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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 43

We were just not a bunch of boys, but loads of them, all colours, height and shapes but we all had one thing in common- cuteness. We all were handsome, cute young boys and we were young, the oldest might just be eighteen or there about.

Another distinctive thing the boys had was that they were all clad in underpants, I almost laughed when I saw a guy in a thong. A handsome tall man walked towards us smiling, at least I was glad that he was not half Unclad like the other boys.
“Hello dudes, I know you would be thinking and trying to digest what you all just saw, well it’s simple, this is a male strip club, where lots of rich, powerful and beautiful women comes to have fun, we entertain them and get rewards at the end, any money you get on the pole is yours, we prefer maximum, top notch performance from you all, actually it supposed to be a couple of weeks before you six are to go out there but we are seriously short of boys so just go out there and please them, thank you, go and mingle with the other boys and ask any questions you like ” The man explained and left us alone.

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It felt a little awkward walking around the large hall with a skin tight shorts but I got used to it after a while, the heater was on to the point that I forgot I was in Russia, it was really hard searching for the main dancer among the boys, every ten boys had their groups, I would have given up but the fear of impending death made me vibrant. I was almost giving up when a young man walked up to me confidently, I froze staring into his handsome face which made me look like an owl compared to him.

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“Uh, I have been watching you for about ten minutes, you have been moving around in confusion, are you looking for someone?”
“Yes… No, Uh maybe, actually am looking for the best dancer among you guys, I wanted to know how he handles his stage fright” I replied. He laughed heartily and placed his hands on my shoulders.
“Well you are a lucky chap, kid. I am the best dancer among my peers here, the crowd favourite anyway, stage fright? Maybe when I first started but now it’s more fun than stress.” He answered.
“Wow, please can you teach me a few steps, not here though, maybe in the bathroom” I suggested.
He smiled and nodded his head, he walked in front of me to the direction of the toilet, I noticed how they respected him when he passed by, nobody even acknowledge me. We got into the bathroom and asked me to watch him as he rolled his waist like a female. After a couple of minutes he asked me to try same, he was standing near a sink so as I walked toward him I pushed him roughly to the wall, before he could recover from the shock I caught his silky hair and slammed it on the sink surface, he add slumped down unconsciously, his head slightly dripping blood. I quickly walked out and went my way.

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A minute later, a loud scream drew the attention of all the boys including mine, Mr favorite dancer was shipped out of our sight, he had a deep gnashing would and a concusion and was taken to the hospital, our leaders looked like a knife was stab through their hearts, they were confused and were in turmoil because of the turn of events. I boldly went up to them and encouraged them to send me forward to replace Derek as I later found out his name to be.
The looks on their faces was as cold as ice, I almost regretted speaking, the boss among them looked at me and smiled, he asked me to show a little dance skills which I did to their surprise. They spoke among themselves in harsh tones before agreeing to allow me as the main kid of the night. But not after I was made to drink two shots of vodka to calm my nerves before I lose everything due to stage fright.

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