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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 44

For a few seconds I was truly stunned as I walked out to one of the poles on the VVIP section, the DJ had earlier announced that Derek had an accident and won’t be available that night, I could hear visible groans from where I waited to be ushered in.

Hundreds of faces stared back at me, some of them already lusting after my junk, the bulge in front of my shorts, some waiting for me to fail, some of them already disapproving me, some waiting in anticipation, then my eyes met two people’s- my target, madame Viktoriya Vyacheslav, her emotions were blank, pretty hard to figure out if she missed her favorite toy boy or she was already getting interested in me, also Rita was seated behind her, she really looked s*xy** in a pretty short flowered – pattern yellow dress with high black pumps, she gave me a thumbs up as a slow erotic music began playing.

I let loose, allowing the drink to control me, I danced, allowed the perverted women to touch me as they wish, I rocked, twisted, showed more than I would have encouraged myself to, a side of my eyes caught Madame Viktoriya Vyacheslav speaking to a bouncer and pointing at me.

At the end of the show I was like about a thousand rubble richer, a bouncer whispered to me that I had a guest for the night. I changed clothes or would I say I put on some clothes before following the bouncer, we enter the VVIP suites and walked down a corridor, I heard different m0ans from the different rooms we passed by, finally we got to the last of the rooms and opened the door revealing about six guards with weapons, they were all alert and searched me before another door was opened for me.
I walked into a semi-dark spacious room, a figure was drinking on the bed, the room smelt of vanilla and rose flavor, I stopped short and awaited further instructions.

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“What’s your name boy?” she asked.

“Francis” I answered.

“Nice name kid, my former boy usually comes in dressed same way he was on stage but I guess you were not well informed that’s why you dressed up before coming, now take them off” She commanded.
I did as told, slowly removing each clothing, she gasped and put on the lights to watch me better, she surely was pleased by my acts.
“You know, after your performance tonight, there was a bidding war, 75% of the women in the VVIP section wanted you for the night, about fifteen million rubbles were joint collected before I won” she said gleefully.

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I smiled.

“This is the first time something like this had happened before, you are really a gem” She added and got up.
She was also Unclad, her firm b0s0m were a little surprising good looking for her age, I was almost tempted to forget my mission and just spend my whole life in her arms.
“Did I cause this?” She towed me out of my thoughts.
I followed her hands and eyes downward, my erection was already visible and roaring it’s pretty head, I blushed and nodded my head. She shriek happily and kissed me, dragging me to the bed, she frollicked around as I gave her the pleasure of her life, I stylishly dragged a pillow nearer with out her knowledge till she started jerking under the impulse of her organism.

I jumped on her body and pressed the pillow over her face, she realized what I was up to a tad too late, her strength was already half way spent, she struggled slightly before going limp, I remained still for about a minute before removing the pillow, I quickly dressed up and ran towards the windows, opened one and slipped out into the cold night.
Rita was waiting for me near a vehicle, she embraced me and pushed me into the vehicle, we drove out fast. The next the all of us returned back to Lord Kehl whom was really impressed, that’s was how we became official Assassins with our house and cars.

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“Sir do you prefer a hot dog or a salad sandwich” the hostess said for like the fifth time before Xavier jumped out of his mild trance.
He smiled foolishly and pointed at the sandwich on the tray, the beautiful hostess took another strange look at him before leaving, his mind was in turmoil, he was not going for a rescue mission, he only said that to decieve Rita and Fatalveli, he was going for a termination mission.
This time he was not going to kill a target but his own fellow assassin, the boy whom he trained and grew up with, the boy who had a fractured arm after their first mission. The boy whom Lord Kehl said had broken the rule of the creed which had unlocked a penalty.

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