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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 4

The journey to the airport seemed like forever, I had never seen the world so beautiful. I loved the scenery, the fast moving cars and the beautiful people, it felt like I was just been released from a military prison. Ten years of mean training had shadowed my mind. I shifted my mind to more deeper things, what my mission was going to be like. I did not find any weapon in the case so how was I going to kill a man without getting caught.

Two hours later I was seated on the first class cabin inside an American Airline plane. The feeling was fantastic, I was treated like a king as I ordered what ever I wanted and drank a lot of champagne more better than the previous night’s.

A message popped into my phone which startled me, “Pick up a newspaper and read boy, you are supposed to be a business man” the message said. I stared around, everybody in the first class cabin where minding their own business, i wondered how the creed knew what I was doing. Quickly I summoned the hostess for a paper and sat crossed leg waiting.
“I hope you are having a nice time sir?” The sultry hostess asked me as she handed the paper over.
“Yes, thank you” I replied.
“So what are you planning to do in Liberia?” She inquired further.
“Business and pleasure” I replied winking. The communication skills which we learnt was helpful then.
“Ok sir, am Audrey, I stay in Liberia also so in case you need pleasures, I can be of help, I like American men a lot” she teased as she dropped a note on my lap and went away.

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I quickly looked around to see if someone was looking and then grabbed the note into my suit pocket.

I felt elastic, my brain bursting into a million particles as the air hostess walked away, swinging her arse directly at me, her ebony skin glittering in my sight. Did a lady just asked me out? Wow!!!

“Please put your seat belts on, we are about to Land in Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport, Liberia. The weather is 32degress centigrade, weather is mild sunny” the pilot announced from his cockpit, his voice booming diligently through the whole plane.

I grasp my belt and snuged it in, expecting to land, my fist clinched in tension. Finally we landed safely. I did not meet Audrey again till I passed Emigration control, I saw her waving at me from the plane. As I collect my luggage, a man stood, 5 feet tall, black with huge nose and eyeballs, holding a cardboard with my name boldly written on it. I walked confidently towards him.

“Hello, am Mr Henry” I whispered a little shy.
“Hey welcome sir to Liberia, am Anglo Paras, your guide” he replied promptly and grabbed my luggage.

The hot sun almost burnt my skin as we walked to his Toyota car packed just outside the airport, he was saying somethings which did not make sense to me until I got into his vehicle. He put on the A.c which almost made me bless him.

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“Welcome to Liberia sir once again”
“Did the Creed sent you?” I inquired.
“What Creed sir, you booked a hotel room about a week ago and I was assigned to be your guide here for the duration of the week you are to stay here” Anglo replied, looking suspiciously at me.

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“Ooh sorry man, I was texting my secretary on the phone and I just spoke out the words too loud” I defended.
“Ok sorry sir” he replied.
“I need to change some dollars, please can you take me to a currency exchange office” I ordered as he promptly complied.

I changed some of my money into the Liberian dollar before going to my designated hotel. The City of Monrovia looked fantastic also, lots of black negroes where hawking and running to their various customers.

“Anglo, why is your name sounding foreign” I asked my driver to kill boredom.

“Well sir I worked for a white missionary before he left the country, he called me this name since he could barely pronounce mine so the name just got stuck which I prefer though” he explained.
“And what is your real name?” I asked again, thrusting forward in apprehension.
“My parents called me Bakoshi..”
“Ok that’s enough, I prefer Anglo” I replied as he choked into a fistful laughter.

The green scenery of the Hilton Garden Hotel was marvellous, semi-decidous small plants and elephant grasses embraced its surroundings. A spring bursting back and forth, I felt relived as I watched swans playing with some tourists. We stopped at the front of the hotel, Anglo opened the door for me while porters rushed from the hotel Balcony to carry my luggage. The greeted me warmly.

As I walked towards the receptionist desk, a lady rushed to me and handed over my room keys.

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“Sir you have been booked already and a visitor is waiting for you” she whispered as I directed the porters to my room.

Who would know me to come look for me? I though, confused at the turn of events.

“Sir I would come pick you by 5pm for sight seeing” Anglo Paras shouted from outside waving his hand as I waved back and walked cautiously to my room.

The door stood slightly ajar, I peeped in but there was no one in, I walked in and shut the door, checked the bathroom which was also empty. Then I turned to the bed, there was a suitcase there, not mine because the porters put mine on a side table.

I clinched my fist and walked slowly to the bed, as soon as I touched the suitcase, someone put a gun to my head.
“If you move Xavier, you are a dead kid” A Female voice barked at me. I froze as the cold point of the gun sent shivers down my spine, I was literally shaking.

“Go down on your knees boy” the voice said again, I had to act fast. Slowly I bent on one knee then swiftly trusted my second leg backwards hitting my captor, as I turned sharply to look at the face. She stood up, fully dressed in black latex and wore a mask.
“Ok Xavier, show me what you got” she said as a right swinging punch struck my face clearly…

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