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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 37

“what you did in there was cool Xavier, it takes a guy with real balls to break Nouri like that, now I know why you are the best of assassin in the creed” Fatalveli said as they drove in a grey coloured van on a lonely tarred road.

“I know, but without you shadow walker I would have been good as dead, I can say your shooting skills are top notch, I hope we always remain good friends even outside the creed” Xavier said thrusting his right hand forward, Fatalveli smiled and shook his hand.
“so what’s next?”
“We are killing Al-ahmad tonight”
“What? Not with my wounded shoulder” Xavier cried out.

“You don’t want Nouri exposing you am sure, if we waste one more day Al-ahmad would have gotten news of our coming and might flee, so tell me where his location is, I would participate in this action this time, my baby needs more action” he said patting the AK-47 rifle placed on his leg.

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“OK, Nouri said he is currently hiding in a well fortified building in the small village of An-Najaf, Al-ahmad is in a well guarded bunker that could resist a rocket blast” Xavier explained.
“Good, nice one, Rita did you copy that?” Fatalveli spoke into a wireless radio transmitter joined to the radio stereo.

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“yes, I copy, the village is just ten minutes from your present location, so Xavier is not dead yet, lovely, am feeling quite hot this night, I hope he stays alive to satisfy me after the mission” Rita’s voice replied back
“F**K you B***h” Xavier screamed and broke the transmitter.

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Rita sat in a small room surrounded by six small monitors which showed different locations, she was chewing chocolate candy and paying strict attention to all the monitors which showed nothing unusual, she was already getting frustrated seeing nothing, her file report initiated six hot-spot of Abdel-Razzak mohammed Dhiyab most likely hiding place, she knew he was in one of the location but her frustration was not seeing anything, at least a give away sign would have soothed her frail nerves, Xavier had tried to make it worse but gratefully fatalveli had another pair with him, they were her last hope in catching Abdel-Razzak, she read about the terrorist leader love for his only son, and at least the boy’s capture and impending death would drag him out.

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She sighed and looked at the monitors for the hundredth time, every scene look normal, she [email protected] her palms on the table and stood up to straighten her tired limbs when the transmitter on the table crackled to life, she rushed it like a wounded animal and replied back.

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