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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 36

Nouri al-maliki’s house•

“Now I want us to get to the main points very quickly, what kind of
job do you do?” Xavier said coolly.
“Am a dealer, a honest man, I supply arms to the Iraqi military” Nouri
replied quickly to avoid getting hurt.
“Nice, which means you know a lot of top government officials and great men”
The man nodded his head in approval, Xavier smiled.
“Even Abdel-Razzak Mohammed Dhiyab right?”
Nouri stiffened up in shock, he muttered some gibberish and kept
quiet. Xavier retracted one of Nouri’s hand from behind him and placed
on the table, the butt of his gun landed severely on Nouri’s middle
finger, which made the elderly man scream out in pain.
“Even Abdel-Razzak Mohammed Dhiyab right?” Xavier screamed in his ears.
“Yes, everyone knows him, he is a terrorist lord” Nouri cried out bitterly.
“Agreed, he is a terrorist but that those not stops you from selling
weapons to him, isn’t it?”
“I don’t, I have never met him, no-one knows his location, I have sold
to his boys before though but am legitimate now, I sell to only
authorised officials” Nouri confessed.
“Good, I like your answer, its good to be legitimate, and am glad you
have not met Abdel-Razzak before but I have one other question for
you” Xavier said, patting the bald head of his victim.

“My source informed me that you sold weapons to his son’s guards just
yesterday and you know their location, so please can I know Al-ahmad’s
new location?”
Nouri raised his head and stared at Xavier for some seconds before
shaking his head and muttered the words “No”
Xavier grabbed Nouri hand back to the table and broke two more fingers
on his left hand. The man screamed but refused to spill out the
information Xavier needed.

“If I do, Abdel-Razzak would find and kill me, his son means
everything to him and just three of us knows the boy every location, I
can’t, infact just kill me now” Nouri spat out. Two of his teeth were
missing, half of his fingers were broken and he had numerous injuries
on his body including bullet wounds.
Xavier was frustrated at the turn of events, he knew it was not gonna
be easy but he was surely running out of moves to make Nouri speak
out, the man was really scared of Abdel-Razzak and was not willing to
spill no matter what, he raised his head and stared at the table, then
smiled, why did he not notice the picture since, he walked confidently
to the table and picked up a picture frame sitting on the table then
walked towards Nouri who bore a frightened look on his face.

“Fatalveli, can you tell me what Ariana is doing now?”
“Yes, she is rolling around in bed, can I kill her now?” Fatalveli
joked back, he was seeing no one like Ariana but he knew Xavier had a
plan so he played along.
“No don’t kill her yet, let’s give her father sixty seconds first”
When Nouri heard “don’t kill her yet, he stiffened and straightened up.
“What are you up too? Please don’t hurt my family, I would pay you
double of what you are paid for interrogating me, please don’t hurt my
family” he pleaded.

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“Ok I won’t, only if you give me the information I need, you have
forty more seconds before she is dead, then your wife goes next and
then your two daughters”
“No, I won’t talk”
“Think about it Nouri, do you want to save somebody else in place of
your favourite daughter?”
“I still won’t talk, Abdel-Razzak would haunt me down if anything
happens to his son”
“25 more seconds Nouri, I hope Abdel-Razzak gives you children and a
new wife after this. Come to think of it, you earlier said just three
people knows the boy’s location, how would Abdel-Razzak know that you
spilled the beans?”
“Because the three people are Abdel-Razzak himself, the boy’s mother
and I, I can’t risk it.” Nouri shouted back.

“Fine, have it your own way, because after murdering your family I
would remove every part of your body before leaving you alone just to
get the information I need, so think about it, you would become a
widower overnight with missing body parts, you have just 15 seconds
“You won’t understand, what Abdel-Razzak would do to me would be a
hundred times more painful than what you are claiming, I can’t, I
“Ok Mr Nouri, you have ten seconds, lemme give you a lifeline, what if
you tell me Al-ahmad’s location, then I help you to kill his father as
a favour to you? And I always keep my promise”
Nouri’s eyes brightened up in false hope, the idea sank into his brain
and sound cool to him.

