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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 42

-Moscow, Russia –

“I think before I leave Russia, I would have knocked out all of my teeth” I joked as I tried to wrap my shawl more tight around my shoulders, the temperature was – 4 degrees Celsius and despite wearing four thick wool sweaters and a shawl around me, I still felt like I was dipped in a bowl of ice cream. We stood in a major tourist zone called the red square in Moscow, my mission would kick off by evening so we chose to take a walk round the city.
“Well the weather suits me enough, it’s the racism and their tense relationship with the United States that irks me out” Rita whispered back.

She took out some crumbs of bread from her pocket which attracted some birds, she slowly fed them as I looked around, there were cops everywhere, mean looking ones which could scarce anyone from committing any crime.
“the birds are state properties and you could bag a jail sentence if you hurt, kill or steal any of the birds, hence the reasons why you see the cops at alert” Rita said she noticed my confused state. I slowly nodded my head and looked away.
An hour later we drove to a cloth store which doubled as a sale zone for young boys used in clubs, I did not realize it because Rita went into an inner chamber and asked me to look around for any cloth I would love to buy, she placed a hundred rubble in my hands, she came out later with a rough looking man who had a red face and smelled of tobacco, he roughly grabbed me and covered my mouth when Rita pointed me out to him. I was dragged into the inner room which she came out from. Four boys my age also sat in the door, on a long rugged sofa, the room smelled stale and stuff even though it was empty left for the chair the boys were sitting on and a round dining table with three chairs. A small green light bulb casted a weird shadow on the wall and the floor. I was pushed roughly to join the boys before the man addressed us.

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“Am Petoskey, he declared arrogantly, am your new boss for now before you are sold out to clubs runned by Madame viktoriya Vyacheslav, am sure some if not all of you might have heard about her, well you all would have an opportunity to meet her in person tonight, and if lucky some of you might get a few hundred rubbles richer and better your miserable lives, first things first if any of you ever escape and inform the cops, I promise to find that person and pulled all the leads of this into his head “he said waiving a gun which he pulled out from the waist band of his trousers. All the other boys cowered in fear but I snickered and smiled a little, Petoskey caught me smiling and point the gun to my face. I raised my arms in mock surrender making him proud of his efforts to install fear in us.
A van pulled in front of the store, two men with weapons walked in, they spoke in Russian and inspected us, finally money changed hands and we were packed into a van, after driving for about thirty minutes, we arrived at a highbrow area and slipped out into a dark corner, we were then blindfolded and taken inside, when the blindfold was taken off, we could not help but marvel at what we saw, the only words that came out of my mouth was WOW….

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