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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 32

They drove for thirty minutes, Rita in front leading the way as the Lamborghini chased behind, she drove into a secluded environment and drove through a gated-remote controlled compound and packed.

“Welcome to your new house Xavier” She said before He could say anything, she threw the key to him and began packing out the money parcels out.

“I wont stop advising you to get all this money in a bank, it would help you and save some stress like this” she cautioned him.
“Well let’s just say I like leaving some loose cash around” he replied and winced as she punched his jaw playfully.
“I still remember the punch you gave me in Liberia, Rita you are really a fighter but I would gladly beat you now… Arhhh” he screamed as she swiped him off balance with her legs, he landed on his back with full force.
“We have a mission to attend to, don’t think that you would have the luxury of having a vacation after your boring time in Mexico, you know I could have killed Miguel the first time I met him.. Now get your arse inside” she mocked him and cat walked in, he rubbed his head as he stared at her swaying hips.
“Oh Goddamit, I hate hot female superior killers” he cursed under his breath and jumped up.
The house was furnished adequately to his taste already, even a safe was provided for him just above his bathroom Mirror. When he had freshened up he walked to the sitting room where Rita la!d, studying her mission, he tried peeping but she got up and sat else where leaving the large settee for him. He shrugged and grabbed his own parcel.

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A cheque of three million dollars was stucked to a letter, he opened and read out loud to annoy Rita.
“Nice job Xavier, the mission in Mexico was an utter success thanks to you, we know you passed through a lot in Mexico but please this mission you are about to check out now is very important and we need our best hands, just be rest assured that if you manage to survive this mission, you would be given a long vacation.
Lord Kehl”
His loud taunts did not shake Rita, she was still reading hers, he shook his head and grabbed the second parcel which felt a little heavy. He pulled out a white file and carefully opened it.
Four pictures spread out, the pictures were of two people, a man covering a turban, with thick long white beards and bullet cartridges hung around his neck, he looked mean. The second picture was the same person surrounded by armed men. The third picture revealed a young youth of not more than twenty, handsome and spotting a slick flowing black hair, the fourth picture revealed the same boy, dressed in a school boy manner, with a bag hung around his chest and showing the peace sign to the camera.

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He dropped the pictures and picked up the case file, his target was not the older man but the younger boy.

He was to eliminate the young dude called Al-ahmad Mahmud Dhiyab, the son of Abdel-Razzak Mohammad Dhiyab a renowned terrorist and Rebel leader of the Turcoman rebel group in Iraq. The problem was that both the old man and his son were in hiding under heavy protection from their subjects, and in different locations, the only way to bring out the father was to kill the son and that was Xavier’s mission.

No wonder the note said if he managed to survive he would be given a long vacation, the mission was same as a suicide mission, he closed his eyes and sighed for the second time that day.
“Wait, I thought we were in this mission together, why am I the one sent to do the dirty work? What’s your job in here?” He asked Rita who was calmly looking at him.
“Well my job is to eliminate Abdel-Razzak, you do the dirty work and I complete the mission and maybe bring your dead body back” she said smiling, that hurt Xavier as he continued reading his case file.
He was to locate Al-ahmad and eliminate him, while informing Rita about his whereabouts, the only way to get Abdel-Razzak was to kill his son.
Abdel-Razzak was a wanted man all over the world, he had masterminded sixteen successful terrorist attacks round the world, a bounty price of $75million was placed for his capture or dead body. He was responsible for a near bloody coup in his country which prove unsuccessful and had relations with illegal armed deals and weaponry sales round the world, couple with his infantry of suicide bombers which it is said could gladly die for him.

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