good and save you some pain if you answer me quickly, if you don’t, this might just be a piece of cake when you get to the Russian military prison. You would be tortured there till you forget your name. Now answer me, who sent you?” The man barked out.
“Am Russian sir, let’s just say I sent myself” Jason replied.
“OK, let me prove to you that you are lying, how many Russian commuters are said to ride on the Moscow metro everyday?”
“Nine million, which is more than that of London and new York combined” Jason answered.

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“OK what’s the name of the residence of the Russian president?”
“It’s called the Kremlin Fortress, c’mon that’s too easy man”
“Ok, why would you try to murder the third most richest man in Russia, just like that?”
“Because I was tired of planning killer bean on my x-box alone, I needed more graphic scenarios” Jason joked as another smack on his jaw spurt out blood.

“Ok, this thing here is already getting on my nerves, lose him and bundle him into an armoured vehicle, take ten well trained guards and escort him to the military prison, we must break him and know his sponsors before night fall. The president is already breathing down my neck” he instructed the guards before walking out.

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“You heard the boss, move it boys” the guard seating down screamed out.
Quickly they pulled down his chain from the ceiling and loosened his arms, as soon as Jason touched the ground, he launched a kick straight to the throat of the first guard, another kick on the next guard balls knocked the guard cold, the guards were actually stunned when he attacked at first but when be brought the first two guards down, the third had already prepared for him, as Jason turned, the butt of a gun landed behind his head knocking him out.

The remaining guard called for support, ten other guards ran in to check out the situation, they attended to their partners and dragged Jason outside, three black bullet proof vehicles were waiting outside, he was placed in the second vehicle. Chained behind his back and weapons all focused on him. He smiled at the mean looking security guards who were armed to the teeth, they all wore bullet proof vest and face mask.

As the vehicle pulled into the road, he bent his head thinking, his mission was actually very easy but he allowed a moment of distraction to destroy him, he felt guilty and sad but was sure that the creed was already panning out some way to get him out. That’s why he refused to give them up. If only he knew what was planned just two kilometers away from him

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