“Are you sure?” He blurted out.
“Eight seconds more”
“7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ok Fatalveli kill…”
“Wait, I would tell the location, please don’t give the order yet,
Al-ahmad Mahmud Dhiyab is currently hiding in a well fortified
compound in the rural village of An-Najaf, just ten minutes drive from
here, it is the biggest compound in that village, the boy stays in a
rocket proof bunker at the east side of the compound you can get in by

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That moment the door pushed opened and a little girl poked her head
in, Ariana stepped into the study and screamed her lungs out when she
saw her father all tied up and blooded, beaten black and blue. Xavier
and Nouri eyes clicked, fury was written all over the man’s face.
“Ariana run and call the guards, call for help, run…” Nouri screamed
as the girl took off screaming for help. Xavier silence the man with a
blow to his head. He dragged the man towards the table and brought out
his knife, carefully he severed Nouri’s tongue to avoid him from
talking and broke his remaining fingers, he could hear the alarm
blaring and people running towards the direction of the study.

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“Fatalveli I have a problem, my cover has been blown, I would need
your help to get out of here, be vigilante”
“Roger that bro” Fatalveli replied.
Xavier checked his bullets, he had just two shots left, he hissed and
kicked a chair loudly, then cleaned the perspiration running down his
brows. The footsteps were getting closer. He quickly slipped out, his
arm half opening the door, he wore a sad look. Four men busted out of
the corner, their weapons drawn, they were taken aback to see one of
their own already checking on their boss.
“Come quickly, the boss is down” Xavier spoke in arabic before they
could ask him any question first.

They all rushed inside the study, he stood at the door still and
withdrew the door key, the sight of their boss made them scream out,
one of them intended to ask Xavier where the intruder was but a bullet
to his forehead sent him down, Xavier shot another who knew what was
up, then rolled out as the remaining duo rain bullets at his
direction, he locked the door from outside and rolled over to his
feet, he was sure they were calling for more re-enforcement.
He dashed out quickly, towards the direction of the exit, loud
footsteps were approaching so he skidded into a nearby room and waited
patiently, a blow to the side of his head startled him, he bent low to
dodge another incoming blow and hit his attacker with the blunt of his
shoulders to his midriff. He straightened up to see Hassan which he
earlier knocked out and took his uniform, staring wickedly at him.
He grab Hassan’s arm when he threw another punch, and grabbed his
neck, crossed his leg at the back of Hassan’s and dashed backwards,
Hassan lost his footing and crashed backwards, his arm was at an
awkward angle so it snapped loudly when he landed, Hassan screamed out
in pain, a kick to his head silent him.

Xavier peeped out and looked around, when there were no signs of
movement, he dashed out, feeling his pockets in the process, then he
cursed out loud, the key card to the door was in his former clothes.
“Fatalveli, there is a problem, I need the door down, I have got no
key card, can you do that?”
“Uh, Bro you still alive? Wow that’s cool, I can do anything. Just
kick the door really hard and see what happens” shadow walker chided
Xavier ran faster, the footsteps behind him were getting nearer and
faster, he puffed out In exhaustion, the men were shouting orders,
Hassan might have woke up already and informed them of his
whereabouts, as he neared the door he saw no signs of bullet marks,
what the hell was Fatalveli doing, he radioed him but the f’ool was
humming the to the tune of Pharrel Williams-Happy.

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As he neared the door, a secret door opened out of the wall about
fifty yards from him, the men had taken a shorter route, they were
five in number all armed to the teeth, bullets rained towards his
direction as he dove and hit the door with his head and elbow, the
door fell forward like a pack of cards, but not before a bullet had
grazed his left shoulder, leaving him bleeding.
“Nice work Fatalveli” he replied, but that was not all, the spot light
crossed his direction, before two seconds bullets rained towards his
direction, the men were already at the door, they had a clean shot of
him already, for the first time in his life he feared death, he shut
his eyes closed and rolled on the ground expecting bullets to
criss-cross his body, yes bullets struck but it was not him.

“Get up kid and get the hell out of this battle field before I smack
your arse” Fatalveli barked into Xavier’s ears.

Xavier turned back to see the five men laying dead, all were shot in
the head. He smiled and got up to start running, Shadow walker helped
to terminate every man that tried to shoot him including the lightning
man, he retrieved his oxygen tank and mask from where he hid them and
put them on, his shoulder was mildly bleeding, he just hoped that the
River Tigris did not contain any sharks, because that would hasten his
death certificate. He sighed and jumped into the cold water just as
bullets drifted into the water.

He came out on the other side and jumped into the boat, as he sped to
the shores he saw a lone figure standing at the bank of the river. It
was Fatalveli.
“What? So quick? How did you do it?” He asked in surprise.
“Never under-estimate the power of a Nigerian Bro” Fatalveli smiled
and handed over a towel to Xavier.
“Be quick, we have the main target to kill”

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