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Friday The 13th-Assassins Creed – Season 1 – Episode 30

“Nice one Rita, you still have not lost your killing touch?” He teased her.

“Hi Xavier, nice to see you after a long time” she replied, reversing the car.

“C’mon throw that key to me, this cuffs hurts” Xavier complained.
“The last time I remembered, you could pick cuffs with a broken piece of your finger nail” she replied and kept driving.

Xavier groaned childishly and smiled, he broke off a sharp point off his thumb and used it to unlock his cuffs, then jumped over to the front seat.

“So its been over two years now, where we worked together in Russia, so what brought you to the states and even to be sent by Lord Kehl?” He asked.

“Because we are working together in your next mission” she said abruptly.

“Yupeee” he screamed, punching his fist in the air, he loved working with Rita, she was everything he needed in a woman, love for guns, daring, dangerous, s*xy**, rich, with a high libido and feared nothing, what could beat that?
“Bend down” she said and pressed his head, hitting the dash board In the process, he was too busy eyeing her burst that he did not
realise that they had reached where the two cops were fixing their tyres.

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She shot one cop through the chest and showed the second the middle finger before driving off, Xavier saw the smile building up on her face as she drove off, he sighted the cop through the rear mirror calling for reinforcement. It won’t take five minutes before half the police force swaps on them both. He shut up and waited patiently to see what she was up to.

As she drove to his house, the cops on duty were already alert, they hid behind flower plants and aimed guns at the incoming vehicle.

“Now what?” Xavier asked.

Rita dipped her hands into her shirt and brought out two grenades, Xavier eyes opened in surprise as he grinned widely, she unstrapped them and threw into the flower plants, the cops jumped out lately as the explosion threw out of their hiding place, unconscious.

“We have five minutes before the cop get here and seven minutes before your apartment goes up in flame so grab your parcel and let’s get your stuffs inside let’s get out of here” she ordered and came out of the vehicle.

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The crowd staring had all fled when the grenades exploded.

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Xavier grabbed the parcel and ran out of the vehicle, he deactivated the laser system as the went in, Rita began pulling her shirt, he paused and stared, hoping for a quickie but she disappointed him, she was wearing a fully equipped bomb vest, she set the timer. Xavier quickly rolled over his chair and unlocked the safe, she helped in to pack his money out. He felt sad that his house would soon go up in flames.
While trying to repackage his fortunes, Rita went in and found out his secret garage.

“Hey we would need only two cars out of here, am sure you would live on after the loss of one car” she said from the garage.

Xavier frowned and packed the money bag into the garage, he stared at his three cars before putting the bags of cash into the Lamborghini XL, Rita went in to help him pack some, she placed hers in the BMW convertible. He frowned as he thought about towing the Jeep but that would delay them.

They went to the parlour and peeped outside, about ten police vehicles were situated outside, the SWAT team were preparing to break into the house. A megaphone crackled outside.

“You are surrounded, come out with your hands in the air before the count of ten” an officer said from outside.

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“Let’s leave this place” Rita said and walked away.

Xavier looked around his apartment and cursed under his breath, he loved this house, the count of two shook him from his thoughts as he stared at the bomb vest timer which had just thirty more seconds to detonate. He cursed again and rushed to his garage.

Rita had started her vehicle, he jumped into his and waved at her.
“Let’s see who gets out of here first” she replied and zoomed off.
“Uh that’s cheating” he spat out and changed his gears, speeding off after Rita who was like five seconds in front of him.

“Ten” the officer counted as he motioned the SWAT team to move in. Twelve men all heavily armed with Ak 47’s and face mask rushed towards the door, they broke a window and threw in three canisters of tear gases, a grenade was placed on the door, after three seconds it pulled off the door, they all rushed in.
Then the timer clicked 0.00……

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