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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 41


“Nice work young men, I can see you all completed your missions with out scratch except this young man over here” Lord Kehl said walking towards us and placed his arm around a boy with sandy blonde hair who had his arm in bandages hung over his shoulder, he grimaced in pain as Lord Kehl touched him. Our eyes followed to his direction making him bend his head in shame since he was the only injured one among us. I never knew his name neither did I bother to ask. We were standing in front of our superiors, I was the only one with a female partner and it pleased me that we also managed to have s*x. I was damn lucky then.

“Am sure your superiors have thought you all the act of killing, Lord Kehl continued as he walked back in front of us. The missions you all completed were test mission, now it’s time for you all to prove yourselves worthy. Your next missions would be chosen by yourself through lots. Your partners would help a little but the major killing style and escape route would be sort out yourselves, incase any of you don’t come back alive then it would be a pity losing my next generation of top notch assassins. Your partners major role is to terminate you incase any of you tries fleeing without completing your missions, Goodluck kids” he said and clapped his hands, a lady walked forward with a tray containing files, six in number.

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We were still in shock at Lord Kehl ‘s words, I turned back to look at Rita again to be sure if she would truly kill me if I fail in my mission, like she was reading my thoughts she smiled and showed me a cut throat sign, nobody needed to tell me that she really understood the Lord’ s order.
“What’s your mission, Xavier?” Lord Kehl asked.

“My mission is in Russia sir, to eliminate Madame viktoriya Vyacheslav” I replied, fingers slightly shaking, the reality of going to Russia was frightening enough not to Include the fact that I was to murder a woman.

“Wow, am sure you are going to enjoy your mission boy” Lord Kehl said smiling, “now boys go and study your files, tomorrow afternoon your missions begins”
We all walked to the elevator a minute after the Lord left and went down to our rooms. I was feeling cold inside but after reading the file I felt worst.

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Madame viktoriya Vyacheslav, a female billionaire who owned about six large hotels, three pubs and at least a strip club in each state in Russia, she was the third richest woman in Russia. A widow with two grown up sons. Then something caught my eyes, she always carries young boys to her clubs, half of them were strip clubs for young men, where cougars and other influential women comes to watch and maybe take their choice for the night. She also had a fetish for young boys more than twice half of her age . The mission looked simple but the major factor was getting her attention and making her take me to bed, I began seeing reasons why Lord Kehl said I was gonna enjoy the mission. I ran to the mirror to check out my face, my looks could easily make a lady drool till she faints, I was confident that I could pass the mission after all..

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That night I dreamt that I was rolling around in a rose garden with an elderly lady who wanted to suffocate me with her large b0s0m and scraty fangs attached to her hands, I woke up shaking badly, I almost screamed when I noticed someone sitting besides me but my mouth was quickly covered and a gun placed on my chest.
“Scream and you are dead, I just came to check your mission details, it looks simple enough and I know you can pull through but I just felt like giving you some tips” Rita whispered into my ears before pulling me to a sitting position.
“OK, I know you are scared, so am I for you, hence the reason I could not help but risk my life to come give you some tips, you see I studied your file while you were asleep and I noticed that that Madame viktoriya Vyacheslav loves young handsome boys like you which makes things easier but the problem is that you won’t be the only boy vying for her attention, another issue is that she would have already gotten a favorite among the boys which would count against you, hence this would be where most of the skills you learnt would come in handy, you have to scalp out her favorite boy and terminate him by any means, just don’t kill him neither should you allow him to perform that night or else your mission is a failure, it’s a timed mission so know that loosing the opportunity is as good as failing the mission, and you remember what Lord Kehl stipulated as the penalty for failing a mission? Death, I won’t hesitate to eliminate you immediately, now here is a book about male strippers, Goodluck Xavier ” she said and walked out.

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I was stunned for about five minutes before I came back to my senses and opened the large book which was a kamasutra for male strippers. It was awkward reading it but I learnt faster until sleep dragged me into oblivion.
The bell woke me up, I quickly took my bath, browse through the file once again before having breakfast which surprisingly was brought to my room by a man in a chef uniform. He informed me that I might get a new house and car if I came back alive when he noticed my profound confusion. I quickly ate and rested again before we were summoned before Lord Kehl who encouraged each of us before handing over our passport and other stuff.

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