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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 38

“Target in sight, we are going in, in five minutes time, just stay alert especially when we catch Al-ahmad, his father might be anywhere” Fatalveli voice sent adrenaline pump to her spine.

“Nice, I wish the duo of you best of luck, over and out” she said and dropped the transmitter back on the table, her energy had been rejuvenated, she checked her back pack and rearrange the grenade launcher well, she needed to kill, and kill quickly.

Two men clad in black outfits and backpack crawled carefully on a grassy surface towards a semi-large compound with a fence of about five feet surrounding three large bunkers inside, six well armed men circulated round the fence, they also wore all black outfits and held Ak-47 automatic rifles, a large wooden tower stood at the middle of the compound, two men stood at the top, a searchlight was on a stand in front of them, they took turns to rotate the light round the compound in search of any intruders, the men crawled to a safe spot and sat down.

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“Eight men in sight, that’s easy, your job would be to blend into the guards on the fence, take out one of them and be alert, while I take out the lightning dudes, just remember to be careful, as soon as the light guards are shot, shoot as much guards on the fence with you, I would aid you, then we would get to Al-ahmad and make him force his father out of his hiding place, so just know that one mistake could alert the guards and he might escape discreetly, our dead bodies would then be on display in the morning. Good luck bro” Fatalveli said patting Xavier free shoulder.

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“Just don’t die on me bro” Xavier replied as Fatalveli slipped away, avoiding the search light.
Xavier crawled towards the fence, when he got nearer he slipped off his backpack and removed a sharp army issued jungle knife, a guard had just passed him, slowly he followed the guard and then grabbed his both legs to the outside portion of the fence, before the surprised dude could retaliate the knife had been stuck into his neck, he grabbed his bag and the guard gun before quickly slipping on the fence. He looked around, the compound looked scant, he noticed two guards guiding a bunker which was surely that of Al-ahmad. He put a silencer on a pistol and kept walking slowly like he was one of them, his major attractions was the watch tower, then he saw the shots, the first man slipped off the tower and landed with a barely audible thud on the ground, his partner was still keeping guard, oblivious of the fact that his partner had been shot, then his own shot struck the middle of his head, instead of falling sideways he landed squarely on the lights, sending black out to the compound.

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“Damnmit” Fatalveli cursed.

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